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  1. S

    Secondary fermentation in keg

    Brewed Westmalle Tripel clone several months ago. Racked to keg a month ago. Going to do a secondary fermentation in the keg to add more yeasty deliciousness. Besides adding the yeast should I also add corn sugar to kick off the secondary fermentation? If so how much? Thanks in advance.
  2. Spacelover02

    How Can I Brew with Literal Waffles??

    I'm interested in incorporating waffles into a brew to go for a sort of breakfast style brew—probably something Belgian to stay on theme—and I want to use genuine waffles in the beer. I'm not sure about the best way to go about doing it to avoid both mold and potentially fermenting away the...
  3. milleniarist

    Seeking permanent haze in a witbier

    I'm doing my research for brewing a Witbier with 45% heirloom raw wheat and I found this remark in Stan Hieronymus' ´Brewing with Wheat´: I've had exactly that happening to a saison I made using 20% raw wheat + 20% malted wheat + 5% flaked oats; the haze precititated in the bottle during the...
  4. E

    Beginner Recipe Help

    Hello all! I am not only new to this forum, but I am new to home brewing as well! I have brewed a couple starter kits from Northern Brewer, but have decided to try my hand at making my own recipe to make the beer I want. I have come up with a recipe through looking at the style guidelines...
  5. M

    Convert Extract Recipe to BIAB All-Grain

    Hello! I somewhat recently brewed a Belgian Abbey Dubbel that my buddy and I really, really like. I'd like to convert the recipe from an extract version to an all-grain version. One problem is that the steeping grains gave me a total weight for a blend, so that's just going to be kinda guessing...
  6. fishbowlbrewco

    White floater questions (and pics) for 8 month Belgian Dark Strong Ferment

    Hey Y’all. We’ve got a situation and I’m not sure what our next steps should be. We’ve got our Belgian dark strong which was brewed 8 months ago. It had a pretty slow ferment. Started at 1.114 OG and got down to 1.040 after 3 months. So, I transferred it into new sanitized and co2 purged...
  7. ForkJohn

    Want to make a Belgian Tripel, but don't have a way of chilling fermenter

    Hi Guys, So I was looking at brewing a Belgian Tripel, however, it seems all the instructions on fermentation require I lager the beer. Unfortunately I don't have a kegerator or any way of chilling down the temperature, unfortunately it'll likely have to stay in room temp. I plan on leaving...
  8. D

    Cucumber mint saison recipe—help?

    Given that summertime is upon us, i have decided to throw together a nice refreshing saison, but seeing as I have never made my own before, I would like some help with the recipe(also any opinions or suggestions are very welcomed). I am putting together a cucumber mint saison. Here is the...
  9. Dgallo

    Beer Log #1 - First Wild Mix Fermentation

    So I am planning on starting my own small Wild/Sour project; I've really gotten into the broad style over the past few years thanks to Suarez Family Brewing and Plan Bee brewing, both relatively local to me. So in honor of launching, I figured I'd document my first Mixed Fermented Belgian...
  10. J

    Favorite Belgian Ale Recipe

    Nearly 2 years ago, I fell in love with Belgian and Belgian inspired ales and started a quest to brew a beer I felt tasted and smelled like the beers which I loved. I've had some limited relative success. Please share your favorite Belgian ale recipe or that which you feel best exemplifies this...
  11. TNJake

    Saison on leftover yeast from Belgian Tripel?

    So brewed a Belgian Tripel 2 weeks ago with a double smack pack of 3787. Temps were between 74 and 82 the whole time. OG was 1.065. This tripel reached 1.004 a couple of days ago and I thought, "hey, can I reuse this for a variation of my high grav saison? (8.5%) As I understand it, overpitching...
  12. J

    Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale (Gold Medal in Category 24, Michigan Beer Cup 2019)

    Ca 71.5, Mg 11, Na 11, Cl 60, SO4 60, HCO 73 Use Gypsum, CaCl and Lactic Acid for water adjustment 95% Viking Pilsner Malt, (1.7-2L) 5% Dingemans Special B, (140-155L) 153F - 60 Minutes 170F - 10 Minutes Magnum @ 90 (adjust this addition as needed for 20 IBU total.) .44 gms/gal Wyeast...
  13. Stand

    Dark Belgian Saison Advice

    This my first crack at a Dark Belgian Saison for the winter months. I want something drinkable, but flavorful. 3711 and 530 are two of my favorite yeasts, but I've never used them together. If anyone sees anything obviously silly about my recipe I'd love some advice. Thanks! Recipe: Alarum...
  14. B

    Off-Flavors, Super Dry Finish / Aftertaste

    I brewed the Lefse Blonde extract kit from Northern Brewer. In primary for about a week, secondary for two weeks, in bottles for two weeks so far. I'm getting a very dry (too dry) finish and some off-flavors I can't put my finger on. Any thoughts as to where I went wrong on this one? Not...
  15. cmac62

    Lemon Pepper Saison recipe thoughts

    Okay, my idea is to do a lemon and black pepper saison. 6 lb pils or 2 row .5 lb crystal 60 .5 lb white wheat malt 1 oz styrian goldings 60 1 oz Styrian goldings 10 2 lemons worth of zest & 2 g black pepper corns crushed in vodka tincture added at bottling WLP566 yeast. Any thoughts, idea's...
  16. H

    Wit Beer Split: Whiteout vs Kveiking

    Had a bunch of cilantro go to seed this year so decided to make a wit beer. The coriander was a smaller seed than the kind I've bought at the homebrew store and taste a lot different as well. More citrusy, less of the somewhat meaty flavor coriander has... Wanted to make it interesting by...
  17. R

    Have little experience and not sure if i over did it

    I steeped vienna golden pils and csramel 20l for 20 mins The (2.5gallon) boiled 12 pounds (4cans) of maris otter light malt extract Added galaxy and Pacific jade hops at 60 mins 1oz each Calypso 2oz at 30 min Then belgian candi syrup and .5oz mt hood hops at 10 mins Dry hopping with german...
  18. H

    17# of cherries, now what?

    Ended up at a farm with cherries for 1$/pound so I left with 17 pounds of cherries. Majority are bings which are incredibly juicy, but I also got about 6-7 pounds of sour pie cherries. I know I want to rack a sour on these eventually and also will split up some of the 5 gallons of mead I have...
  19. pharaohpierre

    Aging Belgian Dubbel in my basement

    I brewed a Belgian Dubbel, however I tried it after fermentation and it tasted a bit thin. Either way I fermented for about 3 weeks and now I have kegged the beer. I want to condition the beer in the keg for about 2 or 3 months. So I have two questions. The first is what temperature should I...
  20. RedFlagBrewing

    My Journey to Belgium to Buy Westvleteren

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this in or not, but f*ck it here goes! Recently my wife and I had the pleasure of purchasing some Westvleteren 12 and Blonde while on vacation in Belgium, so I thought I would share my experience. Perhaps this will be useful for you if you ever...