Fine-Tuning The Cream Ale

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Jul 31, 2010
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New Hampshire
I've just brewed and tapped an attempted Spotted Cow clone - it's a very good cream-ale, but it's not a Spotted Cow. I agree that the recipe was changed circa 2015 to remove the corn, and the best evidence is that the malt bill is some combination of pilsner malt, flaked white wheat, caramel malt.

The label says "Spotted Cow adheres to the Reinheitsgebot purity law using only four hand selected all natural ingredients - yeast, hops, water, and malted barley"

So he's lying either in the interview or on the label about the presence of wheat malt, but the haze leads me to believe it's in there and the label is wrong.

The Wyeast 2565 in my recipe was dead-on, so that's the one element I'm going to keep for the re-brew. My first attempt was:

55% 2-row
18% Vienna malt
5% flaked barley
18% corn
3% Crystal 20L

18 IBU Hallertauer @ 30 mins
1 IBU Hallertauer @ 5 mins

Wyeast 2565 Kolsch @ 66F

I'm going to keep this recipe as a great cream ale, but split off a second variant to try to get closer to the current recipe. Any idea on what the brewer might be using for "low-protein malt"? Also what proportion of flaked white wheat?
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