How to use a hop spider & hops in my fermenter

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May 13, 2020
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Hi folks! Yesterday I finished my first ever grain batch of beer. Brew day went well, som smaller issues but overall all went well. Scroll down to the bottom for the actual question.

I used the BIAB method and for the hops I used a 300 micron hop spider. At flame out I was supposed to add 55grams (1,95oz) of hops. I did that aswell as submerged the wort chiller.

It was a this moment I realized that I haven't done my research properly. So I just went with it, I submerged the cooling spiral together with the hop spider. And wen I drained everything in to the fermenter I noticed it was alot of particles (probably mostly hops) int the bottom of the fermenter (yes I didn't remove the hopsider).

So the actual question: When should I remove the hop spider, especially when adding hops at flame out? And Should I be worried about the hop particles in the bottom of my fermenter (this is a low ABV beer and should ferment out in less then 2weeks) 1043 OG US-05 19,6C (67,28F)


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Jun 4, 2017
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You’re fine. Many people will boil hops with no filter at all and then dump the entire pot into the fermenter.

What I notice when using a filter is that a lot of liquid remains in the hops and doesn’t drain out. When you decide to transfer to fermenter, I’d suggest lifting the filter so that the liquid can drain out. Maybe don’t squeeze it with your hand if it’s already cooled. You can also just leave it in there like you did the whole time. It won’t harm a thing.