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  1. P

    Honey I'm home

    manuka lager: - a handful of fresh hops, 100 gr. manuka honey (mgo 260+) 1.7 kg malt extract 1 kg dextrose sugar 18 lt. purified (reverse osmosis) nz water 1 week first ferment. 5- 15 days bottled. Comes in around 7.2% a/bv. Very tasty.
  2. C

    Using (dried) Hop Cones for Decoration?

    Hi All - a friend gave me a giant 60oz Pint glass that I don't have much purpose for. I was thinking of making it into a decorative piece and filling it with different grains (like sand art) and/or Hop cones. I've been looking online and don't like the artificial ones I have found. I've read a...
  3. snarf7

    Hop selection for Saison

    I'm brewing a french saison this weekend and trying to figure out what I want to do with my hops. I'd like to stay at least semi-traditional but I don't have much in the way of noble hops on hand (a little bit of saaz but not enough for the full boil). I do have Mt Hood (a Hallertau descendent)...
  4. kh54s10

    Southern hops growers - heat tolerant hop varieties?

    I live in east coast central Florida. I am thinking of starting 2 or 3 varieties of hops. From those of you that have grown hops in a hot climate, what has worked? Which to avoid? I see that Cascade is heat and alkaline tolerant and one of my favorites so that might be one. Suggestions?
  5. tcox85

    How long do unmilled grains/vacuum sealed hops last?

    Long story short, there's an old brewery that closed down, and there are 55lb bags of unmilled malt and a few bags of vacuum sealed hops. I'm assuming they are no good, I think the brewery closed down in 2006, and these things were left behind, but just out of curiosity I wanted to know what...
  6. nagmay

    New hop varieties

    We may be entering a new renaissance when it comes to hop varieties! As many of you know, I have my own experimental breeding program going on - but, I'm also always interested to learn about any new hops entering the market. So, I thought I'd start up a thread to document new one as they...
  7. snarf7

    Mixing 2 batches - already kegged and carbed

    I did two batches of the same basic recipe, both dry hopped before I kegged. One the hops are coming thru aggresively, perhaps even a little too assertive for what I want but the other I'm getting very little hop aroma. I'm thinking that right in the middle might be close to what I want, I took...
  8. beervoid

    The mystery of Galaxy hops and harshness

    I've done my 6th brew with Galaxy. 3 beers with 2016 and 3 with 2017. Alle NEIPA style. 2017 was particularly bad for me. 5 beers where up to 3 oz of galaxy paired with either mosaic or citra or both. I tried one single hop Galaxy. All of the above where very harsh tasting. Even a 3 week...
  9. F

    NEIPA hops: Pellets VS Whole?

    Hi! When you guys brew NEIPA, do you use pellets or whole cones? If you want, you can specify "why" :)
  10. LloydGM

    Hops for Märzen?

    I have a good recipe for old Märzen which uses Saaz hops, but I think my IBU is a tad low (8-ish). I was thinking of maybe trying Hallertauer or Tettnanger this Christmas. Thoughts & opinions?
  11. piojo

    Can I pasteurize or sulfite a bottle-conditioned hopped drink?

    I dry-hopped a batch of mead, but the fermenter had way too much headspace. I only dry-hopped for a day and a half, then mixed with extra sugars and fresh yeast and bottled. There is way too much oxygen in the mead. This stuff will have little shelf life. I can feel carbonation after 18 hours...
  12. R

    Unusual hops?

    Hi all I need to buy a birthday present for my Dad, who is an avid home brewer. Was thinking of getting him a selection of rare/unusual/hard-to-find/exciting hops - but I have no idea what to get. Looking at a few of his recent beers, he has used apollo, cascade, citra, cashmere, mosaic...
  13. V

    Making Something With The "Left-Overs"

    Just for "fun" I am trying to see what I can make with leftover / donated ingredients I have. Right now I have: 1.5 lb of Bavarian Wheat DME 1 oz German Magnum 1 oz German Perle 1 oz UK Fuggle I also have US-05 and US-04 dry yeast around. So what can I make?!
  14. B

    lupulin pellets YCHHops

    Has anyone ever used lupulin pellets? How can I substitute them in my recepie? Can I assume 1oz of hop pellets is equivalent to .5oz of lupulin pellets?
  15. J

    Transplanting Rhizomes

    We just moved into a new house - not far from our old place in Upstate NY. I had some great success growing hops at my old place, and want to take the rhizomes with me. I dug up the root balls and now I'm wondering what to do until spring. Should i just get them in the ground, despite the fact...
  16. Nate R

    Can you add bittering hops in a secondary?

    Hello all. Have a batch that is a touch on the sweet side. (American wheat style). I don't think i boiled enough bittering hops to balance it. I would like to save this batch if possible. My goal was for a hoppy wheat- so it could stand some more aroma hop flavor too. Is it possible to add...
  17. beervoid

    My theory and experience with Biotransformation of dry hops in a NEIPA.

    Hello everyone, Allow me to share some thoughts and speculations for you to consider and hopefully add to my hypothesis. I've been mainly brewing New England style IPA's this year and have been testing out all kinds of factors. I've done both dry hopping during active fermentation and after...
  18. Tidwellc

    Adjusting hop additions for varying AAs

    I've been brewing for a while now, but something struck me that I never gave a whole lot of thought to before. A lot of recipe planners and recipes I use quote a specific AA unit for the hops (in addition to quantities). I've usually just thrown in the quantity called for and figured it was...
  19. P

    Massachusetts Local hop farm in the news

    http://www.wbur.org/artery/2018/09/25/massachusetts-farmers-hops-plant-local-craft-beer I might have to pick up some hops from them for a future IPA. I'd also be curious what the "feral variety likely descended from the Pilgrims’ crops" would be like.
  20. S

    Pallet Hop Dryer

    Had a lot of fun building a prototype hop oast/dryer out of pallets and a few other low cost materials and wanted to share the build! Checkout the pdf. Feedback and questions are welcome! Enjoy!