Hornindal Kveik weird fermentation...questions

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Oct 26, 2018
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Edit: disregard this thread. I just plugged my actual batch numbers into a recipe calculator and they were pretty much spot on, so questions answered. Insert sheepish grin here.


So I brewed a batch of "Pale Ale" about 10 days ago using Hornindal Kveik from Omega. It's my first time using this yeast and the fementation did not go as expected. The beer tastes fine, very citrus forward, smooth, strong mango, pineapple and orange aroma; very hazy golden to light copper in color. Recipe was:
5 G Batch
Predicted OG: 1.050
Actual OG: 1.046
Predicted FG: 1.008
Actual FG: 1.010

10# Pilsner
.75# Honey Malt
.5# Munich Malt

.75 oz Magnum @ 60
.25 z Magnum @ 45
1 oz Citra @ Flame out, steep for 15 minutes temp 190*-185*
1 oz Citra @ Pitch, temp 85*

Mashed at 145* for 60 min
60 min boil
Fermented for 3 days @ 85, then temp slowly dropped to 76*. Checked SG on friday found a gravity of 1.010. Ramped up temp over the weekend to 90* - 95*, had tons more air lock activity for the first 12 hours then activity slowed and finally ceased over last night. Checked gravity this morning and it has not changed, still 1.010. What gives?

Clearly the beer is done and the airlock activity was produced by CO2 escaping the warm beer due to temp change, but it seems odd to me to miss both sets of my numbers OG and FG especially since I mashed so low. Isn't a lower temp mash supposed to yield a more fermentable wort? Shouldn't a more fermentable wort give you at least the target FG if not a lower FG? The beer is very hazy, could the haze be affecting my gravity readings? I have the sample in the fridge now to see if the haze will drop as the temp drops. Though I suspect that it will not due to the hop addition at yeast pitch.

Any thoughts or process feedback are appreciated.

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76 is pretty cool for Kviek. With this yeast you really need to keep the temp in the 80’s, even 90’s! Not sure on the efficiency thing, could be a lot of things. It’s pretty close on both fronts though, you should have a good beer!

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