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  1. yungalb

    Red IPA yeast suggestion

    Hello everybody. I am thinking of brewing a red IPA, I have my recipe ready but I have not decided which yeast to use yet. I want my beer crystal clear, will use irish moss in the boil and cold crash before bottling. I have a WLP067 Coastal Haze slurry in my fridge, is it possible to make a...
  2. I

    Coopers lager is yeasty, fizzy with no head

    Hi, My first coopers lager batch went perfectly well however this time it did not. I did exactly the same as the instructions told me for the first kit however this time I used the brew enhancer 3 instead of 2. I also used half a teaspoon of sugar for each bottle instead of 2 carbonation drops...
  3. S

    Great Books/Sites/Videos on Yeast Microbiology?

    I majored in Microbiology in college and, like many I'm sure, I did not use the knowledge of my degree for much of my current profession. I do, however, still find the topic very interesting! I'm looking for a few books and other media types that go into the very scientific processes involving...
  4. T

    Yeast starter help

    Hi, First time using liquid yeast. I did a starter and the plan was to overgrow the starter so that i can save some for the future. Calculator told me that I need approximately 184 billion cells for the 20l batch (5.3 gallons), and 100 billion cells for future use. I used stir plate and...
  5. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    I made a yeast starter today using White Labs English Cider Yeast. It has a best by date of 2/17/2021. I checked on the starter about 3 hours into it and saw these weird yeast discs. I've seen yeast flocculate together but the consistency of the discs is intriguing. I know it's probably just...
  6. D

    Should I be worried?

    So I made an Oatmeal Stout and pitched Wyeast 1335, when I smacked the smack pack I guess I hit it harder that anticipated and it popped a little hole in the package. Anyway, I taped it up hoping that would be ok but it didn't puff up like normal. At the end of brew day I pitched into my carboy...
  7. lorne17

    Alternates for Dry Malt Extract I’m yeast starter?

    Anyone know of something I can use for a successful yeast starter without Dry Malt Extract? thanks, Lorne
  8. Vintage NY

    Months in Primary - a is it wasted?

    Hey all.... it’s been quite a while and due to my basement becoming a hoarders dream, I haven’t been brewing for almost a year. My basement is my fermentation and conditioning area.... and it sux I’ve been so lazy to clean it out. Anyway, before my laziness, I brewed a gallon of cranberry apple...
  9. I

    2nd Coopers homebrew gone wrong

    Hi, After my first successful homebrew of the Coopers Lager kit, I decided to do another batch. However even after 6 months in bottles my beer has just turned out very fizzy with no head whatsoever and a yeasty taste and has not got better over time at all. I am very confused as to why as I...
  10. SchwiftyGlipGlop

    Yeastie boys - mead/melomel wlp775 English cider yeast

    Hi all! First time post, and research for my first mead. I have been using wlp English style cider yeast for brewing cider and plan on collecting and reusing the cider yeast potentially for a Mead/pyment. Has anyone here had any experience using 775 for a mead? After using it for a bit I’m...
  11. moeez25041993

    Am I on wrong track or is my Apple Cider gonna waste?

    Hi. I am new to this forum. I am questions regarding ACV. But for this I am writing the complete scenario for understanding. Last year, I made ACV (watching some tutorials from YouTube) and ingredients I used were: 1. Water 2. Sugar 3. Apples as whole During the making of it, I had the smell of...
  12. J

    Instant Dry Yeast into yeast nutrients???

    Hi guys, So Im making my own yeast nutrients. Someone suggested I add some yeast to a pot of boiling water for 15min to kill it, then dry it and add it into my DAP for yeast nutrients. I wanted to know, do I have to use Distillers yeast then kill it/active yeast. Or can I use the far cheaper...
  13. Hefferweizen

    Glucoamylase in harvested yeast for Brut series

    Anyone have experience with harvesting and re-pitching yeast containing Gluco enzyme additions? I'm trying a Brut IPA test series and want to use the same yeast and enzyme. My main question is how well does the enzyme perform after weeks in refrigeration and does it mutate the yeast in any...
  14. J

    Not enough yeast....

    Hi, I've just started off my second brew. I'm using 8kg of orange blossom to make 18L in total. However, I've just filled the fermenter and realised I only have 5g of yeast, I reckon I need at least 8g. it will be around 24 hours until I can get any more, should I add the 5g and top it up later...
  15. Aróchito

    First Cyser

    Greetings! My first gallon batch of cyser has been fermenting for the last 5 weeks + . Just checked on it and noticed it's all clear, and I noticed a bubble out of the airlock but there doesn't seem to be much going on inside. I've attatched a couple of pictures. Two questions: 1) Is it possible...
  16. Sacred Knot Brewing

    Oktoberfest/Märzen recipe and yeast ideas?

    Long time craft beer fan/craft brewery bartender and new home brewer. I am currently doing 1 gallon partial mash brews as I don’t have the space or equipment for AG brewing as of now. I know it is early in the year to think about it, but I want to do an Oktoberfest bier this year. It is one of...
  17. Aróchito

    Re-pitching 5 gallons of Cider

    Greetings! Back in January I added 2 lbs of sugar to 5 gallons of apple juice with a red wine yeast and it's been sitting in secondary ever since. Now I want it dry-hopped and carbonated. What would you say is the lowest amount of sugar I should add that's enough to kick-start the fermentation...
  18. B

    New to cider

    I am compleatly new to brewing and i am hoping to make some cider. Do you guys have advice about store bought cider/apple juice. Also what should i do for yeast. Thank you very much
  19. E

    Best White grape concentrate

    Hello everyone. I am new to wine making. Only worked with a few cheap kits so far, but I have noticed that the kits are essentially Concentrate, Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, and Finings. So I was thinking that the next step I should take is to try and create a wine by collecting together my own kit...
  20. B

    Open Fermentation Too Hot Too Fast Wyeast 3787

    Brewed a Belgian Patersbier the other day with an OG of 1.052. Build a starter with Wyeast 3787 the week before on a stirplate---crashed for 4-5 days and decanted on brew day. Pitched the yeast in 68 degree wort and placed fermenter in my chamber, lid off. But I forgot to turn the fridge on...