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  1. J

    Avoiding O2 at all costs for wedding NEIPA - My Low O2 Setup

    tl;dr using corny keg to act as blowoff vessel during fermentation while simultaneously purging the very same keg to act as my primary conditioning vessel After my last post on Reddit I have decided to spin up another batch and hope for the best by wedding date in 4 weeks. I took a lot of...
  2. Evan Kingsbury

    Dry hop disaster?

    Hi all- I brewed a New England style IPA today. I'm trying out a new pressure fermenter for the first time. I'm going to double-dry hop the beer and wanted to avoid introducing oxygen so I used magnets to hold my dry hop additions in hop bags above the level of the fermenting wort. I've...
  3. jameswatsonuk

    Dry Hopping Options in a Borderline Imperial Stout

    Hi folks, new to the HBT but used it for casual reference over the years in my adventures..so hi 😅 Ok so I’ve brewed a couple of batches to use up some old malt and hops that’ve been hanging around a little longer than they should (leftover ingredients bought during lockdown of 2020, so yeah, a...
  4. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  5. J

    Hops G/per litre

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice and recommendations on the total Grams per litre of hops for a Hazy Pale ale recipe. What tends to be your go to for such a style? I've read online it's generally in the range of 5-10g per litre. Is this the total amount of hops (boil, whirlpool and dry hop...
  6. A

    IPA trouble getting dry hops to settle, even with gelatin and cold crash

    Hey guys, I brewed an IPA and I´m currently on day 19 of fermentation. Its been cold crashed and gelatin for 4 days at 0-2 C*. My procedure for the gelatin was adding 1g of gelatin for every gallon of beer and 2oz of water for every gram of gelatin: came out to 10gr of gelatin in 20oz of water...
  7. N

    Big mouth bubbler depth charge and thermowell modification

    Hello all, recently bought the big mouth bubbler with the thermowell to track fermentation and keep it warm. I’d also like to use the depth charge to dry hop in. Frustratingly the depth charge doesn’t have a stopper hole to let you slip a thermowell into. Has anyone modified the depth charge...
  8. P

    Aging Beer & Dry hoppings

    Hi, I have stumbled on a scotch ale recipe in Craft Beer & Brewing magazine. It’s a big beer with an ABV of 13%. The recipe calls for a 6 to 12 months aging in keg and the beer is aged on whole hops all that time. I don’t have easy access to whole hop cones and I was wondering if pellet hops...
  9. @RoyalGallon

    Dry hopping temperature

    What do people think of the idea that the temperature you dry hop at can impart different flavour characteristics to the beer? Generally my standard dry hop regime is to finish fermentation then cool the beer from around 20C/68F down to 14C/57F and add hops. Leave for 3 days and then crash cool...
  10. benoj

    Dry Hops - To swirl or not to swirl, that is the question

    I recently dry hopped my latest batch with 100g of dry hops. The pellets have now expanded and are floating on the top. Should I try to swirl them back into solution, or given that they are wet I can assume the oils will get into the rest of the beer?
  11. D

    Yeast harvesting/washing

    Always such good advice on here... I use a conical for fermentation that I dry hop in. Can I still harvest the yeast to use again? Will it matter if there are some (I use a hop bag) hop bits in it? Thanks for your input in advance!
  12. D

    Dry Hopping enough?

    I’ve made a couple neipa’s lately with varying degree of success. But the one thing that seems to be eluding me is getting a strong fruity, juicy, flavour from the dry hopping. I’ve used mosaic, simcoe, citra, azacca (?) and up to 12 oz. in a 5 gallon batch. Also used imperial dry hop yeast and...
  13. N

    Boxed Frankenstein

    Heyo, Novice brewer here, but unafraid to screw around. Ill get right to the point with what I did (including what I screwed up) and give you the obligatory story at the end so you can skip it. TrueBrew Belgian Ale (2/2/21) Recipe called for: 3.3# Pilsen Liquid Malt 1# Pilsen Dry Malt...
  14. BryggAnton

    Conditioning in keg vs the fermentor

    Hi folks! Scroll to the bottom for the actual question. I'm planning on conditioning my extract high ABV stout. I believe i will gett 1000 different answers, but what's the basics? The brew has already been fermenting for 9 days to kind of the FG i was counting for. ABV 9.06%. It have been...
  15. Redhouse Brewing

    Dry Hop while carbing

    Anyone have any experience dry hopping in keg while carbonating? Any feedback? I read somewhere this guy was going to try it dry hopping at 60 degrees while carbonating. He said he thought (based on some research) that it would keep the hops brighter. I usually dry hop first layer when SG gets...
  16. S

    Peach IPA- dry hopping with fruit

    Hi-beginner brewer. I have brewed a few times using kits with success and will be using another kit to brew an ipa. The recipe calls for dry hopping but I also plan on adding peaches to a secondary. My mind is made up, I’m adding peaches and you can’t stop me. I know you don’t NEED a secondary...
  17. P

    Dry hopping techniques (Noob question)

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the noob question I was wondering about double dry hopping in a NEIPA Here's what I was gonna do. 1st dry hop at high Krausen (3-4 days into fermentation) 2nd dry hop about 5-7 days later for about 5 days before bottling/keg Im using hop pellets. Should I just dump...
  18. K

    Low O2 keg transfer issue and help with hop pickup

    I was attempting to do a low oxygen transfer from carboy to keg using my ss racking cane and liquid in through the dip tube. I was even using a BIAB around the cane to avoid excess hop material in the keg when about half way through the transfer, liquid stopped. Tried moving the cane, bag, post...
  19. DanInSydney

    When & how to hop?

    I’m new to brewing and have just finished my first batch of Original Bitter, which turned out a treat! Next up is a Newcy Brown Ale, using liquid extract again. I want to try hopping this time and have some fuggles: 1. Should I dry hop or make a hop tea? 2. When should I add the hops? Thanks! Dan
  20. J

    Dry Hopping cold?

    I recently heard Scott Janish of Sapwood Cellars and the recent author of The New IPA, suggest that dry hopping around 58 could lead to less grassyness in big dry hops. I'm interested in trying this but curious about the timing. I'm would imagine this would mean postponing any dry hop until...