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  1. DanInSydney

    When & how to hop?

    I’m new to brewing and have just finished my first batch of Original Bitter, which turned out a treat! Next up is a Newcy Brown Ale, using liquid extract again. I want to try hopping this time and have some fuggles: 1. Should I dry hop or make a hop tea? 2. When should I add the hops? Thanks! Dan
  2. C

    Thick foam from the hops - Is this normal and how do i siphon?

    Hi all, I am making an APA from a beer kit. The wort has been brewing for around 2 weeks. I added my pack of hops 2 days ago and they seem to have separated to form a thick green sludge on the top of the beer. Is this normal? How should i go about siphoning it off without getting this layer...
  3. Wreck99

    Charlotte Area (Rock Hill, SC - Carolina Brew Supply) Grain Buy #2

    Partnering with Anthony at Carolina Brew Supply again for Charlotte Area's Group Buy #2! The first one was very successful and we want to thank everyone who participated for your support. This time we had to adjust the prices a little to account for the LHBS's shipping costs and taxes...
  4. B

    Cryo Hop Pellets For Sale!!

    I got hooked up last year by a buddy of mine that's in the industry that got me a ton of the YCH Cryo LupulN2 hops at cost. I definitely over estimated how much I could brew this last year, had a new baby, work got crazier... you know the drill. Anyway I want to sell them while they are still...
  5. Ron C

    Anyone ever hear rumors that hop suppliers will falsely label hops?

    In one of my local homebrew supply stores a few months back, someone had mentioned a rumor that some online outlets for hops will sell less popular hops as a different hop. Popular hops will sell out quick, and they'll just relabel other hops and keep selling them. Cut to yesterday, we're...
  6. N

    Overboiling and hop leavings

    Greetings! I just finished my second batch of beer. And it would seem I am repeating the mistakes I made the first time. I should add that I am doing one gallon recipes only for now. That is what my equipment will handle (possibly two gallons if I push it) and my stove can heat. And I want...
  7. T

    Dry Hopping Cylinder Busted into Keg

    I am trying to see what's the best way to get my beer out the tank. Briefly, I keg and when I dry hop i use a stainless still mesh cylinder to put my dryhops. Did this for a long time and all works great however I think in this particular keg the cap came out and the dry hope blocks the in...
  8. simmus

    Hoppy Water Beverage - Doing it the pro way?

    Hello everybody. Just trying to make a shelf stable fizzy hop water for events where alcohol is frowned upon (and to save money!). Hope you guys can help! Reading a ton of blogs about how to make this, mainly these articles (not exhaustive) help give an idea about how to make this stuff at...
  9. 8

    How long do hops keep

    So, I done a stupid and put my hops in the fridge instead of the freezer after getting home from the homebrew shop. I put them in the freezer after about 5 days but I'm not convinced they're still good. I've got 3 oz. of pellet hops in non vacuum sealed bags (my local shop sells them in bulk in...
  10. S

    Scaling Down Hops in Recipes

    We've got several 31 gallon beer recipes and we would like to scale them down for our setup - which produces about 11 gallons of fermentable wort. I've searched this site for information on scaling and learned that the hops schedule does not scale in a linear fashion. We know we can plug the...
  11. devils4ever

    Need more bitterness....

    I brewed an Oktoberfest this weekend using Beersmith 3. It assumes a certain alpha content. When I went to add the hops, I realized the alpha content was vastly different than what the software assumed. 3.8% vs 5.0% and 1.8% vs 4.5%!!! I usually check this before brewing, but I messed up and...
  12. T

    Storing & Using Wild Hops

    Hi again everyone! At my summer job I found a hops plant that nobody seems to need, so I figured I'd give harvesting and using the hops a go! The cones feel papery and have yellow lupulin visible just under the topmost leaf, so I figure they're ready to take. What's the best way to dry and...
  13. snarf7

    Dry hop choice for a maltier IPA

    This is for a slightly non-traditional American IPA. I'm looking to create an ambery slightly malty profile so my grain bill is 7lbs 2-row 5 lbs light munich 0.5 lbs of biscuit malt 0.5 lbs carapils 0.25 lbs Crystal 120L 1 oz chocolate malt (for color) I used 15g Summit for my bittering @ 60...
  14. snarf7

    Mid and late hop additions - how much flavor vs bitterness?

    OK, so I've had good success using high AA hop choices @ 60mins (Summit, Magnum, Simocoe) and then saving my more typical flavor hops for late in the boil or after flameout (Citra, Cascade, Wilamette, etc) but is there any science to this? Like how much flavor am I getting @ 30min? 20min? 10min...
  15. D

    Check out the massive roots on my hops grown in just water

    Second video out in my mini-series about growing hydroponic hops. Growing without soil in water. Check out the roots so far!!!
  16. blackelbow

    Pahto Hops

    Has anyone out there used Pahto hops (also known as HBC 682) for anything? I just got 2 oz of Pahto pellets (16.5% alpha acid) to play with. The interwebs describes them as neutral/clean when used for bittering, with an herbal, earthy, and floral aroma. I'm thinking of throwing the whole 2 oz...
  17. snarf7

    Hop Tea - optimal temperature?

    I love dry hopping but I hate a lot of the crap that goes along with it. Some folks I've chatted with have had success steeping a hop tea and then adding to the secondary or keg when racking. Anyone use this technique regularly? What temperature do you target? I know for whirlpool I typically...
  18. O

    Hops profile falling flat

    Hi All, I typically purchase hops a pound at a time and usually a year old to get a bargain. Therefore the bulk of my hops are from 2017 and even a few from 2016. When I open the hops I break them down in 1 ounce bags that are vacuumed sealed. Needless to say I like making NIEPAs with the...
  19. J

    Cider with Hops, Sterilize the hops?

    If I wanted to do a cider with Hops that I had grown and dry hopping on a second brew would I need to do something to the hops to sterilize it? My plan was to put the hops in and just let them float for several days.
  20. C

    I used 2oz of 10+% AA hops in the boil and my beer is NOT bitter - Help?

    I have been having the same issue with my home brews from day one - almost Zero perceived hop bitterness. I have tried boiling longer, harder, cooler, shorter, dry hop, whirlpool, you name in and still I sit here with a beer that is good but not great. I am finally of the opinion that my water...