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  1. micraftbeer

    Perfect Pairing- Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer + Inkbird WiFi Temperature Controller

    I've been using Tilts for a while now and am absolutely sold on them. I use them specifically to keep track of fermentation progress to decide when to adjust the fermentor temperature. When I saw that Inkbird came out with an ITC-308 WiFi controller, I had to check it out. And as expected, it...
  2. micraftbeer

    Plaato Digital Airlock Hands on Review

    So I got a couple Plaato digital airlocks from Plaato a couple months back to do a hands-on trial/review. I did a bit of research on the science behind what they're doing and on a chemistry basis, it's solid. I ran into a number of application constraints for my fermentation equipment. If...
  3. micraftbeer

    Brew Perfect WiFi Hydrometer Review

    I was able to use the Brew Perfect WiFi hydrometer recently. Below is a link to my detailed review. I still definitely love the logged data of gravity during fermentation! The Brew Perfect had a few nice features over the Tilt (WiFi connectivity instead of Bluetooth), but it also comes with...
  4. lbispo

    μnctrol = MICROntrol - Easy affordable Wifi temp controller.

    Hi there, I've been following this forum for a while and I'd like to have your inputs and feedback as I'm considering the idea of launching an easy to use and affordable temperature/humidity/4-20mA controller with Wifi logging and cloud capabilities at an affordable price. DSC00054 by lbispo...
  5. Screenshot_20170916-143608