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  1. S

    Sparkling Mojito Wine Kilju Recipe ver 1.0

    Hi guys. I want to make Mojito sparkling Wine/Kilju using mint leaves and lime(s). I want original gravity to be 1.110 to yield 12-14% ABV. At the end i will make it sparkling wine and bottle it. How much sugar in grams/oz/lbs would i need to achive this in 1gal of water? I've tried formula...
  2. TheOriginalDBS

    Oatwine Recipe

    Hey folks, looking for feedback on a 4.5 gal BIAB (all grain) oatwine recipe. Percentages are as I’ve plugged them into Beersmith. OG 1.099 Est FG 1.019 Est IBU 34.8 Bitterness ratio 0.352 Single infusion mash 149°F for 90 minutes 41.2% Riverbend Streaker Naked Malted Oats 35.3% Rabbit Hill...
  3. parks1031

    Brown Ale Recipe Scaled Down

    I am new to brewing, only brewed three batches of mead and want to branch out and try beer. I found a recipe for a brown ale that I am really interested in trying out. The recipe is: 5.5 G batch, mash @ 152* for 60 min Grains 6.5# 2 row 3# rye malt 2# biscuit .75# chocolate malt 350L .5# C60...
  4. parks1031

    Cyser First Attempt

    Like the title says! Had a buddy buy some top notch cider from a farm in Maryland and found some orange blossom honey at a farmers market. Making a 1.5 gal batch with a starting gravity of 1.07 and used Lalvin 71b for the yeast. Going to use the TOSNA 2.0 calculator for nutrients (.9g of...
  5. BrewFinn

    Smoky dark beer recommendation?

    Hi. I want to make a porter or stout (or similar dark beer) with a heavy taste of smoke. A couple of years ago i tried a beer called Dunkle Macht by Landgang Brauerei in Hamburg, and I really enjoyed the combination of a dark porter and lots of smoke. (1000 Getraenke | Biertest - Landgang Dunkle...
  6. M

    Stroopwafels in secondary

    I was planning on doing a dragons milk reserve replica, and was wondering what you guys thought about putting stoopwaffels in the secondary. If so any ideas on cooking them?
  7. AntDoctor

    Help with last-minute wedding beer recipe: I have too many hops!

    I am getting married in three weeks, and I just now decided I want to serve a homebrewed beer at the reception. We already will have a keg of my sparkling hydromel (session mead), bottles of my blueberry wine at the tables, and a cooler of miscellaneous commercial beers. However, I have two more...
  8. jayjay

    Looking for a good barleywine recipe

    Hi guys So i wanna make my first barleywine, however after browsing the internet it seems to me that there are very few recipes with good brewer feedback. My plan is to make it on my 40l system (is this big enough for a 5 gal batch?), ferment it, and then mature it in kegs on bourbon soaked...
  9. MrKloot

    How about this?

    I'm planning on making a white IPA infused with brambles and clove. This is a concept of my recipe, what do you guys think about it? ingredients: 1000 grams of dingemans pale ale malt 300 grams of dingemans pilsen malt 20 grams of saaz hops (flowers) 2.6 grams of safbrew specialty ale yeast...
  10. luis.salas

    Ideas on a 100% Brett project

    Hi, I made my first 100% beer, a Farmhouse ale inspired in this recipe. I'm planning to bottle next week, so I'll have a nice yeast cake fresh to use (I know there are discussions about this, but I've done it many times always succesfully). I guess the brett strain is B. claussenii, due to the...
  11. BryggAnton

    Grassy bitterness in IPA

    So i just keged and carbonated my first own written recipe. I was looking for a fruity hop forward but still bitter Westcoast IPA. And now I have actually tasted the beer, it's just as bitter as I wanted it to be. But i get a grassy type of bitter taste to the beer and a really small almost not...
  12. Psilocybe

    Yerba Mate Metheglin!

    A yerba mate infusion I made after a few tries: Yerba Mate Metheglyn (1 Gallon) First I boiled around 1/3 gallon of water, removed from heat, then added 3/4 cup of yerba mate and let steep for 10 minutes. Then I added 3 lbs of local raw wildflower honey and 1/2 tsp of yeast nutrient to a 1...
  13. C

    Looking for Dragonfruit IPA recipe (Pure Brewing Prroject - #ISO)

    Hey all, a couple of things as I am new to brewing. I just finished a successful clone of Treehouse’s Julius and am working on my next batch. I want to clone #iSO from Pure which is probably my favorite brew and it’s few and far between as well since I live on the east coast. I have reached...
  14. Pacheco

    I made a tool to help simplify buying ingredients for home brewing

    I posted this on Reddit a couple days ago but wanted to share here as well. Last year was my first year home brewing and I calculated that I spent far too much money than I should have. Most of my spending was on equipment but I wasn’t exactly efficiently purchasing ingredients either. This...
  15. S

    Sierra Nevada’s “Skiesta” Clone??

    Anyone attempted a clone of SN’s Bavarian Lager “Skiesta”? It’s one of my favorite beers by them but it’s all but vanished this year. Wondering if anyone produced a recipe close to it? Sierra’s site claims they used: - Pilsner, Acid, Munich, Biscuit malts - Magnum, Spalt, Tradition hops -...
  16. Simcoepirate

    Hoppy Pils - But Which Hops?

    Hi All, I’m looking to brew a hoppy pilsner soon, aiming for around 35 IBU and utilising a subtle whirlpool and dry hop. 5 gallon batch, looking to use up some hops I have on hand, just not sure which ones... I have: 100g/3.5oz German Perle (fresh pack) 75g/2.6oz Mandarina Barvaria 75g/2.6oz...
  17. P

    Old Celtic Stout Recipe

    I apologize ahead for the not so detailed recipe, but Ive got a nice recipe for a different kind of stout that I'm still dialing in, but love results so far. Let me know what you think! This is just a 1 gallon recipe at the moment. Malts 2lbs 6oz Golden Promise 4oz Flaked Oats 2oz Peated...
  18. S

    Mead on apple base recipe question?

    Good morning guys. I bought 365 Whole foods brand apple juice, 2 gallons. I have 5 lbs of honey. So i guess it will be 2.5 lbs of honey/gallon? + apple juice. I will have hydrometer by then. I would like to make mead from that base. Any good mead/cyser recipe you can recommend for me? I also...
  19. C

    Citra/Cascade APA recipe critique

    Doing my second all grain batch and decided to try to come up with a recipe myself. Needless to say, I haven't been decisive about any part of it. I'm shooting for a crisp, easy drinking APA, perfect for a hot September! OG: 1.053 FG: 1.011 IBU: 39 ABV: 5.5% Grain: 9.2 lbs (77%) American 2-row...
  20. jayjay

    Looking for some good Kveik Recipes

    Hi all I am quite new to homebrewing and have recently started looking into the kveik yeast strains which seem quite interesting, and seems like they would work well in the current summer heat. As such i would like to try some recipes utilizing this yeast, however i am having a hard time...