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  1. MikeSkril

    How to build a Brewing Control Panel - HERMS

    Check out my control panel project. Detailed build instructions can be found on my webpage. I'm happy to answer any questions. E-HERMS Brewery Build
  2. D

    Grainfather vs Anvil Foundry vs Brewzilla vs ???

    Since having kids (I now have three littles), my time to brew has become extremely limited. My setup is a two burner/tier rig I cobbled together with a couple pumps for all-grain batches. Brew days, including setup and cleanup take a solid 6 hours or so, which rarely have any more. I'm looking...
  3. BrewningBeerWorks

    SALE: Clawhammer 120V 10 Gallon System

    SALE: 10 gallon system with controller, 10 gallon kettle, plate chiller, pump, new tubing, quick disconnects. Less than 15 brews on the system, more pictures and information upon request. $600
  4. D

    Brewers Edge first use

    I moved from BIAB to all electric system. First brew with Brewers Edge and Wanted to whirlpool with built in pump..but inlet on bottom of kettle clogged (I assume). I used a hop spider and added 3 oz of hops prior to turning on pump. Could not transfer with pump either. What can I do to...
  5. S

    ** Never been used Ss RIMs **

    I have a never before used Ss Brewtech RIMs element for sale. Local pickup (Knoxville, TN) or can ship for free depending on your location. I bought this thinking I was going to do a RIMs system but then decided to do a HERMs. Asking $200 for it.
  6. P

    Any way to connect the SS BrewTech eController 1V without using a dedicated 240V outlet circuit?

    Hi Everybody, This is my first post and I really hope it is not too long of a post. I finally made the move from gas to electric brewing about a month ago and decided to purchase the SS Brewtech eController 1V and their eKetlle. When the package finally arrived, I was surprised to find out that...
  7. J

    Between Brews: Controlling Gas Fired Burners Pt 2

    In the first segment I described the necessary plumbing and valves to make low pressure gas (either LP or natural gas) burners electrically controllable. To achieve control, we need to be able to apply 24VAC when we want flame, and to remove the voltage source when we don’t want flame. In this...
  8. M

    Electric Brewing Simplified

    Unless you were fortunate enough to have an experienced brewer bring you into the world of home brewing, odds are your first batch was on a very basic setup. For me it was a partial extract batch brewed in a borrowed stockpot, on the gas stove-top of my old college house. A simple yet effective...
  9. S

    My Electric Brewery Build

    The idea to upgrade to an all-electric brewery started 2 years ago after seeing some similar systems on several forums, including Homebrew Talk. I’ve been brewing for close to 10 years now, starting as most did: with extract in a single pot on a propane burner. When I moved to CT, brewing became...
  10. J

    Budget HERMS System - Part Two

    Initial considerations First, I strongly suggest that if you haven’t read Part One of this series, it might be a good idea to do so. In that segment, I discussed my reasons for using the approach described here. This portion is more of a hands-on, procedural description of how to achieve that...
  11. A

    Electric Brewing Supply 30A BCS Giveaway!

    The fun doesn't stop here at HomeBrewTalk! As we finish up the biggest fermenter giveaway in HomeBrewTalk history, we now shift our focus to you electric guys and gals with a giveaway you're going to love. Whether you're and electric brewing aficionado, or just looking at it as a new method of...
  12. Fishin-Jay

    Wisconsin Selling it all, and there's a lot! (Part 1)

    After 15 years of brewing, due to health reasons I've got to sell - and I have a lot to sell! I'll keep this page updated. If it's still listed, it's still for sale. Spend at least $100 and you can rifle through my miscellaneous box of valves, books, clamps, hoses, etc. and take as much of it...
  13. M

    Main Panel vs Spa Panel Brand/Compatibility

    I was hoping for this to be a relatively straightforward question, but I haven't found an easy answer after many combinations of online searches. Any help would be appreciated! I have an extra 240V outlet in my garage which will power my electric brewing system at 30A. The home's main...
  14. S

    What do you wish you knew on your first E-HERMS brew?

    It's a system with homemade controls (I've got a master electrician friend who says I will not blow up) and spike 30gal kettles. I'm planning a 15 gallon batch of Saison. I did wet testing yesterday and everything runs smoothly and no issues with temp control etc... my question is this: What...
  15. Paladen

    Arizona Hosehead 5bc Electric brewing controller

    Hosehead brewery controller. Will controll two 240v 5500W elements on 30amps one at a time.Great for a HERMS system You can read more about it at brewtronix.com. Iam not a software guy.Old school prefer buttons and PID's. If you like raspberry Pi computers and software ,you should buy this. It...
  16. W

    Grainfather Connect Brewing Sytem

    I have a Grainfather with the connect controller for sale. I am located in Nashville, TN. The Grainfather is in great condition and functions like new. Grainfather Connect Brewing System- $550 Accessories Included: Grainfather sparge water heater, Grainfather counterflow chiller...
  17. backyardwizard

    SSBREWTECH 1V system (20 GAL)

    Like new Sssbrewtech 1V system ebrewing system. Got this a few weeks ago. Setup, passivated, and brewed one beer. This is essentially new with no dings or other issues. The pump shown on the picture is not included. Retails for 1049 plus tax. Available for pickup in Reseda, or shipping (at your...
  18. irish91001

    Florida 20L (5-gallon) Braumeister Electric Brewing System - $1100

    I have used the system approximately 10 times with cleaning after each use. It is in very good condition. ***I have modified the plug for a 240V. Comes with an insulated jacket and a custom Stainless Steel hop basket. The Braumeister is an all-in-one, electric all-grain brewing system. Made by...
  19. E

    Contactor, SSR Wiring Confusion

    I currently have a control panel wired for 1 HLT heating element. It is wired into 1 SSR and the PID. I am wanting to add another heating element for the boil kettle. After looking at some diagrams they have contactors added with a switch with the SSR still wired to the heating element : Below...
  20. C

    Anyone using the mash and boil or robo brew?

    I'm looking at getting one of these systems to do ebiab brewing of primarily 5G batches and would like to hear feedback from folks who have owned either of the systems. I generally don't brew beers over 7-7.5% abv, so I don't have large grain bills generally and like the simplicity of the biab...