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  1. alliloop

    To extract or not to extract?

    Hi all, Ok, so I'm a big fan of Abita's Purple Haze, so of course it was only a matter of time before I went for a raspberry wheat kit. (I'm still new at this.) I should have come on here sooner to read up on what all of you have to say, but... I didn't. So, here I am asking this: I'm a...
  2. JedSmithBrewery

    Good Extract Stout Recipe

    Hey Guys, I hope to do my first beer as soon as my primary clears up. I really want to do an Irish Stout because I love Guinness but would rather stay all extract if possible because this is my first beer. I see that a lot of the recipes call for oats and other grains that need mashing, is...
  3. oneawesomeguy

    Adding Extract at the End of the Boil?

    I have been hearing on here that I should add malt extract at the end of the boil (at around 15 min to sterilize). I am confused by this as most videos and information I have read have always said to add the malt extract right at the beginning of the boil (right after steeping any specialty...
  4. danapellerin

    New brewer, first batch! Question.....

    Alright folks, I decided to take the plunge and get into the home brewing hobby. I decided to start simple so I bought a Munton's IPA Bitter extract kit, followed the directions, and today cracked the first one open and gave it a taste. I think it came out alright.... it's the right color...