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  1. Andrew Hodgson

    Fruit Bazooka NEIPA NB Extract Kit

    I just saw that Northern Brewer added an extract kit for a NE IPA here. I am interested in giving this kit a try, 53$ is a lot but I'd like to use it as a baseline to understand how limited I am at making the NE IPA style. Can I reproduce a complex style to satisfaction with a pre-made kit? I...
  2. pbfl81

    Kegging versus Bottling

    Hello, Kegging or bottles? To get into home brewing, i bought a deluxe extract home brewing kit that came with everything except bottles. The beer (chinook IPA) is almost finished primary fermentation so i need to start thinking about kegging or bottling. If I keg will i be able to drink the...
  3. Gentle Jesus

    Briess Pilsen light LME equivalent to pilsner malt extract?

    I have been browsing forums and other areas of the internet in an attempt to find out if Briess Pilsen light LME is essentially liquid pilsner malt, but have not found any definitive answers. I would really like to use it to make some easy Belgian Pale Ale recipes and wanted to know if the...
  4. B

    When to add malt extract??

    Being a newcomer to extract brewing, I’ve been unsure on the topic of when to add malt extract during the boil... My friend and I are shooting to brew American style IPA, 12 litre boil size and 9 litre batch size, with light liquid malt extract. Is it best to add all the extract at the start of...
  5. J

    Kölsch Dry Hop

    I am planning to brew my fourth batch this weekend. I will be making a Kölsch but I plan on dry hopping it. Any suggestions on what hop I should use? Has anyone had success dry hopping a Kölsch before?
  6. B

    Reducing Yeast in Lager using Coopers Extract

    Hello all, First post, and second time brewing. My first ever home brew Lager came out about 2 months ago and I'm in need of some advice on how to improve it. I made a few mistakes first time around (put 2 types of yeast, one lager and one ale and totally didn't add nearly enough sugar for...
  7. A

    Norther Brewer NEIPA Extract Kit Recipe Clarification

    Hello everyone! I'm about to brew a NEIPA extract clone kit that I bought from Northern Brewer called "Swig of Sunbeams" and I'd love some clarification on some of the steps. For anyone who wants to read more into it, the full instructions are here...
  8. Merds

    Chocolate Milk Stout - fermentation question

    Morning! I'm new to home brewing and started fermenting my first batch last week. Everything seems to be going well - keeping temp around 64-66 degrees and happily bubbling away. My question is this - the recipe calls for 1-2 weeks primary, then add chocolate nibs (which I will soak in Vodka to...
  9. deadwolfbones

    Working on a Bruesicle clone (creamy kettle sour w/ lactose & fruit)

    Hey y'all. This isn't exactly a clone, since I haven't had the beer in question. If you're unfamiliar, here are some examples of what it looks like: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfOzQeBFniB/?taken-by=brueryterreux https://www.instagram.com/p/BetT0GUFycW/?hl=en&taken-by=brueryterreux...
  10. J

    Kit or go for it?

    I am new to brewing and I am interested in brewing a hoppy IPA. I have two brews under my belt that turned out well. I really want to experiment with dry hopping. I am not sure if I should just buy a normal kit and make modifications like using citra hops/buy more hops for dry hopping? Or...
  11. J

    First custom recipe

    I'm brewing my first custom recipe next week. My plan is to do a basic extract IPA recipe but to use a blend of CItra ,Summit, and Galaxy hops. Any experiences in blending those hops? Or suggestions?
  12. S

    Making my first Lager: Recipe and process help

    Hey guys, after about 10 ales under my belt, I want to give a lager a go in time for the spring. I have a dedicated mini fridge that fits my bucket and carboy, so should have temperature control figured out. I need a little help on the process, as I have seen multiple bits of advice on...
  13. P

    Briess CBW Porter Recipe

    Hello All, I have received 6.6 pounds of Briess CBW Porter extract. I am looking for a very simple recipe to make a Porter with this extract. Does anyone have a simple porter (extract\partial extract) that I can use to make a quick batch with 6.6 pounds of this extract? Thanks
  14. mr_stout

    Replacement For Flaked Corn

    Since flaked corn is not an steepable grain that I can use in an extract recipe. What can I use to replace it? And what would replace flaked barley?
  15. D

    High Gravity Stout Fermentation

    I brewed my own recipe that started with Northern Brewers Dragon's Silk extract kit as the base recipe. (See recipe here: https://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/beerkits/DragonsSilk.pdf) My intention was to add lactose, bourbon soaked vanilla beans cocoa nibs and medium toast oak cubes to...
  16. F

    Steeping Grains

    What have you guys found as the best method for steeping grains? Most recipes just say "until it hits 170 degrees" but I feel like that has to be a sloppy way of doing it.
  17. frenchoaktv

    TV Segment on an Extract Hefeweizen Home Brew

    Great segment on how to home brew a Hefeweizen from an extract. It provides a step-by-step approach to brewing from the initial boil to bottling and capping. For beginner home brewers, this is an EXCELLENT segment to watch as JC provides a great deal of expertise and delivers the...
  18. H

    My can seems swollen...

    In cleaning out my late father's house, we came across a GW Kent Personal Brewery, still in the box, with a can of Mahogany Coast Canadian Ale extract. I wonder if I could make a batch for homebrew for dear old Dad, but would not want to call it Botulism Bitter. 1. I cannot find any date on...
  19. AnthonV78

    Question about wheat recipes

    I'm a looking to try a wheat recipe. Some recipes I've looked at use all wheat extract while others use 50/50 wheat/barley. What's the effect on the taste between the two?
  20. F

    Wort queries

    Hi all A couple of basic extract questions: 1. What is the difference between boiling the extract for 60 and 90 minutes? 2. Some recipes call for addition of part of the extract midway through the boil. I have been adding everything at the beginning and boiling for 60 minutes. How does the...