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  1. AlcheMania

    Pitching 2 strains in a Belgian Golden

    Looking to get majority of the flavor characteristics from lalbrew Abbaye, some of the character of Belle Saison, and the super dry FG of Belle Saison in a very simple (Pils+Sugar+Saaz) Belgian Golden Ale. Thinking of just staggering the Pitch by 24 hrs so the Abbaye gets a head start on...
  2. B

    Bottling cherry cider.. Add yeast?

    First time posting. I'm making cherry cider and have stored 1.3 gal in oak barrel for a little over 6 months. Beautiful color, tastes really good, SG=1.01. I expected SG would be no alcohol. I want it to be sparkling so I was going to add sugar to SG =1.01. My take is that the yeast died at...
  3. F


    Hi, everybody. Im Fizi and im so glad to be part of this community! I know it's only for introduction sheet for new member and we should write only about our self in a short term. Anyway, I and my colleague just start our homemade banana fermentation. So far so good actually. They go as much as...
  4. RileyOG

    Newbie SG/Yeast/Bottle Bomb Question

    I have a batch of fortified cider that started out at 1.07 SG and finished off at 0.988 SG. (10.76 ABV by my calculation) I kept it in a 3 gallon carboy for 62 days and then bottled it in 32 oz swing-top bottles. I used Nottingham high performance ale yeast which I believe has a 14% ABV...
  5. brewbuddynick

    Can somebody help me with a high final gravity. In search of solutions or cause of problems.

    Greetings fellow brewers! 🍻 About three weeks ago, I embarked on my tenth all-grain beer brewing adventure, crafting a delightful amber ale. However, it seems the fermentation process has been a bit sluggish, concluding a week ago with a final gravity of 1.020 – a tad higher than the anticipated...
  6. TheGC

    Soy Sauce beer yeast as Koji?

    Yep! Exactly what you've read! I've read some people talking here and other places about making beer with koji, to see what it makes and all. But.. what if we go the other way around? From what I've got, Koji is there just to be a know and safe culture to ferment the soybeans. So.. what if I...
  7. H

    Apple Cider

    Goodday I am Human and I have a problem with my cider. I am busy fermenting my cider and noticed so white stuff on top of the cider while fermenting. I will attach a photo. If anyone know what it is and how to treat it please let me know. Kind regards Human
  8. hamburglerv1

    Whitelabs WLP802 Czech Budejovice

    I was curious of how many generations WLP802 has been taken without failure? I’ve currently got a nice, big pitch in a Czech 10° Pilsner, and was planning on using the slurry for two more beers. It got me thinking how many beers can I actually swing from the original pitch of yeast. Thank you!
  9. _Keven

    Had the bottle conditioning on its side, Is this all yeast of something else?

    Sorry if the image is a bit big, I compressed it down and its still massive lol FYI this is my first home brew ever so I’m very new to this. Also I now know it’s not recommended to bottle condition on the bottles side. We did use a secondary fermenter and it came out quite clean, so I’m shocked...
  10. J

    FG finished much lower than expected?

    Hi all, Just after an answer to a question I have regarding my beer ABV finishing alot higher than anticipated. I have brewed a Citra Pale Ale which I anticipated to finish at 10.15 but Instead it has finished at 10.11. My OG was also a little high (10.62) when it was estimated to be...
  11. SipalayBrew

    Coopers DIY Beer Stout: Need your help, guys!

    Hello everyone, First time brewer here, based in the Philippines. I plan to start brewing with: - Coopers DIY Beer Stout, 23l - Lallemand LalBrew Voss Kviek Ale Yeast. - Dextrose? Maltodextrin? Lactose? Brown Sugar? Muscovado? Here are my questions: 1. Kveik is the only type of yeast that we...
  12. I

    Airlock not bubbling but specific gravity dropping

    Hey guys, I am new to homebrewing. This is my second real batch. I recently started an oatmeal stout (extract recipe) in primary fermentation. After 24 hours there was no bubbling in the airlock (it's a large three-piece airlock). I put some yeast nutrient in it to encourage it a little. After...
  13. ElliotFekete

    Pressure Fermentation > 20psi

    Hi, I had a bit of a hiccup with my pressure fermenter and wanted to get an idea of what I can expect. Basically I had run out of CO2 so I pitched the yeast and estimated the setting on my spunding valve. Then left it overnight and turns out I left the spunding valve way too tight and the...
  14. S

    Mold or Yeast in my Ferment

    Hello, I signed up for this forum to get a second set of eyes/opinion. I have been fermenting tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, and onions for two weeks and was wondering if the substanced pictured on top of the water is dangerous mold or yeast.
  15. E

    What are these white clumpy particles?

    hello all, I am new to homebrew and just noticed these white clumpy floating particles in my fermenting beer. I pitched my yeast around a week ago, and gravity reading is currently 1.010. What might these particles be?
  16. WhisperCloud

    Waiting more than 24 hours before adding yeast

    Hi everyone. I ordered wine yeast but there was a significant delay in delivery and will probably be here on Monday or Wednesday. My grapes have been sitting in the boxes since Thursday the 28th, hence I worry they will start spoiling despite being in a dark and cool place. Was wondering If I...
  17. DAustin

    Yeast for cyser

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to mead brewing and have some questions on my second batch my buddies and I want to make. I bought a kit from craft a brew and made my first batch this past summer. I've never really had mead before this but according to my friends the brew that I made following...
  18. D

    Dark coloured bubbles on top - mold or fine?

    I'm trying to ferment a jug of grape juice with fleischmanns bread yeast. A very thick layer of bubbles formed on top of it after a couple hours, but the top half of said bubble layer is a very dark purple. The drink itself is kinda that same colour, but I still worry that it might be mold...
  19. flambix

    Contamination or yeast pooh

    Hello Everyone ! We did few batches before, but I’ve never seen this. Do you think it’s contaminated or is it just normal yeast reaction ? Thanks everyone for your answers ! :) Flambix Edit : I forgot to say that it doesn’t smell bad, just regular beer smells
  20. M

    Cider not bubbling even after re-pitching yeast

    Well I’m stumped. I’ve brewed lots of cider and never had any issues but this time… I juiced (not pressed) 4 gallons of apple juice and strained through cheese cloth. It still had between 1 and 2 inches of pulp settle out at the bottom of each 1 galling jug in my fridge. I put two campden tabs...