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  1. W

    Accidentally Shaked the Cider when adding yeast

    Hey all, this is my first time making cider. I accidentally ended up shaking the juice (cider) after adding the yeast on top. Is this bad? Will it just take extra time now? Not totally sure so I just want to make sure!
  2. C

    Low OG

    Hey guys, pretty new to brewing here. I just finished doing my first all grain batch. I start out with 3 gallons of preboiled wort from a local brewery that I built a kit with, and also steeped 3lbs of Munich malt for 40 minutes. I added my hops according to schedule and added 2.5-3 gallons of...
  3. VargarViking

    First attempt

    Hey all. This is my first attempt at brewing anything. Now, I'm trying to make one of the meds from the Skyrim cookbook. I followed every step, did everything it asked. But the only issue I had was not having an airlock. So, I had to let it sit in the carboy (without the yeast), for about two...
  4. N

    To The New Brewer - Extract Or All Grain

    To the New Brewer - Should I Start with Extract Kits, or Turn it up to 11 with All-Grain Brewing? "Nick, I know you're pretty new to brewing. It looks like fun, it's something I'm looking to get into - and I'm wondering: should I start with extract kits, or jump right into purchasing the...
  5. O

    Oak leaf cyser???

    Hey all, I'm a new brewer. I made my first batches 3 weeks ago (A Traditional, A Metheglin and a blood orange JOAM) and they're still bubblin' away and looking bootiful. I'm going to make some more after payday next week. I'm going to do a cyser and an Oak leaf and a couple of others but my...
  6. Box

    New to this and could use some help, first timer

    Hello all! Been doing some cruising on here and finally signed up, on to the topic at hand; with the closure of liquor stores and a interest in homebrewing I recently started a process to make my own alcohol. As in making a sugar syrup and adding dry yeast and letting nature do its thing. Most...
  7. T

    Apple Pie Mead Attempt

    Hey y’all! First off, I just wanted to thank everyone here. I’m pretty new to the mead world, and your posts have helped me learn a lot in the short time I’ve been here. To business, I’m trying to make an Apple pie mead to be enjoyed around Thanksgiving/Christmas time, and I wanted to run the...
  8. prah

    Robust Porter... maybe?

    Hi folks, i'm a farly new all grain brewer (currently on my 5 batch), I absolutely need your advice on this one: on my last batch i was ready to brew a Stout so i bought a good amount of Maris otter as base malt and some specialties... except roasted barley (LOL) so i decided not to go for the...
  9. Michael L Collins

    Hello from the Lakemoron

    I just joined a few days ago from The Village of Lakemore, Summit County, Ohio (south of Akron). My goal is to brew something that tastes less like beer and more like wine or spiked apple juice. It might seem strange to join a forum talking about brewing beer and not liking beer, but that just...
  10. S

    First brew, think i cucked it up already. Help and advice appreciated

    I'm sure i am not the first, and probably won't be the last, but I decided to invest in some brewing equipment this summer to stave off the $40+ bill of buying commercial beer or the $12+ pints at the local hole. Hopefully some generous soul will take pity on me and spare a quick glance at what...
  11. Lilum

    Batch Sparge Mash vs. Triple Decoction?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Lemme give a little backstory first. Until 3 months ago, I was living in Germany as an au pair, which gave me an opportunity to try many different incredible beers. During my stay, my all time favorite was by far the Füchschen Alt, or Altbier...
  12. A

    First Time BIAB - Simcoe SMaSH Recipe Check - 2.5 batch

    Hi All, I'm attempting my first 2.5 gallon BIAB brew this week and need some help with my recipe. I'm loosely following a SMaSH recipe I found on Reddit and I wanted to keep it simple for my first time. I'm attempting a pale ale with Rahr 2 Row Malt and Simcoe Hops. I have a 5 gallon kettle...
  13. Penghu Brews

    Dissolving DME in cold water to scale up recipe

    Hello everyone. New brewer here (well, on my fifth batch of the summer and totally addicted!) This forum has been a huge help to me and so here I am with my first post. Please be gentle! I've so far been doing 1 gallon batches from extract (light DME) and experimenting with different recipes...
  14. R

    Have little experience and not sure if i over did it

    I steeped vienna golden pils and csramel 20l for 20 mins The (2.5gallon) boiled 12 pounds (4cans) of maris otter light malt extract Added galaxy and Pacific jade hops at 60 mins 1oz each Calypso 2oz at 30 min Then belgian candi syrup and .5oz mt hood hops at 10 mins Dry hopping with german...
  15. D

    First time bottler

    Hello all, I'll be bottling my first batch ever this coming Sunday after a two week fermentation process. The brewing and fermintation process seemed straight-forward enough with the instructions in my kit but the bottling day instructions are a little less detailed, so it left me wondering...
  16. T

    Books to read

    What three books would you recommend to a brewer that is looking to start brewing in about two months.
  17. B

    Virgin brew. Made mistakes. Do I dump it and what should I have done?

    Brewing an IPA from a starter kit. Primary fermentation seemed too strong initially, I had given it alot of mixing and it's warm. It then seemed to be slowing to a halt and I hadn't yet added my hops. When I come to do so I took a reading which showed I'd gone from around 1052 - 1004, I...
  18. R

    New mead brewer here - Advice needed.

    Hey guys. This is my first time brewing mead with the honey my family harvest. So, for starters I used Red Star Premier Cuveé yeast, I looked up and it will create a dry mead. if mead is in someway like wine, I prefer my mead and wine dry, not sweet, but do you have any suggestion regarding the...
  19. M

    Infected or yeast pockets?

    Hello! Super new home brewer (only 3rd brew). I brewed an oatmeal stout back in around November. I moved it to the second fermentation in December. I’ve heard of most people keep stouts in longer, so I was just getting ready to bottle it and saw these bubbles on the surface. I tried looking up...
  20. W

    Just checking: Do I understand it all correctly?

    Hey, so a friend and I recently bought a brewed a brown ale from a Beer Simply Beer kit. We decided that we want to make a good amount of beer so bought another recipe and bucket. The plan is to use a single fermenation bucket for each recipe, and to also bottle it out of the same bucket. I know...