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  1. W

    Repurposing Grainfather temperature controller

    I acquired a Grainfather conical controller. The original monochrome model. I am working on modding it to make it a generic temperature controller. I know that I can just wire up an STC-1000 to do the same thing but it has a couple nice features that the STC-1000 boxes don’t have. I have the...
  2. M

    Temp Controller Overview

    It took me a couple of years of homebrewing before I started worrying about my fermentation temperatures. Up until then, whatever the temperature my basement was at, was what my beer would be at. However, I eventually wanted to control my fermentation temperatures to improve the quality of my...
  3. grfrazee

    How-To: ITC-1000F Digital Temperature Controller Project Box

    I recently built a project box for using the Inkbird ITC-1000F digital temperature controller to control both heating and cooling. I put together a video on making the box for those of you who might be interested: Parts list is in the video's description. I'm using this to control my...
  4. WilderBill

    New 27 Gal MoreBeer Conical & Arduino Based Temp Controller

    Greetings folks, I have not posted on any brewing forums for years and years but I’ve got a new project that I figure some people may be interested in. Background: I bought two MoreBeer 12 gal fermenters back in 2008. I then made an AC unit glycol chiller for them based on “Backyard...
  5. B

    Insignia Kegerator Temperature Too Warm

    I recently purchased an Insignia 5.6 Cu. Ft 1 tap kegerator from best buy (model #: NS-BK1TSS6). I have noticed that with a digital thermometer sitting on top of the keg that the internal temperature is only reading around 40-43 degrees with the thermostat set to the highest 6. I was hoping to...
  6. FenoMeno

    Ranco failed, help me save face with friends

    Background: I bought a new conical and my friends offer to buy all the ingredients and spend an afternoon brewing with me. They also popped for the beer and brats that day for use of my equip. Brewing day goes flawlessly. Pitched 2 packs US-05 into 12.5 gal SNPA clone @ 64*. Ferm raises...
  7. Screenshot_20170916-143608


  8. R

    Temperature controller problem

    I have purchased an Inkbird TC-1000 temp controller. It has ran great for a little over a year. It operates my kegerator in the shed. This fall when temperatures dipped into the 40’s my kegs would freeze. The temp was set to 35, but the kegerator was below zero. The inkbird did not display the...
  9. inkbird

    Big sales Inkbird Thermostats with largest discount,Best time to buy!!!

    :ban:Discount season of Inkbird thermostat coming! The largest discount in the history , it is the best time to carry it to home!:rockin: Whether you are in French or Spain ? If yes , the best promotion coming to you !:mug: French sales link with discount 15%+...