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Apr 12, 2018
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San Diego/St Louis
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As the title suggests, I pitched my yeast into wort that was colder than recommended(68F instead of 80-85). I am using White labs belgian sour mix I which is supposed to be pitched at 80-85F. I am also concerned that I left too much room for o2. The problem is that I have not noticed any fermentation yet, bubbles etc. However, it has only been about 14 hours since I pitched the yeast, so it could just be starting slowly. I read later that this yeast mix is for secondary fermentation, so that could also be the reason for a slow start. Can I add regular ale yeast now to speed up fermentation? I also plan to add 5 lbs of raspberries in a couple of weeks to mimic the first time I made this beer 2 years ago. Sorry for the long post and thanks for looking!


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