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  1. Djangotet

    House yeast strain using starters?

    I am pretty low tech but I am very curious about making a house yeast mix. If I make a yeast starter with 3 different yeasts and use the slurry to make more and more starters, would this create a unique flavor over time? If I just leave the starter constantly going in my fridge then wouldn’t...
  2. I

    Had fermenter lid open for hours before adding yeast

    Hi, I added in my wort and topped it to 25l (I had to add ice cubes and wrap a wet towel around the fermenter to cool it down before adding the yeast) I had the lid open for about 5 hours as I let it cool down before adding the yeast at the correct temperature. Is this okay to do? Will it...
  3. W

    Accidentally Shaked the Cider when adding yeast

    Hey all, this is my first time making cider. I accidentally ended up shaking the juice (cider) after adding the yeast on top. Is this bad? Will it just take extra time now? Not totally sure so I just want to make sure!
  4. FlyingWombat

    Guide on How to Culture Yeast

    Hey everyone, we created guides on how to culture yeast! The videos cover yeast harvesting, rinsing and culturing. If you have any questions or feedback for future videos would love to hear them. Also, if there are any other topic areas you would like us to cover, please tell us! Cheers.
  5. SnyderCider

    Using Sorbates and Sulfites

    So I'm trying to stabilize my cider and I've read that some people use just potassium sorbate and other use potassium metabisulfite added in. I called a local shop and he mentioned that the sulfites help keep away mold from the brew. Would like to know which is the better route for a stabilized...
  6. SnyderCider

    Unpasteurized Cider

    I’m planning on doing a batch of hard cider with unpasteurized apple cider from a local farm. So far the only batch that I have done has been with pasteurized apple juice and yeast. Do you need to add yeast to something that is unpasteurized?
  7. Fermentis

    Ready for your next Homebrew Competition? 🍻🏆

    Hello everyone! If you're an homebrewer, you have probably participated once to a homebrew competition or you're currently thinking to do it, it's a good way for our community to collect feedbacks about our last brews and to have an impartial judgement. But do you really know how your beers are...
  8. MightyNolak

    Rectify bread yeast mistake?

    So I recently started the process of making my first mead, it’s a cherry mead and I did a bit of research before starting. When I got to the adding yeast step I used some beer yeast that I got in a home brewing starter set, as well as yeast nutrient. I let it sit there for about four days and at...
  9. Fermentis

    ⚡️ Enjoy 25% discount on the SafAle™ BE-256 yeast! ⚡️

    Hello homebrewers! What is your next brew on the line? If you want to experiment with our SafAle™ BE-256 yeast strain we have a good deal for you! This week only (February 21st to February 27th), our friends from Northern Brewer are offering 25% discount on SafAle™ BE-256 11.5grs sachets. An...
  10. L

    Brew demon kit as Yeast starter

    So, little history, I have done some biab partial mash brews in the past. I also have a used brew demon kit and Mr beer kit laying around. Anyways, I have been cleaning out the garage and am looking into getting back into brewing, likely with an electric kettle such as brewzilla. Playing with...
  11. I

    How much time does wine yeast take to consume 1 kg of sugar?

    Hello all, I am planning to buy some wine yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) from my local Amazon store and prepare an alcoholic ginger ale. I plan to use some grated ginger, one lemon, 1 kg (2.2 lb) of white cane sugar (sucrose) and 5 liters of water. I was wondering if someone could give me...
  12. V

    Repitching limit?

    Hey yeast experts, I am curious is there a limit to how many times one can repitch yeast at the homebrew level? I know commercial breweries have "house cultures" that they reuse. Do they just grow the yeast up after each brew and repitch indefinitely? Or do they have to order fresh batches from...
  13. P

    Multi-step starter and yeast generation count

    Hi guys, A quick question for you. Let's assume that generation 0 is the initial generation of a fresh yeast package. If I do a two-step starter and then harvest some yeast, is the yeast harvested generation 1 or generation 2 yeast? Thanks, PL
  14. CastleDangerous

    9 year old EC-1118

    I found a 9 year old Lalvin EC-1118 yeast packet in with some of my old brewing equipment and it got me thinkin' about it's potential viability after all of these years stored in a box with random bottling equipment. After a dquick online search 95% of the commentary I came across presented as...
  15. Pmasur26

    Should I repitch? Pitched Yeast (Wyeast 1028) over 24 hours ago and there is no active fermentation.

    Hi All, First ever post here. I brewed a Winter Spiced Ale yesterday and used Wyeast 1028. It has been 24 hours and I have no signs of active fermentation. Should I repitch? A couple things to note: My OG was 1.080, and I pitched at about 74F, and have had it sitting at 67F since initial yeast...
  16. P

    What happened to my batch?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker. I've been making ciders this past year and am around 5/6 batches in. I was trying to start another batch last night with EC-1118 (one packet for a 1 gallon batch) and some really good local, farm-fresh apple cider. However, when I checked on it this...
  17. laurakeating

    What's wrong with my cider?

    This is my first batch ever. I used a storebought, pasteurized, 100 percent juice with a wild yeast starter I made from storebought apple juice and organic berries. A few days into fermentation I noticed stuff growing on top that smelled like yeast. What is it? My cider doesn't smell bad, it...
  18. D

    Question about yeast activity

    Hello, good day. First timer here with brewing and in the forum. I'm making a hefeweizen beer which has been fermenting for 16 days. I'm fermenting 10 liters (2.5g) in a plastic 20l (5g) carboy. I know it's not the best, but it's what i had at hand. So far the beer looks fine and through the...
  19. Jiggoloh

    Why is my yeast freezing weird?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to yeast banking and for the first time I tried freezing yeast. I made a starter, used sterilized equipment and 25% glycol solution. I did not freez in alcohol, though. I used a thermobag and freezing took more than 4 days. Yet one of the vials froze in some weird...
  20. C

    Yeast Recs?

    I'm going to start my second batch of cider in a few weeks and I'm curious to try a different yeast than I did last year. Before I used a cider yeast. What is a yeast that would be good for sweetness and apple flavor? And is something that is easy to work with for beginners? I've read about...