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  1. B

    Style suggestions for Hallertau Mittelfrüh

    Hello and thank you all again for reading my post and for the suggestions. This is my first time growing hops and the little flowers are just starting to form. I was wondering if anyone had any ale style suggestions I could utilize my Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops with. I’m not expecting a large...
  2. BryggAnton

    Grassy bitterness in IPA

    So i just keged and carbonated my first own written recipe. I was looking for a fruity hop forward but still bitter Westcoast IPA. And now I have actually tasted the beer, it's just as bitter as I wanted it to be. But i get a grassy type of bitter taste to the beer and a really small almost not...
  3. #p3brews

    Dry Hopping into Corny?

    I have 4.5 gallons of some American Ale i want to add some fresh mosaic hops into. OG 1.058 It began bubbling yesterday with Nottingham yeast and seems to be happy. It had Mosaic hop pellet additions at 6m but i want to add these fresh hops so I'm thinking of upon transfer of fermented wort into...
  4. RogerMcAllen

    Illinois Free Hops Crowns - St. Charles, IL pickup only

    Free CTZ and Chinook crowns (yes you read that right, the full crowns) for pickup only in St. Charles, IL. The crowns were originally from Great Lakes Hops planted about 5 years ago. I started with 3 crowns of each, but once I dig them out I'm betting there will over a dozen good cuttings...
  5. P

    First custom recipe - Pale Ale...thoughts?

    Hello, I just started home brewing with craftabrew recipe kits but I haven’t found what I’m looking for in a beer. My favorite beer I’ve had so far has been Buoy’s Pale Ale from Astoria, Oregon and so I’ve done a lot of research into making my own first recipe. Before I begin buying...
  6. marlinmatt

    For Sale Hops lots of Hops

    A variety of Hops. Various producers. Stored frozen, mostly nitro packed. Should be no or very slight reduction in potency. US Golding 2 X 1 lb pack Mt. Hood. 1\2 lb Magnum. 5 X 1\2 lb packs Ekuanot. 5 lb pack Centennial. 2 X 1lb pack Galaxy. 5 X 1 lb...
  7. nreed

    At what point do hoppy beers start to have oxidation issues?

    Hi, Just getting into brewing and playing around with recipes etc making small 7.5l batches. I've read a lot about beers with higher hop contents having oxidation issues like NEIPAs, I'm just wondering at what level of hops to I need to worry about this? I'm currently mashing ready for a...
  8. N

    Sterling alpha acid

    I wanted to get some opinions on this. I recently ordered some hops Yakima Valley Hops. Good folks. I've gotten hops there before. One of the packets didn't come with the sticker saying what it was and the alpha acid. I figured out that it was Sterling but I didn't know the AA so I...
  9. Dem Castles

    Dry hop selection

    Looking to dry hop for the first time, I'm looking for something to blend well with the whirlpool hops (see recipe at the bottom) I'm thinking maybe 1-3 oz of either; El Dorado CTZ Waimea Pacific Jade Rakau Azacca Below is the recipe for an IPA, Malts (15 lb 15 oz) 9 lb — Simpsons Pale...
  10. BryggAnton

    How to use a hop spider & hops in my fermenter

    Hi folks! Yesterday I finished my first ever grain batch of beer. Brew day went well, som smaller issues but overall all went well. Scroll down to the bottom for the actual question. I used the BIAB method and for the hops I used a 300 micron hop spider. At flame out I was supposed to add...
  11. 2row

    Michigan Anyone try hops from Blue Lake Hops in Michigan?

    Does anyone have experience using hops from Blue Lake Hops in west Michigan? Looks like their process is to freeze and vacuum pack fresh hops from the bine with no drying or additional processing. I'm interested to learn more about how they perform in a brew day and resulting beer. THE BLUE...
  12. B

    Black IPA Hops

    Hello, I'm adjusting my black IPA recipe. I went with Perle for bittering and Provoak last time around for flavour and aroma. At first the Provoak USA came out nicely but then just became overwhelmed by the Perle with IBUs at over 70. So, I'm going to change things around, mix it up quite a lot...
  13. EdWort

    Second try at hops

    Howdy, It's been a long time since I've posted and this year I've decided to give hops another try in central Texas. This time, it was 4 Cascade rhizomes, but planted in a large deep water trough using the same setup for the twine for the hop bines to climb. So far so good. One has reached...
  14. Nozomu

    Citra Amarillo Motueka Ratio for Neipa

    Thinking of doing a neipa with Citra, Amairllo and Motueka, can anyone give me some idea of what sort of ratio i should go with? Cheers
  15. B

    Black IPA Dark Fruit Hops

    Hi everyone, I'd be grateful on your thoughts on this as I'm still relatively new and I don't want to commit any obvious shockers. Cheers in advance: Golden Promise: 71% Munich: 12% Carafa Special III: 9% Caramunich III: 8% Hops I'm currently thinking: Tettnang as bittering hop with a bit of...
  16. Aróchito

    Dry hopping cider with Saaz hop Pellets

    Hey folks, does anyone have experience dry hopping cider with Saaz hops? thanks
  17. E

    Growing Hops: Soil Preparation & Composting With Spent Grains

    Before long, any homebrewer with a little yard space is going to start eyeing up the corners of his or her yard and thinking about where to plant some hops. We encourage that urge! As we’ve touched on before, gardening for your homebrew is a great extension of the hobby, and even with a plant as...
  18. M

    Hop Options for the Adventurous Brewer

    Whether you love the bitter fruit and flower flavors of the American Cascade hop, the double bitterness punch of Centennial, or the herbal, piney goodness of Northern Brewer, hop-heads around the world have plenty of options when it comes to their favorite flowers. Most novice brewers are...
  19. E

    Growing Hops With Limited Space

    There are few things in the homebrew world as enjoyable as growing your own hops. Being able to craft a killer pale ale or IPA with hops you grew yourself is not only fun; it’s one of brewing’s most enjoyable bragging points (and let’s be honest, we all like a small brag now and then)...
  20. D

    Be a Better Brewer: Get SMaSH'd On Brew Day

    There’s an easy and delicious way to improve your beer creation skills. Just get "SMaSH’d" on brew day. Not smashed as in “drink a beer make a beer,” but SMaSH’d as in brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers. Brewing SMaSH beers dials you directly in to the abundantly flavorful and educational...