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  1. K


    i have just started to home brew again after about 35 years. My first brew ( a pale ale ) turned out pretty good except about 6 out of 25 bottles came out flat ie no carbonation. I bottled into 750ml PET bottles with a screw cap. I think what happened is when I tightened the cap on those 6...
  2. P

    Insanely foamy homebrew from homemade kegerator: Tried almost everything

    Hi, people! I'm a homebrewer in India. But I've been brewing Kombucha (a fermented tea) instead of beer for now. I retrofitted an old fridge with a beer tap to make a kegerator of sorts. I brew my Kombucha in glass jars, and then pour it in a used pin lock corny keg I picked up from a store. I...
  3. tcox85

    HELP! Beer was carbonated but is now flat :(

    So I recently kegged a saison, I hooked it up to gas and left it at 12 PSI for about 48 hours. When I came home I tried it and it was close but not carbed enough so I let it sit for another 24 hours. It is now pouring flat with no carbonation at all. Would it be a leak somewhere? Any help is...
  4. Sgt-CodyX

    New Brewer, Flat Belgian Quad Extract

    So I am new to brewing and have brewed extract all pale ales, nut brown ales, hefeweizen, dunkelweizen and now have fermented and bottled my first belgian quad. I bottled on March 9th so about 1.5 weeks ago, around 66-75 but average roughly is 70 degrees. I opened a bottle today and nothing...
  5. Josh Perugini

    Need help with Carbonation.

    I am a beginner homebrewer and am having trouble with my newly kegged brews. I am using a homemade keezer to pressurize a 5 gallon ball lock keg. I have played with the co2 pressure for about 30 days. I have had it as high as 25-30 psi and as low as 8 psi. I try to shake it to mix in the co2...
  6. Byrdbrewer

    Has anyone had no signs of carbonation after 7 days?

    Title says it all - I bottled a sorghum beer, a recipe I have brewed several times before. usually after about a week I have good signs of carbonation, and its just a matter of giving it another week or two to really push teh co2 into the beer fo a good long lasting carbonation. This last batch...