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  1. J

    BeerSmith water profile

    Hey Folks. I‘m still kind of new to BeerSmith. I’m working on a cream ale receipt. Using distilled water water as my water profile which target profile would be best for a cream ale?

    Cream Ale Thoughts....

    Good day beer people. I have come up with the following 'recipe' for a 1 gallon experimental batch: Grains (amounts for 1 gallon batch): Corn - Yellow, Flaked Briess (4.8 oz/gallon) Pilsen Malt 2-Row Briess (3.2oz/gallon) Vienna Malt Weyermann (1.6oz/gallon) Caramel Malt - 20L Briess...
  3. S

    Teamaker Hops

    Has anyone ever used Teamaker Hops before in home-brewing? I just put a 4-Gallon batch of a Cream Ale using small amounts of Centennial and Teamaker @ 60 minutes, small amount of Teamaker @ 30 minutes and another amount of Teamaker @ 10 minutes. All dried whole leaf hops. I know 4 gallons is...
  4. KeizerBrewr

    Tommy Cream Ale question

    So after lurking and researching yeasts for a good cream ale, I decided to tilt the idea on it's head and try WLP005 instead of US-05 or 1056. I've had many cream ales and wanted to try something a bit different. I used the Northern Brewer Cream Ale kit for reference. Has anyone else tried an...
  5. L

    Thoughts on using vanilla extract for cream ale?

    Hi all, I am trying to brew a vanilla orange cream ale, and found that adding vanilla beans (3 total) at flameout with a (30 minute steep) resulted in virtually no flavor, aroma, or even notes. Next time I am planning on using vanilla extract but wasn’t sure how much to add. Obviously this...
  6. PCatsoulis

    Fine-Tuning The Cream Ale

    Hey folks, for my next brew I want to do a simple cream ale. While there are plenty of recipes and really only a few simple rules to follow when making one, I wanna see if anyone can help build some input as to what I can do to really make my homebrew variant a consistent, go to beer for the...
  7. H

    Using fruit in beer

    I made a cream ale recently and when ready I'll split into 3 smaller secondary containers and plan to add fruit. Peaches, raspberries and blueberries, all fresh from the tree/vine! I tried raspberries once last year and they watered down the porter significantly. What tips do y'all have on...
  8. Crushdaley

    Lawnmower beer

    Hint: Copy & Paste this entire email to your favorite spreadsheet Basic Information Batch Name: Lawnmower beer Brewed By: Eddie Style: Cream Ale Batch Size: 10.00 gal Boil Time: 60 min Initial Boil Volume: 10.9 gal Mash Method: All Grain Brew Date: 4/19/18 My Rating: 0/10 Typical Style...
  9. seatazzz

    Critique my partigyle idea....please.

    So I'm sitting here thinking. I know I can brew up a batch of something today by spending about $20 on grain. But...if I spend $30 I can do two batches, if I partigyle. I've never done one at home before, but I think I have a good recipe below to do a DIPA and a cream ale as the partigyle...
  10. wulfsburg

    Newbie here, experimenting. Input needed

    I am doing the following recipe .75 lb Garmbrinus Honey Malt .25 lb Dingemans Biscuit 6 lbs Pilsen malt syrup 1 oz cluster hops It is currently in my primary. I am thinking of racking into a secondary with 5 lbs of pasteurized strawberries. Would this be a good combination to...
  11. IncredibleMulk

    Incredible Mulk's American Cream Ale

    5.5 lbs Extra Pale Liquid Extract 1 lbs 6 Row 1 lbs CaraPils .5 lbs Corn (Flaked) 1 oz. Hallertauer Hersbrucker (60 min) 1 oz. Cascade (10 min) 1 oz. Williamette (2 min) Wyeast 1056 American Ale Mash the grains for 45 min at 152 degrees and sparge with 3 quarts of 170 degree water...
  12. W

    Stella Artois clone with ale yeast

    I'm just about ready to brew my fifth batch of beer and need a little advice from some experienced brewers. My last batch was a cream ale partial mash that I really enjoyed. Next I would like to try something roughly along the lines of a Stella Artois clone, however I don't have the...