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Nov 16, 2016
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Hi there,

I've been following this forum for a while and I'd like to have your inputs and feedback as I'm considering the idea of launching an easy to use and affordable temperature/humidity/4-20mA controller with Wifi logging and cloud capabilities at an affordable price.

This is the first prototype and what I use for my E-BIAB set-up, it consists in a 12VDC power supply, pump control relay and a 40A SSR for the 3500W element. all controlled by the Particle Photon controller. Also has an app tho log the temperature and change some settings if required.

Right, the prototype does the job just fine for my needs, however I'm looking to develop something simpler as there're many High level controllers that requires the user to have an PHD in Computing or something like this. My plan is to develop a smarter STC-100/ITC-306T and not too complex as BrewPi and others.

Due to the complexity of launching a new product myself, I need to make it as simple and "universal" as possible and for that reason the unit would be powered by a micro USB port (the same as the cellphone) therefore I won't need to worry about 120/230VAC certifications and power supplies. And also the connections to the element would be using those green PCB Terminals.

Limited resources at this initial stage, so I need to decide between having an On/Off relay (250VAC 10A) or SSR 1A. The SSR output would obviously offer PID and output control however the user would need to add an extra component to the set-up.

My idea is to make it on a portable format as below:

The enclosure would have some mounting options as Wall mount, Neodymium magnet or DIN Rail mount.

Alright, the post is already too long, for those who made your way that low, I'd love to hear your opinion about:
  • Is the portable handheld format attractive? Or Panel mount?
  • Mechanical Relay or SSR? (an extra external SSR would be necessary).
Appreciate your time.