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  1. J

    For Sale Homebrew Equipment for sale (West Chicagoland)

    1 Kegerator - Kegco MDK309SS-01 Triple tabs with 630SS Perlick Faucets $500 1 3" Stainless Steel Double Faucet Tower SOLD Kegco KC DT2F-SS unused - Kegco Polished Stainless Steel Dual Faucet Draft Beer Tower - 3" Column. Perlick 630SS faucets $75 1 Singe Gauge Regulator Kegco KC 541...
  2. K

    Thermostat replacement on Danby kegerator with ITC-1000 step by step

    Hello, My Danby kegerator keeps freezing and I can't adjust the temp without resetting. I've read through quite a few posts on here where people are discussing replacing the thermostat on their kegerators with either the STC-1000 or the ITC-1000 and I've settled on the ITC-1000 since it has both...
  3. J

    Bm23c thermostat issue?

    Hi, I’ve been doing lots of reading and I haven’t found a good answer, hopefully someone can help me with this. Recently bought an old beverage air bm23c, was built 3/14/77 it was a wood panel design that someone painted, took me too long to figure that out, but otherwise good condition. So I...
  4. C

    STC-1000: A cautionary tale

    I want to share my experience with the STC-1000 and why I don't use it anymore. I'm a wine guy, but I saw many posts here of people using this unit here and received a lot of help from this community's posts and felt I owed you all a long term reliability report on the STC-1000. I built a large...
  5. M

    Thermostat Bypass for ITC-1000 Breakthrough!

    Goal: Bypass the stock mini-fridge thermostat to allow the fridge to get below 30F. Why: So the Inkbird ITC-1000 could be wired up to the mini-fridge to better control the internal temperature and get to temperatures below the 40-ish degrees the stock thermostat would allow. Breakthrough...
  6. M

    Danby Fridge Digital Thermostat Replacement

    I've got a Danby mini fridge. Its the DAR483BLS. It just fits two corney kegs and a five pound tank. Its great. Except that the temp control goes from 46 to 36 and it has some pretty wide temp tolerances. Not so great when I want to ferment in it in a corny. Problem is that it's not using an...
  7. mattxander12

    Danby DAR044A8BBSL Wiring

    This is an informational post. A year or so ago, I purchased this mini-fridge from Costco for a fermentation chamber. It did well in keeping things in a relatively-right range for that need. However, I found a need to turn it back into its original intention of keeping things cold. Cranked to...
  8. lbispo

    μnctrol = MICROntrol - Easy affordable Wifi temp controller.

    Hi there, I've been following this forum for a while and I'd like to have your inputs and feedback as I'm considering the idea of launching an easy to use and affordable temperature/humidity/4-20mA controller with Wifi logging and cloud capabilities at an affordable price. DSC00054 by lbispo...