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  1. Mateo123

    Adding fruit to secondary fermentation

    Alrightyyyy. So I have some questions im really hoping to get clarification on. I’ve been looking everywhere and just want to sum it up. If I am brewing a 5lb batch. Will adding ~4lbs of mangos be enough to get some flavor from the mangos? also, how long will I have to wait to drink it. Will...
  2. A

    What type of haze is this and how to clear

    Hi all, This is my first post but I've spent many hours reading threads on here over the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I started my first home brew, a cheap and simple blonde can kit from muntons. I wanted to get a feel(and taste) of home brew before I committed to a proper set-up for...
  3. Aróchito

    Dry Hopping with Yerba Maté, Anyone?

    Hi, I was researching which hops are the best to dryhop my cider with (which I'm still trying to figure out), but then I had the idea of dry "hopping" the batch with Yerba Mate tea, either along with or instead of the hops. It's got a ton of caffeine so it has the potential to pack quite a nice...
  4. fardy

    Cacao Nibs and Coffee Beans Addition

    Hey guys, I brewed a White Stout last week and the recipe calls for cacao nibs and whole coffee beans addition after fermentation. I'm trying to skip the secondary part and I'm wondering how I can achieve this. Option #1 Adding nibs and coffee beans directly into primary after fermentation...
  5. J

    Blueberry IPA

    So I've got this IPA recipe I want to try and I want to add blueberries for color and flavor. So my question is when should I add them? While boiling in hop bag? Dip them in vodka and when racking beer to secondary? Or just both? Also I'd like to know what's the procedure for vodka sanitizing...
  6. E

    Secondary Pressure Gauge

    So I have the choice of two 4 way secondary gauges. The first is the Taprite CGR284-PT 4 way. In the past couple weeks, I've had 2 Taprite gauges screwed up. The first didn't read the pressure accurately and the dial didn't rise past 40 PSI. The second is the first version of the above 4 way...
  7. C

    Secondary fermentation temp for saison

    Sorry if this is a question that has been asked before. I have just brewed a saison using Mangrove Jacks M29 at 28C in my lovely temp controlled fridge and it is just about ready for bottling. I am keen to start my next brew, a brown ale which will ferment at 19-21C. Usually i keep my newly...
  8. lorne17

    Best way to add 4oz ground Hazelnut coffee to Brown Ale without contamination?

    Hello all, I have 5 gallons of a Brown that is in the primary and ready to switch to secondary. However, I plan to add some hazelnut coffee to it. The catch is, it is already ground and it is only 4oz of ground coffee. How do you recommend I add this to secondary without risking...
  9. TennBrewer

    Fermentation Resource Scheduler

    I am looking for some kind of software to handle multiple fermenters and fermentation chambers (read: fridges). I have several fridges that I have made into fermentation chambers and several fermenters varying in size from 1 to 6.5 gallons. I would like to be able to schedule when I can brew (5...
  10. Tyler Hurst

    Is this normal?

    Made a Pliny the Elder clone last weekend with WLP-001. I dumped everything from the BK into primary and got about 4-5 inches of hop trub in the bottom (pic 1). Then when the yeast took off the beer turned green (pic 2). It is burning through fermentation. Thermostat probe reads 67-69 degrees...
  11. Winksalot

    Tripple Fermenting

    Hi! I have recently racked an APA from Primary to Secondary (after 9 days.) As this was a little "Too Session" for my liking, i have added some golden sugar which i am hoping will increase the overall alcohol content. Obviously, as it should, this has started to ferment again, in the same way...
  12. So Shay

    Medium show mead

    Hey folks used a wine pump and head space eliminator on a med show mead and I don't think anything got in my fermenter. That being said I have a film on top of the mead that I believe might just be yeast floating on the surface but I was curious if anyone else thought otherwise. Also has anyone...
  13. Bobcat

    Question about airlock for primary

    Good afternoon :yes: Quick question... I've had an IPA in primary for exactly 3 weeks and I was going to dry hop it today before I bottle it next week. Do you think I need to keep an airlock on it after 3 weeks or can I put a cap on the carboy after I dry hop it? I ask because I ordered a...
  14. J

    Rack to secondary after dry hopping?

    I just dry-hopped my second batch of beer and discovered that my new capper won't arrive for possibly more than 10 days (I'm in the Philippines). I don't want the beer (Dead Ringer IPA kit) to sit with the hops that long. Could I give the dry hops four days or so and then rack to a secondary...
  15. P

    Headspace - how to proceed?

    Thanks to all again for all the advice and tips thus far! Cider has been in primary for about two weeks. OG about 1.050, current SG about 1.001. Racked to secondary this evening, realized I’d made a rookie mistake, had about 5 gallons of cider, didn’t realize that my carboy is meant to hold...
  16. Nate R

    Can you add bittering hops in a secondary?

    Hello all. Have a batch that is a touch on the sweet side. (American wheat style). I don't think i boiled enough bittering hops to balance it. I would like to save this batch if possible. My goal was for a hoppy wheat- so it could stand some more aroma hop flavor too. Is it possible to add...
  17. R

    16g co2 Cartridge for Secondary

    I still use secondaries, especially for my Lagers and I’m starting to think I need to be better when transferring. I was wondering, if I took my whip cream maker, put a co2 cartridge in it (16g) and ran it into the glass carboy, would that be enough co2 to push out all the O2? Thanks, Robb
  18. Degan

    Pitching too cold? Too much head space?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. As the title suggests, I pitched my yeast into wort that was colder than recommended(68F instead of 80-85). I am using White labs belgian sour mix I which is supposed to be pitched at 80-85F. I am also concerned that I left too much room for o2. The problem...
  19. E

    Secondary Fermentation with lots of space in the carboy

    Hello, At the 7th day of my primary fermentation, I moved my porter beer to secondary. The SG was 1.014 and the taste was good. Than I realized that I did sth wrong after doing some reading about the effect of oxygen for secondary. During transfer I was carefull not to aerate the beer...
  20. thisissami

    What's the purpose of secondary fermentation with dry cider?

    To give you some context: I've just made my first ever batch of cider. I made a little over 3 gallons (that's how much juice the 80 apples I bought produced). It went through the primary fermentation, and all that super sweet apple juice has turned into very dry cider. I used champagne yeast...