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  1. KarlKrook

    Sour, Hops & Excecution

    Hey guys! I’m planning in making a sour beer tomorrow based on Four Winds Nectarous. I have two things I’m concerned about and I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the recipe! 1. I know Four Winds uses Citra & Galaxy at flameout but how many g/l do you think is safe not to reach a too high IBU for...
  2. lorne17

    When to Dry Hop a NE Hazy IPA? Filter or not?

    I am waiting for my HomeBrew Supply Tropical Haze NE IPA (https://www.homebrewsupply.com/tropic-haze-nedipa-extract-recipe-kit.html). I have never done an IPA with this many hops before and I can’t freaking wait. I’m curious though what you recommend I do for all the hopping stages: 1...
  3. chicagobrew

    Used dry hops back into new batch?

    OK, so I had a little misstep yesterday. I mashed as normal and thought everything was going well. I had the wort on the burner and it was just starting to boil. I threw in my hops for a 60min boil and turned my back for one second to set something down. Whoosh, the damn thing boiled over and...