New Brewer, Flat Belgian Quad Extract

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Mar 20, 2018
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So I am new to brewing and have brewed extract all pale ales, nut brown ales, hefeweizen, dunkelweizen and now have fermented and bottled my first belgian quad.

I bottled on March 9th so about 1.5 weeks ago, around 66-75 but average roughly is 70 degrees. I opened a bottle today and nothing, not even a puff of air popping the top.

I feel as though either all my yeast died (I used 1 Wyeast 3787) or due to the high gravity of my beer that it might just take a lot longer than anticipated.

I used 5 oz. of priming sugar at the bottom of the 5 gallon bottling bucket before siphoning.
4 months in fermenting including secondary
OG 1.092
FG 1.016
ABV 10.167%

Should I just wait or order more Wyeast 3787 and redo all bottling? I also have a temperature controlled deep freezer with small heater (nothing brewing at the moment) that I could store at higher temperature if needed.

So what do you think? Thank you!
I'd have thought the remaining 3787 could handle simple carbonation sugars up to 11% abv, but that's not a lot of headroom from your brew. Still, most folks allow at least 3 weeks for bottle conditioning, maybe your batch will take a while longer.

btw, if bottling is your habit, consider including a single 12 ounce twist-top soda bottle with the glass, so you can track the carbonation without having to sacrifice bottles for testing. The soda bottle will firm up as carbonation proceeds and when it's virtually incompressible the glass is ready for chilling...

I meant, if you look at the specs for 3787 (which, for the record, I love in a refectory ale) it's supposed to carry on up to 11% abv.
Your 10+ recipe isn't far below that figure, which might be its best capabilities under all ideal conditions for that strain (like, running warmer than most folks would prefer).

Your 70°F average is about where most folks run their conditioning cycle out of convenience. You could try keeping it on the higher end of your range if possible - virtually all reactions accelerate with temperature.
Or just stay the course for a couple of weeks. It is a quad, after all, I don't imagine you're going to be cracking bottles anytime soon except for sampling...