Apple wine without juicing?

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Oct 11, 2023
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Loveland, CO
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a recipe for apple wine that does not involve pressing/ juicing apples. I've seen some mention of putting frozen apples in a straining bag and adding sugar water. But then other sources say do not add water but add apple juice. I have a lot of apples and have already pressed 8 gals for hard cider and wine, so it would be interesting to see how other wine methods compare. Plus I rented the press. I have a juicer and a blender. Thanks!
I've made pear wine by chopping the pears, putting them in a nylon bag, and then squishing them up several times a day during primary fermentation--and I've LOVED the pear flavor of that wine. Haven't tried it with apples. They're harder, so maybe that won't work....
Before I got a press I did all my fruit wines with a blender. Apples and pears blend very well. I recommend pectic enzyme to help break down their cell structure and yield more juice. When you finish primary fermentation, you'll probably want to use a strain it with a mesh colander instead of trying to rack it with a siphon. Use your favorite clarifiers in secondary because there will be a lot of sediment.