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  1. MilperoGuero

    To skip or not to skip secondary fermentation

    I'm brewing a chocolate milk stout (from extract) as my second homebrew. The recipe that I have calls for primary fermentation of 7-10 days followed by a secondary fermentation for 2 weeks before bottling. However, I see lots of dissent about secondary fermentation with many people arguing...
  2. Lilum

    Batch Sparge Mash vs. Triple Decoction?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Lemme give a little backstory first. Until 3 months ago, I was living in Germany as an au pair, which gave me an opportunity to try many different incredible beers. During my stay, my all time favorite was by far the Füchschen Alt, or Altbier...
  3. M

    Hazelnut extract options?

    Fall is coming!!! I'm looking to make a Hazelnut Brown Ale, but almost every Hazelnut extract I come across has terrible reviews. Can anyone recommend a brand/amount to use? I've used vanilla extract many times, but I don't know if the two are comparable in the amount used. As always, thank you!
  4. V

    Adding Body But Not Color

    I am tweaking a DIPA (NEIPA style) recipe and really looking to stay as close to straw yellow as possible but can't seem to do so with my steeping grains. Currently my bill is: 6 lb Pilsner DME 1 lb Bavarian Wheat DME 1.5 lb Flaked Oats 0.5 lb Carapils 0.2 lb Crystal 20 I am getting 5 SRM on...
  5. C

    Accidentally recorded OG before adding water to batch...any equation to figure out OG with water?

    I made a hopslam clone about 2 weeks ago, and I took a reading of it with my hydrometer and it came out to 1.130 which was insanely high but for some reason I just went with it. It didn't occur to me until a week later that I didn't record it after I had taken the 3.5 gallons I brewed and added...
  6. J

    Whirlflic and late addition LME

    Hi all, I brew only extract beers. I've been wanting to withold extract and add it late to reduce darkening the wort. I also want to use Whirlfloc to help clear it. My question is two parts, really: I'm reading that "late" for a late addition is like 45 minutes into the boil. Is that right...
  7. jmgreen7

    Miscalculated DME quantities, now OG is way too low

    All, I totally brainfarted when making a 10-gallon extract gose. I added 6lbs mix of briess light, and bavarian. I measured out my gravity and wrote it down without actually paying attention to how low it is. i'm about a 1.5 weeks after brew day, and i haven't taken my FG yet, but is it too...
  8. V

    Boil Size

    So I have heard that full boils produce a better flavor for extract brews so I would like to give it a shot. As of right now for extract brews I am simply boiling half and topping with cold water (saves an a** ton of time). I typically do 4 gallon batches and ferment in corny kegs. Can I do a 4...
  9. tsholl

    Getting Bourbon Flavor Without Additional Alcohol?

    I am brewing "Dragon's Silk" from Northern Brewer. I brewed it before but it came out really flat, I think I killed all the yeast with the high alcohol; the beer itself was 9.7% and then the kit tells you to add the bourbon as well as the bourbon-soaked charred oak cubes. I did a quick...
  10. C

    How much water do you start with?

    I do extract brewing and make 5 gallon batches on average. I have a 10 gallon brew bucket with a thermometer built in, but it only reads if i can fill the bucket with around 4 gallons of water. In all my kits, they say to add 2.5 gallons of water and then add your grains, etc. Why only 2.5...
  11. R

    Question about Converting all Grain to Extract

    Hi Guys, Sorry, I'm brand new to brewing so this question is going to sound dumb. I've brewed 2 beers so far, both from kits. Both beers came out great, but I want to try something a bit more "craft". I've got a grain bill of: Pale Malt: 10lb Wheat Malt: 3lb 3oz The recipe that I am...
  12. bw7hb

    Recurring acetaldehyde problem with extract NEIPA brewed with S-04

    I'm trying to brew a NEIPA but I'm having issues with very strong acetaldehyde / green apple off flavor at bottling time and after a month of bottle conditioning. As I'm fairly new to home brewing I'm using all extract. The first beer I ever brewed was a pale ale and it worked out very well. I...
  13. J

    Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale) - 2nd generation = Big attenuation?

    I recently brewed an Irish Red Ale, OG 1.052 @ 7.5 gallons using Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale). Since I had a nice big yeast cake and was curious how this strain worked with hop flavors, I used 1/4 of the slurry to ferment 5 gallons of extract IPA. I used only Briess Pilsen Light LME + a 1/2 lb of...
  14. V

    Making Something With The "Left-Overs"

    Just for "fun" I am trying to see what I can make with leftover / donated ingredients I have. Right now I have: 1.5 lb of Bavarian Wheat DME 1 oz German Magnum 1 oz German Perle 1 oz UK Fuggle I also have US-05 and US-04 dry yeast around. So what can I make?!
  15. V

    Lazy NEIPA Recipe Question

    Riding the coat tails of a few 15 minute brews I have decided to give a NEIPA a try under the same concept and would like some feed back on the process, my biggest question is how / when to incorporate flaked oats into the process. Please let me know if the grain bill is to much as well...
  16. O

    Oats in extract brew?

    Hi all, Attempting my second ever brew next weekend, so dont worry about feeling patronising when you answer! I'm going to be doing a malt extract ipa, and want to add some oats to give a creamier mouthfeel. I've had a look online in various places and still not sure exactly how this will work...
  17. V

    15 minute NEIPA

    Before any scoffs at the idea, I recently did the cream ale listed here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/brew-beer-hour-less.html and it came out GREAT. So begins my quest not to make the best NEIPA but a "good enough" one under the same concept. I have no idea where to start though and am...
  18. Dice_Boken

    Underestimated How Much Extract I’d Need

    I underestimated how much malt extract I’d need for a 5 gallon batch. I had a 3.3 lb can of Munton’s light LME and a one pound bag of light DME. I figured I might be low so I added a half cup of sugar but I don’t think it will help much. According to what I’ve looked at online I’m looking at...
  19. S

    Grainfater Extract Kettle Sour.

    (Not sure if this should be posted in the Grainfater, Sour or Extract forum. Feel free to move it if you think it fits somewhere else.) I made my first sour a few months back after about 4 years of brewing. The goal was to make a sour that was * Eeasy drinking * Somewhat low ABV * Not overly...
  20. N

    How many of you do short boils?

    Curious how many others do short boils and what your experiences have been? I recently tried a 30 min boil and I have to say its pretty damn sweet to knock off a half hour. According to beersmith my hop utilization wasnt that greatly impacted. Samples would indicate thats likely true. Are there...