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Nov 14, 2017
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Hey guys!

I’m planning in making a sour beer tomorrow based on Four Winds Nectarous. I have two things I’m concerned about and I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the recipe!

1. I know Four Winds uses Citra & Galaxy at flameout but how many g/l do you think is safe not to reach a too high IBU for the Lactobacillus? I’d still like to add as large of an addition as possible to steep at flameout or at 170F since I will bottle condition and lose a lot of the aroma.

2. The way I was going to go about doing this after getting the wort into the fermenter is adding just Lacto for like 2-4 days then aerate and pitch WLP644 Sacch Trois which is the yeast Four Winds uses. Does this seem right or do any of you have a better suggestion?

My recipe will be something like this:


Pilsner Malt - 8lbs
Munich Malt - 2.4lbs
Acidulated Malt - 0.88lbs
?oz Citra - Steep 15min
?oz Galaxy Steep 15min
3oz Galaxy - Dry Hop 5 days

Mash 75min @154F (Does mash temp matter much for Lacto + Sacch Trois anyway?)

Mash Out 15min @169F (Or not?)

Water Profile:
Ca+2 (71.8ppm)
Cl- (55.8ppm)
SO4-2 (77.8ppm)
Alkalinity as CaCO3 (57.1ppm)
Mash PH 5.21

Lacto Day 0-4 Primary
Sacch Trois Day 4-30 Primary
Dry hop Day 25-30 Primary
Bottle Condition 30 days

Thanks for any input!
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