recipe wanted for maple wine

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Jan 25, 2005
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I am looking for a recipe to make maple wine, I have fresh maple sap and need some recipes so I can make some wine.
I know squanto about wines...esp. maple! I turned up some that might be helpful to you on Google:


Good day.

I have 6 maple trees, I tapped them this year for the 1st time and made maple syrup

I'm using a one to three ratio of maple syrup and maple sap. The actual recipe calls for pure water.

One recipe called for just D47 white wine yeast and another one, that yeast plus one teaspoon yeast nutrient and 1 teaspoon of acid blend.

So I'm trying both ways. The only difference I've seen so far is that the one with the yeast nutrient and acid blend started working sooner.

I've made fruit wines from scratch with honey and with maple syrup before, but never mead or maple wine.

I'm making a 4 liter and a 4 1/2 liter batch.
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well here is an idea with the sap.. check the brix (or sg) at the start and as you reduce it on the stove check it periodically (hydrometers have a temperature they like to be accurate so do NOT check the hot liquid, pull some out and put it in a cool bath.. eg using a ladle pull out 16oz into a metal bowl and place into the sink with a small amount of cold water, enough that the bowl does not float. )

Once you get to the brix (or SG) desired, remove from heat and cool and ferment as normal.
I would suggest adding some acid blend but that personal choice.
I started a 1G batch of Maple wine on 3/8/17. Boiled down 12 G sap down to almost 1G, and dumped it onto 1/2lb chopped golden raisins. SG at that point was 1.130 which was a bit higher than I wanted, so I diluted with 42 oz. boiled-then-cooled water to get an OG of 1.102. Added 1 tsp of bread yeast, 1/2 tsp wyeast nutrient, 1/2 tsp LD Carlson nutrient all boiled together for nutrient purposes, plus 2 tsp. acid blend, and 1 oz. oak cubes that had been soaking in rum(for tannins). Also added 1tsp of maple extract and 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract. Pitched 1 pkt. of Red Star Cote des Blanc. After 1 week I racked it off the sediment into a 1G glass carboy. This weekend I plan to check an SG and rack it off the lees for the 1st time. She's pretty cloudy, so I moved it out to my cold garage for a couple days ahead of time. 1st time doing a maple wine, so don't have any expectations on how it will turn out.
Racked her today. SG=0.096. Slightly sweet, a little tart, and a bit of maple flavor, which I believe is coming from the extract. I anticipate at this rate of clearing that I may be bottling it in June. And will probably not even touch it for a year once bottled.