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  1. Lucaso

    Problem setting Sestos B2E

    I bought an all electric setup this Summer. Brewed twice but took a several month break. Now I can’t get the element to turn on and the seller reminded me that the timer has to be set for the element to activate. The timer is a Sestos B2E and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set...
  2. loudmacleod

    Milling grain for BIAB

    A little background...I just started brewing in Jan 2023. So basically a The first beer was an extract kit my wife purchased. Since then, I have been using all grain using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method because it helps keep the amount of particulates down in my wort. And I've added hop...
  3. B

    For Sale Stainless Steel Bayou Classic Kettle W/ False Bottom and Mash Mixer

    9-gallon Stainless Steel Bayou Classic Kettle (retails at $86) Includes weldless ball valve on drainport and additional replacement gasket Stainless Steel False Bottom (retails at $99) Can use as a boil kettle, mash tun or small volume BIAB Throwing in the following: BrewHa Mash Mixer...
  4. P

    Rice Hulls?

    I'm new to all grain so this might sound simplistic. From things I've read, when brewing a wheat beer rice hulls are recommended. Is this actually the case with BIAB? I thought the rice hulls were to prevent a "stuck mash." This doesn't happen in BIAB, right? My understanding of a stuck mash...
  5. Bart Taylor

    Top three effort and time improvements to your Biab setup

    I'm looking to reduce effort and time of my brewing process so I'm hoping to get input from folks on the top 3 items (more or less) that decreased effort and time in their brew process. I've reviewed lots of setups but I'd like to get perspective on the improvements/items you feel reduced your...
  6. Bart Taylor

    Brew Bar

    Ok I originally planned on converting one of my basement rooms into a brew room. It was going to be more money than I was willing to spend. So when I was nearly ready to give up I ran into a discussion of brew hardware's Steam Slayer and realized it would take a lot less money to convert my...
  7. cztrollolcz

    Making my own BIAB recipe

    Hello there, I am pretty new to brewing and have tried a few kits (which used extracts), but wanted to move on and try making something thats my own and fits my style a bit better - I am going for a czech lager, but more on the bitter side and with higher abv than is "usual" (just for the record...
  8. The Barking Dog

    New to HomebrewTalk from Houston, TX

    Howdy y'all, Been homebrewing since Easter of 2019. I am a part of the Bay Area Mashtronauts local homebrew club. My system consists of a BIAB keggle bottom drain, Grounded Brewtech panel, and 2 counterflow chillers tubed in series. My fermentation chamber is just an old top/bottom...
  9. P

    Do I need a grain bag with Grainfather S40?

    Hi guys, I have a looked at a YouTube video where the guy was using a brew bag with the Grainfather S40. I’ve been a bit troubled since I thought the brew basket was enough. And now I really wonder if there is any advantage of combining the brew basket with a brew bag with my grandfather. Any...
  10. GalileoFarms&Brewing

    Kveik Dunkel?

    Kveik Dunkel? Hey, I'm quite curious your predictions as to how this will turn out: Dark Munich | 10 | lbs Light Munic | 5 | lbs Carafa Special II | .5| lbs Northern Brewer| 1 | oz IYA43 Loki Kveik| 1| pckg
  11. V

    Blue Moon Clone - Looks light and tasted watered down

    I brewed my first all grain batch four weeks ago, I utilized BIAB and did a full volume boil based on John Palmers BIAB targets. I linked the recipe will all details. I just bottled it last night and it looked good in the fermenter (picture attached). But once I siphoned some out for a FG...
  12. M

    BIAB with a Keggle - 3rd batch and still LOW efficiency

    Hi homebrew community! In an attempt to find out what I could do better, I'd like to describe my brewing processes I just did yesterday, that resulted in me in an appearing 55% brewing efficiency of my batch yesterday. I'm quite frustrated obviously. If anyone experienced with that system may...
  13. A

    Electric brew-boss wiring help

    Hey guys, Im new at electric brewing and my knowledge of circuits and stuff is at a beginner level. I will hire a profesional electrician to do the wiring work but im trying to not only understand further but also save some money. Also I am setting this up in Mexico and I would like to know a...
  14. BrewningBeerWorks

    SALE: Clawhammer 120V 10 Gallon System

    SALE: 10 gallon system with controller, 10 gallon kettle, plate chiller, pump, new tubing, quick disconnects. Less than 15 brews on the system, more pictures and information upon request. $600
  15. V

    Strange taste after fermentation

    Hello, I am relatively beginer in the world of Brewing.Few months ago I have brew a good beer (in my opinion) with very simple receipe : -BIAB -Malt Pale Ale -Hops cascade (pellet for boiling & cones for dry hop) -Yeast : Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite 50 Since I have retest two time and it was...
  16. C

    For Sale Complete BIAB Setup - Utah

    Selling my beer homebrewing setup for $175, for brewing 5 gallon batches of beer! Everything you need to brew, I’ve created this setup over about a year, makes it super easy to brew! Happy to negotiate/sell parts separately, I’m moving and don’t have space in my car to bring this. Comes with...
  17. V

    Ebiab Control Panel Wiring Diagram help.

    Howdy all I'm planning on switching my biab kettle over to electric and was wondering if anyone could offer me some feed back on the wiring diagram for my control panel. I'll be running a 3600w element, an auber ezboil and 25w pump. I only do single batches so my needs are quite simple at the...
  18. F

    For Sale Anvil Foundry 10.5

    I am looking to sell my Anvil 10.5. Bought back in August. Probably have 8-10 beers brewed on it. Really like the product just short on time with 2 kids and my job. All parts come with it. Small batch adapter also with it. Asking $400 for everything. I’m in the DFW, Texas area. Happy brewing!
  19. J

    Kegging Vs Bottling

    I've recently brewed a mango IPA using the BIAB method. It's turned out really well. Very hoppy and lovely taste. I bottled 5l of it and kept the other 10l for my keg. Ive bought a 5l keg which I've used for the first time with this brew. The beer tasted nice and had a nice head, it was just a...
  20. C

    New Jersey FS: Leaving the Hobby - Kettles, Ferms, Keezer, Kegs, Tanks

    Hi All! I seemed to have lost the spark to brew - and due to space reasons I have decided to move on from the hobby and sell my gear. Looking In-Person only (will travel 45 minutes from Summit, NJ - happy to meet at any of the great breweries in the area such as Twin Elephant and Untied...