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  1. potseeslc

    Hombrewing DIY - Fermentrack Part 2

    Show: On episode 2 of this podcast, I attempted to explain to my friend Aaron Bandler the type of fermentation controller that I used for my set up. Then a couple of days later John Beeler (Thorak on...
  2. T

    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    I am proud to announce the release of Fermentrack - a web interface for fermentation monitoring and control. Fermentrack is a free, open source replacement web interface for BrewPi and enables the control of one or multiple BrewPi fermentation temperature controllers from a single web portal...
  3. T

    New York Pre-Soldered ESP8266 BrewPi PCBs

    ESP8266 BrewPi SMD RJ-11 PCB - $15 (including shipping to continental US) This is the PCB that is used for my ESP8266-based BrewPi project. I’ve already soldered on all the components and tested the board - it’s pretty much good to go. By purchasing this PCB you will eliminate almost all of...
  4. lbispo

    μnctrol = MICROntrol - Easy affordable Wifi temp controller.

    Hi there, I've been following this forum for a while and I'd like to have your inputs and feedback as I'm considering the idea of launching an easy to use and affordable temperature/humidity/4-20mA controller with Wifi logging and cloud capabilities at an affordable price. DSC00054 by lbispo...