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  1. K

    pasteurization sediment

    So I filled my sweet cider in the bottles and started pasteurizing so that I would kill the yeast and stop fermentation. I gradually increase the water temperature untill i reach water of about 160F and the cider has a temp of about 152F. I was pasteurizing the sweet cider bottles in a 160F...
  2. TrevHTX

    Using Washed Yeast for Future Batches

    I have just recently washed yeast from a batch of Cream Ale that has finished it's fermentation period. I used approximately 1 gallon of water to wash the yeast, and have poured it off into 2 containers which are currently sitting in my fridge. I know that the yeast multiples during the...
  3. beervoid

    WLP4000 vs WLP095 "Vermont yeast"

    Hey everyone i'm looking for some feedback from people who have used both Yeast Bay Wlp4000 - Vermont Ale and White Labs WLP095 - Burlington Ale Yeast How would you describe the differences? WLP4000 is difficult to obtain for me so I'm trying to find out if it's worth the effort. cheers
  4. K

    Pasteurizing Before Kegging

    How can I make sure all of the yeast in my homebrew is dead? My idea is to boil the beer in the kettle after two weeks of fermentation, let it cool, then keg and carbonate with CO2. Will this work? Will it ruin the beer?
  5. Iowa Brewer

    The Iron-Man of Yeast!

    Hey all, Funny story to share, and maybe it's more common that I think. Made a witbier Saturday with a low post-mash gravity, so I added 1 lb. of DME and ended with a spot-on target OG of 1.04. Decanted my 1L yeast starter, pitched, and popped the 6gal of wort in the fermenter and went on with...
  6. C

    First Time Brewing from Scratch, think I got everything down except super confused about yeast

    Hello everyone, first time (extract) brewer here so be gentle please haha. I have spent the past month getting every little bit of science down for a high gravity blueberry ale (5 gallon batch) I've wanted to make, I am ready to brew on wednesday but I'm still honestly having trouble...
  7. K

    getting rid of the smell in a smart way

    I'll start from the beginning. I have a conical tank and a brite tank. Both have been sanitized to perfection. Transferred unpasteurized apple juice to the conical tank, added around 80g of K-meta to my 800 liter juice, a few hours later added the required DAP. Next day, pitched Safale S-04...
  8. DrGarbonzo

    Left starter for two days - still good?

    Hi all, I was ready to brew this week and made a starter Monday night to brew with the next day. Then I forgot about it until Wednesday night, woops! I put it in the fridge Wednesday and plan to decant tonight - anything wrong with using a starter left out for ~48 hrs? My gut instinct is that...
  9. R

    Yeast Breeding

    Hello Everyone, my first post here on the forum. :) Question about yeast. My thinking is, since it's alive and it reproduces and grows, why should we buy yeast for every batch? Could you not just start a culture with a dropper-full and let it do its thing? maybe it takes a while to get to...
  10. NWOKBrewer

    These yeast for bottle carbing Russian Imp. Stout?

    I'm currently aging some RIS (~10%) in secondary. I'll be looking bottle some of it in the next few weeks. I just picked up the following yeast as they were discounted. A couple questions: 1. Which one of these would you use: CL23 or Cote des Blancs (They are both high ABV tolerant) 2. Since...
  11. eugles

    Dumped last 6 batches of beer - Infected?

    My last 6 beers have been dumpers. I'm freakin bummed, but the bushes in my yard seem to be flourishing. A few months back I noticed a weird muddled sour-ish/tart taste in my fermenter sample. The beer was somewhat tart and not the neipa it was supposed to be. I brewed again and the same thing...
  12. beervoid

    Looking for the woodlandbrew yeast starter calculator spreadsheet

    Hello everyone, Does anyone happen to have this yeast calculator spreadsheet? It's not downloadable anymore from the website. Thank you
  13. TomBruin

    Is my starter method OK?

    I'm worried about yeast temperature shock in my starters... I'm not confident in checking the temp of the yeast pack against the wort so here is my fix... I've only made a few to date, but here is my process. Note, I've been making old school starters in clear growlers that I just shake whenever...
  14. beervoid

    English yeasts and the miracle ester sweet spot of generation nr X

    Hello yeast lovers, I've been brewing IPA's mostly with GY054 Vermont yeast and WY1318 London Ale III. I overbuild starters and keep some for a next brew. Now it might have been coincidence but at around generation 5 or 6 these yeast seem to attenuate a bit less but throw mad fruity esters...
  15. Phil_Ozzy_Fer

    Blended Yeast Strain

    Hello All, I'm brewing today (hooray!) and am trying a yeast I've never used before. Its a blended saison yeast. Information below: ---- Old World Saison Blend A characterful blend of two classic Saison strains. Produces complex fruit and black pepper notes along with a reliable, fast and...
  16. snarf7

    Double yeast pitch for lager recipe?

    I've seen this a couple times now with some different lager recipes I've been reading up on. It calls for pitching 2 packs of yeast instead of the normal 1. Is the rationale that the lower temps require more yeast? Or is it a time thing, pitching more will finish up fermentation faster? The...
  17. Lele


    Greetings from Italy What yeast do you recommend for a very complex and malty Imperial Stout of 12% ABV? I'm uncertain especially between WLP 002, 028, 090 or 007. What are the differences in flavor of these yeasts? Thanks
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Water Profile Question

    I recently got a report from my local water company and it came out to the following. PH of 8.3 I was wondering, what an ideal water profile would look like, and to see if what this is a good starting point for. I'm new to thinking about water profiles, but have recently started reading John...
  19. LloydGM

    Treasure trove of yeast information on Wyeast's web site

    Interested in a bunch of articles related to brewer yeast? Pitch rates, harvesting...all kinds of great stuff! I was simply following up with a question I had regarding yeast starters and the search results were astounding. I just spent...
  20. Northern_Brewer

    Brewlab slopes now available via Hop and Grape

    Last time I saw the Brewlab mob they were talking about outsourcing their homebrew activities, and it looks like they've chosen Hop & Grape to carry a handful of their slopes. All going for £7.99/vial (currently ~€9.10/US$10.30), at the moment they only seem to offer shipping by courier but...