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  1. K

    How to heat a decently large amount of water and recommended containers?

    Now, this technically isn't brewing at all, but I have a very particular issue relating to heating water. I have some raw unsanforized jeans I need to soak in some lukewarm to hot water, first trying just lukewarm and then hot water, so I need to be able to control the temperature. Usually it is...
  2. hamburglerv1

    Whitelabs WLP802 Czech Budejovice

    I was curious of how many generations WLP802 has been taken without failure? I’ve currently got a nice, big pitch in a Czech 10° Pilsner, and was planning on using the slurry for two more beers. It got me thinking how many beers can I actually swing from the original pitch of yeast. Thank you!
  3. N

    Building a fermentation chamber from insulation foam

    Has anyone had success building a fermentation chamber out of the foam board insulation pictured below? I'm thinking of building a case for my fermenter so that I can take advantage of my cold garage during winter (along with a temp controller and a seedling heat mat). I'm wondering how...
  4. lassebn85

    Rapt Fermentation Chamber, large temperature fluctuations

    Hi Fellow home brewers! Recently I bought a Kegland Rapt fermentation chamber + Rapt Pill. I'm having issues with it experiencing relatively large temperature fluctuations. They promise stability as shown in the example below However, in my case, using my fermentation chamber, I'm...
  5. J

    Monitoring & Controlling Keezer/Fermentation Chamber remotely?

    I am new to homebrewing, just a handful of easy ciders and kit beers under my belt. I do have a keezer, and am building a single carboy fermentation chamber right now. The former just uses an Inkbird ITC-308 for temperature control of the big upright chest freezer. I am also admittedly a total...
  6. mdeaves

    Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

    Has anyone had any luck with one of these to monitor fermentation temperatures? https://bluemaestro.com/products/tempo-disc-bluetooth-waterproof-temperature-sensor-logger I was intrigued by the Tilt or iSpindel, but then I realized I don't really care that much about SG during fermentation...
  7. dpaola2

    On my third brew, wondering how important fermentation temperature is

    I've previously made two hazy IPAs via extract. This time I'm attempting a pale ale w/ all grain BIAB method. My goal is to up the quality of my brew, using liquid yeast. I want to also control for the temperature of fermentation but it's proving far more difficult to find a mini fridge that...
  8. AntDoctor

    Keezer cycling question

    I know this seems to get brought up all the time, but I'm worried my homemade keezer is cycling too often. I think it's a 5 or 7 cu ft freezer, without any external modifications (I just ran two wires in under the lid and gasket). I'm using a temperature probe that's hanging and measuring the...
  9. B

    Temperature During Primary Fermentation

    Hello all, I recently got about 6 gallons of cider and pitched Red Star Premier Cuvée. Primary fermentation has begun—I had to raise the temperature considerable to about 61 degrees F, though. Looked through the New Cider Maker’s Handbook by Mr. Jolicouer, and didn’t see anything specific as...
  10. Bob Mar

    3 Tap Full-Size Kegerator

    This kegerator conversion was made with a CO2 line pass-through on the side that allows the 10-lb CO2 tank to be stored outside while providing space for up to four (4) 5-gallon kegs inside. The inner shelf maximizes "floor space" while still providing space above for taps and connections and...
  11. Bob Mar

    Kegerator Tower Conversion kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included)

    Purchased from Kegco, Brand New - not used! Purchased as a kit for a conversion project I was going to do for a friend. I ended up drilling through one of the cooling coils of the fridge and I never got around to finishing. NO FRIDGE INCLUDED! What is included: 1x Stainless Steel extra tall...
  12. Gregory T

    Temperature Control

    I am looking to get a BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 4 Glycol Chiller for use on my flex and flex plus using Spike temperature control coils. I am looking for feedback from any users of this? I am also deciding whether to get the quick disconnects. Also type and size of hoses required? Any feedback...
  13. P

    Washington Temperature Controlled Unitank $2500

    Model: WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery Glycol jacketed, temperature controlled, pressure rated unitank. Includes bottle filler. Ferment, carbonate, serve, and fill kegs/bottles from one vessel. Made in New Zealand Located north of Seattle
  14. B

    Fermentation Chiller Systems and Findings

    Until recently, if you wanted to homebrew lagers, you either needed a giant cave under your house, or you had an additional fridge/freezer of some sort, with a controller to switch the power on/off based on the beer temperature. For those that were used to “Throw it in a bucket in your basement...
  15. A

    Beer: A Game of Temperature

    Beer! That delicious and refreshing beverage. When you drink a beer at home or in a bar, it is usually served cold. But does beer really taste better cold? Does temperature matter? Well, yes…yes it does. From grains to glass, temperature matters. If you brew extract, or if you brew all-grain...
  16. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Control Your Temperature

    When I look back and think about all the hours I've spent reading about beer brewing over the years I can't believe there's still something out there that I haven't tried incorporating into my brewing process yet. One year my push was into brewing all grain, one year was all about yeast...
  17. asg816

    Understanding Yeast Fermentation Temperature Ranges

    Hey everyone! I’m really new to home brewing: I’ve brewed twice with others and I just set my first solo batch in the basement to ferment 3 days ago. Two more days til I add the dry hops! I want to start by acknowledging the mistakes I made when I was left responsible for the other batches and...
  18. bkce

    North Carolina SS Brewtech - 7 gal Fermenter & FTSs System

    For sale is a 7 gal Brew Bucket and the FTSs temperature control system from SS Brewtech. This has only been used once and is in “Like New” condition. I’ve been brewing less and less as our family grows and this has been in my guest room closet for a year. Time to pass it on to a brewer who will...
  19. sounddoc

    Fermzilla and a thermowell

    Long shot here, but has anyone made a DIY thermowell for the Fermzilla that's able to be used under pressure? As temps are getting lower here in Maine, I'm not able to rely on my steady 68F in the brewing chamber (AKA the bathroom). I know Kegland sells one, but as far as I can tell they don't...
  20. snarf7

    converting frigridaire fridge/freezer combo to kegerator

    I'm sure someone has done something similar. This particular model of fridge doesn't have a true dedicated freezer section, it just has an insulated shelf between the two that separates them, the shelf easily unscrews and pops out which leaves enough space for both keg and large CO2 tank. There...