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Jul 11, 2015
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(Not sure if this should be posted in the Grainfater, Sour or Extract forum. Feel free to move it if you think it fits somewhere else.)

I made my first sour a few months back after about 4 years of brewing.

The goal was to make a sour that was
* Eeasy drinking
* Somewhat low ABV
* Not overly sour

I used:
* Grainfather
* 18 litres of water (about 5gallon)
* 2kg Extra Light DME
* 6g Citrc Acid
* 3g CaSO4
* 25g Cascade (about 1oz)
* 25g Wakatu
* 25g Cascade (dry hop)
* 25g Wakatu (dry hop)
* 2.g Lallemand Wild Sour Pitch
* 10g Crossmyloof California Commoon yeast
* 10g Crossmyloof Kölsch yeast

Not everything went according to plan but here is what I did
Heated the water to about 90*C and added the DME, the Citric acid and the CaSO4.
Circulated through the counter flow chiller back in to GF and cooled to 35*C. PH about 4.85.
Pitched the Lallamand Sour Pitch, flushed the GF with CO2 and put cling wrap at the top.

- Here I set the temp on the GF to 35*C but forgot to put the heat switch on. -

24 hours later I noticed that I forgot the switch and turned it on, it was now 25*C.. I did 1*C increments to not heat it to much and fast.

48 hourslater it was at 3.55PH and it tasted nice.
I put the heat to 90*C and then did a whirlpool for 30 min with the hops without heat and cooled it at the same time down to 70*C during the WP.
Cooled it to 20*C and pitch the yeast + dry hop and fermented it at the same temperature. I used 2 pouches of yeast just to be on the safe side.
Even though it didnt go exactly like planed the end result was everything I wanted. It has a nice sour but not too much. I have no problem drinking 2-3 in a row during the hot day.