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  1. BeerFather Brewing

    Texas Electric Homebrewing Set-up - $100 local p/u DFW, TX - SOLD

    Unfortunately time to get out of the hobby. No more homebrewing, at least not on the scale of this system. So, I present for your consideration a full electric homebrewing set-up. See pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Used primarily for both BIAB & all-grain brewing 1 15g...
  2. MikeSkril

    How to build a Brewing Control Panel - HERMS

    Check out my control panel project. Detailed build instructions can be found on my webpage. I'm happy to answer any questions. E-HERMS Brewery Build
  3. drthrob

    For Sale Kal's Electric Brewery Setup for Sale (Little Rock, Arkansas)

    10 gallon system or 1/2 BBL with antifoam (I did this regularly). (3) 20 gallon Blichmann pots. It is completely stainless and has 5500W elements (I think I have a few extra) in the HLT and boil pot. 50A HighGravity control panel pictured and included. I recently sent the panel back to them and...
  4. G

    Sold 50 Amp Electric Brewery w/ BCS 462 Controller For Sale

    50 Amp Electric Brewery BCS Controller $2,800 • BCS-462 Brewery Control System The BCS-462 interactive temperature controller 8 temperature inputs 8 discrete inputs 18 discrete outputs (6 PWM) • (3) 15 Gallon Stainless Kegs w/ Lids o HLT w/ Electric Water Heater Element o Mash Ton...
  5. Eaglesbrewer44

    Another Electric Panel Build

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and I'm seeking feedback on my 220v Electric Brew Panel. I'm not an expert in building electric panels(this is my first attempt), but I feel fairly confident after studying other builds on this forum and other popular electric build sites. That being said, before...
  6. Heitdj22


    Things I have decided on is 2 vessel (15G each) 1 pump rims tube and k-rims hybrid setup. My kettle port locations are below. I am going to be doing a electric setup. In the BK, I will have a 5500W 240V element. I will place the rims tube with a 1600W 120V element and flow from the BK to MT...
  7. tidesmatt

    In MA: 20 Amp PID Controlled Electric Brewing Panel w/Extras Available - $450

    For sale is a custom built 20 Amp PID controlled electric brewing panel setup based on Ebrewsupply.com Deluxe DIN mounted panel build. The panel includes an SSR PID temperature control from Auber Instrument (SYL-2352) as well as a timer for beer brewing with multi-event programming (JSL 73B)...
  8. Swilliams603

    Electric Kettle Rims Basement Brewery Setup

    Hey all, Wanted to share my brand new electric brew setup in my basement. This forum has been tremendously valuable in researching how to piece all this together properly so I wanted to pass along my own creation. Kettle rims (horizontal breweasy) with steam slayer and brew commander. It's no...
  9. J

    Help me build a low stress e-brewery

    Hi all, I have been in the hobby for about 12 years. Started with a few batches of extract, then have been doing standard all grain cooler mash and batch sparging, with either cooktop gas in the winter or propane burner in the summer. I have added things through the years (eg temp controlled...
  10. Merkur

    Element On detection

    Hi - I am putting together a 240V system with a 5500W element. I have a 240V/60A outlet and intend to add a control box between that and a socket for a Brew Commander to control the brew, pumps etc. I know that the Brew Commander has an ‘Element On’ in the screen but I like the idea of a large...
  11. Southern_Junior

    Texas Looking for an Electrician Brewer in Houston to help plan build

    I am contemplating going electric. I need someone that is an electrician to help me vet out my conversion. I have two 50amp circuits run to the garage from the panel for a secondary Hot Water Heater. So i was hoping to add a sub/spa panel to the garage. Turn off the HWH when I am brewing, and...
  12. M

    Texas 30A Brewery Control Panel - $1500

    I'm selling a brewery control panel that I've been building over the last year. I'm close to completing the build but just ran out of time before a personal move is forcing me to sell it. It's mostly functional and I know someone with electrical savvy will be able to finish it off with minimal...
  13. J

    2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig, All-Grain Method --> Recipe size and type??BIAB?

    Hoping I can get some clarification into the new brewing rig that I recently built and setup. I will be using an all grain method. Here are some specifications: 2 Vessel K-Rims Electric Brew Rig: Two 15G Vessels - (1) contains the 5500W heating element (BK, HLT) and the other (2) operates as a...
  14. DMA

    New Electric Brewery...

    Can anyone tell me if if there is a 240v 5500w ULWD rippleripple e that will fit a kettle with an inside diameter of 13.6 in? I've been searching for some time now, but can't seem to find one. Thanks.
  15. Kris Brew

    New Equipment Build/Mods

    Hi all, Soo, I have just been gifted some new equipment, I have an ACE 30l 2.5kw hot water boiler which has been adapted with a half inch ball tap and a false bottom. Plus a peco mash bucket which I plan for my sparge water. I want to make this recirculating for the mash with a 12v DC pump...
  16. U

    Illinois Brewing Equipment - $675

    Purging equipment from recent upgrades, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $675 for everything (over $1000 in equipment) pictures of each item below: NorCal Brewing (Jaybird) stainless steel false bottom with upgraded handle. Approx 15.5" diameter and 2" tall. Used in 15 gallon Megapot mash...
  17. micraftbeer

    Building a 2V Electric System- Opinions on Boil Kettle Port Location

    I'm putting together a 2-Vessel electric system. I've used a number of different all-in-one electric systems, and I've decided 2 vessels is the way to go for me. The hanging/draining bag or malt tube just gets in the way of checking my pre-boil volume and pre-boil gravity. I don't do...
  18. S

    Basement brewery and bar build

    I started this project a little over 3 years ago, but it took a back seat right after tearing everything apart. A couple months ago I finally started putting the shambles of my basement back together, and am very nearly done so I feel better about sharing with you all. Enjoy! Before, IDK what...
  19. Figgy15

    2 Vessel System Efficiency Issue

    Hello my fellow brewers!!!! Hoping for some guidance. I recently changed my brewing system and went with a single tier, 2 vessel (1 HLT/Boil with heating element, 1 Mash Tun, 1 pump) DIY electric system. It's very similar to the one used in this video: . In doing my research, I did see...
  20. B

    Building Two-Element 120V System

    I am working on a wiring schematic for a two-element system that utilizes two separate 120V power supplies. Each will come from a GFCI wall receptacle. The EZBoil I am using will control the second element with the built-in relay, per Auber's instructions. One question I am running into is this...