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  1. O

    How much yeast do i need ?

    Hello, I will make my second beer, and it will be a Russian Imperial Stout. I want to use Fermentis Be-256 yeast as dry, and batch size will be around 20 liters. So, my question is, how much yeast is enough for that kind of beer ? 11,5 gr., or more ? Also, what is the criteria when deciding...
  2. K

    some help needed

    So i pressed some apples, blended about three varieties to run some test samples. OG was 1.050 and PH was 3.7 which is good. I think I exceeded the potassium meta by mistake and I put 1.4 grams for 5 L instead of around 0.7 grams. splash racked it about 4 times over the course of 2 days and then...
  3. snarf7

    Have you ever used an odd yeast choice and had it turn out great?

    Sometimes we forget to check our stock until we're ready to pitch and realize we are out of the one we need. Sometimes you have a substitute that's close enough and works out just fine. But have you ever tried something weird and had it work out really well?
  4. beervoid

    Natural carbonating kegs with CBC-1 or F-2 yeast

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how long it takes for F-2 or CBC-1 to finish fermenting? I've put about 1-2 grams in a 5 gallon keg together with 60 grams of sugar in order to scavenge oxygen en naturally carbonate. I spunded but I saw very little pressure change (about 2psi in 24h)...
  5. C

    Worried about yet another stalled fermentation

    Okay so a little bit of background. A few months ago I made the switch over to BIAB as well as the switch to trying to use more liquid yeast for variety. One of my first beers was a blonde ale where I decanted my yeast starter. This beer has a very weird fermentation with little to no Krausen...
  6. piojo

    When vacuum sealing yeast, will the yeast get sucked into the pump?

    I bought a 500 g brick of US-05 from a brewer acquaintance, and want to split it up into 10-20 smaller vacuum sealed bags so I only open each bag a few times and introduce less moisture and contamination. Plus, smaller bags can quickly come up to room temperature before I open them, preventing...
  7. Iowa Brewer

    Does Yeast Sanitizing Need to be THAT Sterile?

    Hey all, A friend of mine showed me how he harvests his yeast. 1. Grabs a mason jar out of the cupboard 2. Uses a 1/3 cup scoop to get trub from the bottom of the fermentation bucket 3. Fills rest of mason jar with tap water 4. Puts it in fridge He's been doing this for some years without...
  8. U

    Illinois SOLD

    Purging unused equipment, make an offer if you buy the whole lot, $150 for everything (over $250 in equipment) pictures of each item below: Maelstrom stir plate 2 50mm stir bars 1 50mm stir bar 2 2000mL Erlenmeyer flasks with stoppers 1 5000mL Erlenmeyer flask (wide mouth stopper from 2000mL...
  9. piojo

    In what ways does yeast absorb or interfere with flavors/aromas?

    A couple sources told me that flavors and aromas may be volatile, and can be blown off with the CO₂ if the flavor is added during primary. For instance, I understand oak is usually added to mead after primary. Fruit is often added in secondary, as are dry hops. Supposedly these aromas would be...
  10. T

    Just opened WLP001 and is smells like cider

    I just opened a 3 month old pure pitch of WLP001 and noticed a cider smell. I still put it in my starter. Think its ok to pitch?
  11. Scientific hippie

    I bought these fancy-shmancy wine kits, and all they came with was a lousy packet of 1118.

    I don't know what to do. EC Kraus was having a sale (25% off on two kits) and I splurged on a Malbec and an Italian wine (Amarone, I think). I got a second FastFerment and two of the fine mesh diffusers for the grape skins. There are all sorts of packets of oak dust and oak chips, kiesel this...
  12. B

    Yeast starter

    noticed that my yeast starter poped open when i put it in the fridge. Is my starter infected? Or did the cold temperature from inside the fridge saved it?
  13. So Shay

    Medium show mead

    Hey folks used a wine pump and head space eliminator on a med show mead and I don't think anything got in my fermenter. That being said I have a film on top of the mead that I believe might just be yeast floating on the surface but I was curious if anyone else thought otherwise. Also has anyone...
  14. W

    barley wine yeast question

    I am going to make a 15L batch of barley wine with a target og of 1.108. I am going to use mangrove jacks m42 new world strong ale yeast which is suitable for that strength but i presume i will still need to pitch 2 packets for such a high og? thanks
  15. T

    How to make higher ABV

    Hey everyone, I brewed a block party summer ale from northern brewing and I don’t think I boiled the wort hard enough but it’s been fermenting for 2 weeks and one week was colder temperatures so I got a heat pad to make it around 70F and it’s been at that for a week under a blanket for...
  16. piojo

    At what stage does yeast use potassium?

    Does yeast need potassium during growth, or during anaerobic fermentation, or both? Or worse, do they want it as soon as possible when pitched? I ask because the popular BOMM mead recipe suggests adding potassium carbonate at pitch to provide potassium and buffering, and I'm thinking about...
  17. A

    Creating own SCOBY from brewers yeast and probiotics?

    Hello. I want to grow own brewers yeast and came with idea to do it by producing kombucha. Brewers yeast is rich in complete protein, vitamin B, choline, minerals and anti aging compound NAD+ along with it's precursors such as nicotinamide riboside, niacin. Moreover I want to enhance it by...
  18. Shawn3997

    Krausening an already-primed keg?

    My latest Oktoberfest lager seems to have some diacetyl in it and I'm going to chuck some krausening starter in to remedy this. The keg is at room temperature but is already gassed up to 2.7 volumes. If I make a 1.25L starter using 125g of DME and then toss this in the keg and seal it up am I...
  19. Sergiy

    How long i can hold wort?

    Hi, i thought i have yeast before brew, but i didn't had one. I need 1-2 days to get proper one, how long and how could i keep wort to save the brew?
  20. Iowa Brewer

    Can yeast heat beer???

    So, I did my first yeast starter and boy did it work! 4hrs after I pitched into an English Ale, a small kreutzen had formed and the bubbler was going 12 hrs later, and the bubbler was flying off the handle. Now, 26hrs after first bubbling, down to about 1/sec. But here’s the thing... I...