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  1. SnyderCider

    Question about Adding Fruit after Stabilzation

    How long should fruit sit in a cider that has been stabilized?
  2. E

    Adding Fresh Peppers to Cider with Fruit

    Hello All, My wife bought me some equipment to brew cider with over Christmas and I'm two weeks into my first batch. I started with 5 gallons of pasteurized cider, added my yeast and nutrients and let it ferment for a week until I saw the airlock come to a standstill. I then racked the 5...
  3. tf2


    I was at an orchard this weekend, and in among the regular trees was a single crabapple tree absolutely bursting with ripe red fruit. I tasted one, and it was sour and astringent but tasty. They sold apples by the bag, and those crabapples filled the gaps between the larger ones nicely. I...
  4. F

    Feedback for Cantaloupe/Kiwi Hazy build

    I’m finally building my own recipes and I’m having a blast trying different things. My latest is a cantaloupe/kiwi hazy IPA. I have a tentative recipe and would truly love any tweaks, advice, and/or feedback for this budding brewer. Like, what ingredients may work better than what I have, or...
  5. B

    Infusing Lagers with fruit - when to add?

    Hey everyone. Somewhat new all grain brewer here and I'm on my first attempt of what will be a Mango Lager. It's a traditional lager that I want to infuse with mango for a fresh summery twist. I tasted something similar at a small brewery in Canton, NC that I loved. I've found much research...
  6. W

    Abv after purée

    I’m currently making a tropical melomel that came out to about 9.7% (OG 1.070, FG .997, about 7 gal) I’m adding about 13.2 lbs of brewers orchard purée to it after adding sulphite and sorbate to retain all flavor and leave the sweetness as well. with this much purée and volume how can I figure...
  7. Jevinkeegan

    A lot of headspace in secondary

    I typically don’t transfer to a secondary, but these were some big beers I wanted to rack over fruit. I am worried about all of that headspace - particularly the two small boys in the front. Would you be worried too? I purged both. Not sure if that helps - since I have never done it before. I...
  8. M

    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Hi! First time brewer here, read many posts on this site which were informative, so I signed up today. I am hoping to make a raspberry-pear wine in some store-bought white grape juice. Reading through instructions again, I think I missed a step. Washed all fruit in water, then soaked in a...
  9. Mateo123

    Adding fruit to secondary fermentation

    Alrightyyyy. So I have some questions im really hoping to get clarification on. I’ve been looking everywhere and just want to sum it up. If I am brewing a 5lb batch. Will adding ~4lbs of mangos be enough to get some flavor from the mangos? also, how long will I have to wait to drink it. Will...
  10. L

    Tea and Tisane based wines?

    I’ve currently got about 100g of loose leaf green tea with elderflower, and 125g of an orange and passion fruit tisane (that also contains apple, hibiscus and rosehips), and I want to brew a wine from each separately, but I’m a bit of a novice so I could do with some advice! Would it be...
  11. B

    Black IPA Hops

    Hello, I'm adjusting my black IPA recipe. I went with Perle for bittering and Provoak last time around for flavour and aroma. At first the Provoak USA came out nicely but then just became overwhelmed by the Perle with IBUs at over 70. So, I'm going to change things around, mix it up quite a lot...
  12. PlantPatrol

    Pineapple Wine/Tepache potential recipe?

    Hey all, this is my first post, i’ve been brewing about a year so have lurked here for a good bit already though! This is a recipe I figured out from reading about other people’s pineapple experience, I intend to start soon but wanted to get opinions on it beforehand in case any of y’all have...
  13. W

    What is the thinking behind adding fruit later in fermentation?

    I'm about to start my first fruit (papaya) sour (using the very easy method from this thread Fast Souring - Modern Methods) I know general practice is to add the fruit after initial fermentation subsides, but what is the reasoning behind this? Is it to preserve the fruit flavour or yeast...
  14. D

    Brewing With Cherries

    There are a few main considerations to be aware of when you decide you’re going to add cherries to your homebrew. The quantity and type of cherries, their condition, and the brewing stage to add the fruit are all important aspects of preparing a delicious final product. What Type of Cherries...
  15. A

    Funk In The House Part II

    Funk In The House Part II Funk In The House Part I (found here), covered a very brief introduction to Brettanomyces and and overview to the Funk In The House Experiment. To recap, Brettanomyces is a wild yeast, robust and versatile enough for use in primary fermentation (100% Brettanomyces...
  16. J

    Collecting Wild Yeast

    Yeast can be the difference between a good recipe and a great recipe. I have been making cider, wine and mead for over a year now and I am learning quite a bit about the strains out there and what they can bring to the table. While experimenting with the prominent strains found at my local home...
  17. H

    Adding Ingredients & Fruit to a Wheat

    I’m looking to brew a wheat / Hefe Style & want to add spices or fruit. I’ve done orange peel & coriander. I’m thinking about banana & vanilla. I’ve never attempted the secondary fermentation. Does anyone have any tips or fun recipes to share?? Maybe even something completely different like...
  18. davielovesgravy

    Can I add different fruit/flavours in various demijohns to red wine brew kit please?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. I made a red wine kit a while back and am happy with the 30 bottles I have stored. I actually have a second one of the same kit to make ASAP as it is almost at its Best Before date. I don’t have another 30 empty bottles so I am...
  19. ghast

    Adding fruit on start of fermentation vs end of fermentation

    Hello everyone, I've been recently transitioning from brewing beer to making mead (done a few braggots), so i'm still a newbie. So, I wanted to know if adding fruit or fruit juice before pitching the yeast will be different if I added it about three weeks after fermentation already started. I...
  20. davielovesgravy

    How to remove Blackberry seeds from my cider brew please??

    Howdy all, a quick question that I Hope someone can help me with. I am making aside a kit and had some blackberries in the freezer which I have blitzed and blended and added when syphoning into another FV for secondary fermentation today, however even though I blended and blended there are still...