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  1. BryggAnton

    Adding Dextrin during fermentation

    Hi folks! I'm 1 week in to the fermentation on my big extract stout. And now i wounder if i can add some dextrin directly in to my fermentation vessel, or is it too late? I'm planning on kegging it in 2-3weeks from now.
  2. B

    How to Brew beer in an hour (or less)

    Let’s face it, most of us have jobs and other obligations that can sometimes make it hard to find the time to brew. So, brewing usually happens on the weekends. But what happens when life gets in the way, weekends fill up, but you still want to brew beer? Here’s a method to simplify the brewing...
  3. J

    Which is Right for You? BIAB or Extract

    Extract brewing can be achieved in a smaller kettle, and only steeping grains for color and flavor are needed (in addition to your malt extract). I’ve been brewing now for what I consider some time--around 2 years--but I’ve done many batches. I believe that’s where the experience comes and not...
  4. K

    Newbie Brewing - Getting Started

    I got started with home brewing like many others had, with small Mr. Beer kits, and moved on from there. Many think that brewing is expensive and simply not worth the time compared to simply buying from a store. My first 6 batches from Mr. Beer cost me roughly $45; let me see you get 6 cases of...
  5. J

    Brewing on the Edge of the World: Canada's Arctic - Part II

    NOTE: This is the second part of a two-part article. The first part can be found here: Brewing on the Edge of the World: Canada's Arctic - Part I Now, I will cover my brewing practices, as made necessary by my environment. But first, a few notes on that environment. Igloolik Reservoir Pump...
  6. K

    Newbie Brewing

    Before I bought my first Mr. Beer kit, homebrewing was not something I had given much thought to. I mean, I drank in my younger days, but not after I got married. I enjoyed a nice cocktail every once in a while, but rarely did I ever drink beer. This was mostly because I knew nothing of craft...
  7. N

    To The New Brewer - Extract Or All Grain

    To the New Brewer - Should I Start with Extract Kits, or Turn it up to 11 with All-Grain Brewing? "Nick, I know you're pretty new to brewing. It looks like fun, it's something I'm looking to get into - and I'm wondering: should I start with extract kits, or jump right into purchasing the...
  8. M

    Ninkasi: The Most Forgiving Goddess

    No, I'm not talking about the Eugene, Oregon-based brewery, though they do make some fine beers. I'm talking about the Sumerian goddess of brewing; the oldest brewing deity known to historians. The Sumerians took their brewing seriously. Depictions of beer and even recipes occur in their artwork...
  9. A

    Small And Cheap Steps

    Like many, I started my brewing hobby using extract kits. I started when I hit the legal age (18 in the UK) and made it an annual tradition to brew a Christmas beer. I had an old jam making pot (about 7 pints), a fermenting bin and a pressure barrel, all of which were acquired off my dad. He...
  10. J

    Simple Homebrewing Techniques

    So far in my homebrewing journey, I have explored the three simplest levels of homebrewing. All have used malt extracts rather than mashed grains (mashing is the process of converting the starch in the grains to sugars). "Malt extract" is wort (unfermented beer) from grain that has already been...
  11. D

    Mr. Beer to Mr. Ribbon

    Mr. Beer to Mr. Ribbon The brewing community is well known as an accepting and receptive group of people, especially when it comes to new brewers. Unfortunately, some brewers feel stigmatized by the community based on how they get started with the hobby. If someone tells me that they just...
  12. B

    Recipe Numbers Not Adding Up: 5 Common Causes

    Ever find a great looking recipe - on a website, in a book, or elsewhere plug it into your brewing software - and the numbers just don't add up? I'm specifically talking about the IBUs and the specific gravity. It can be frustrating! Here are the main reasons why that happens: (Note: I've...
  13. J

    It's Easy to Make a Killer IPA

    First I would like to give you a little background about myself. I have been brewing beer for only about a year now and it's been all extract and mainly kit beers. I recently bought a new kettle and some other equipment so I'm moving to all grain BIAB. I gave up bottling several months ago and...
  14. T

    Looking to brew a Pilsner... do I need to cold crash?

    Hi all, I am attempting to rekindle my home brewing hobby after a year long hiatus due to work and life in general! If I'm pulling away any positives from the current state of affairs in the world, its that it will give me more time to home-brew! I have only done about 4 brews now, so I am...
  15. R

    Better mouth feel for Coopers or Muntons kits?

    Hello all and thanks in advance for any advice you can contribute I've been brewing for about a year and a half now and am always slightly disappointed with the mouth feel my brews produce. For awhile I was making blondes but have switched up to doing more ales. Does anyone have any advise on...
  16. dmtaylor

    Gruit = LME!? and nothing to do with herbs!?

    CAUTION: This is NOT a thread about beer with herbs as you probably expect. Beers with herbs are great; I enjoy many of them very much. But, that's NOT necessarily the topic here. If intrigued, read on. If not, you can back out now before you fall down this rabbit hole. -- One beer...
  17. Gingerbeardman

    Mangrove Jack Traditional Kit

    Hey, I have recently brewed a Mangrove Jack Lucky Goat Pale Ale (used DME instead of dextroxe, and dry hopped) it turned out quite good, so I thought I would try brewing the Lucid Pils. The instructions say to ferment at 20-25C which is the same instructions for the Pale Ale. This seems quite...
  18. EnglishAndy

    Brewing with flaked corn (maize). Efficiency?

    I'm planning a light lager recipe that's going to have around 20% Crisp flaked, torrefied maize. Looking at the datasheet I can see it has a high extract potential - 86.5% equates to 1.040 in Beersmith. This is higher than base malt. The thing is, the Brulosophy folks (link) tried brewing with...
  19. Jonnynz

    Forgot to mix brew extract in boiling water..

    Hey guys, Just made an extract brew (mangrove Jack's craft series single hop simcoe IPA, if you fancy looking it up) and I am concerned I've stuffed it up.. First I put 3 litres of boiling water into fermenter. Then added the mangrove syrup extract to that water. Then added the dextrose. And...
  20. simmus

    Hoppy Water Beverage - Doing it the pro way?

    Hello everybody. Just trying to make a shelf stable fizzy hop water for events where alcohol is frowned upon (and to save money!). Hope you guys can help! Reading a ton of blogs about how to make this, mainly these articles (not exhaustive) help give an idea about how to make this stuff at...