Loosing carbonation after pouring from a keg

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May 13, 2020
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Hi folks! It seems like i have a problem with the carbonation leaving my beer to fast. When pouring my kölsch to a glass there is a great amount of carbonation. And the first sips there is alot of carbonation. But it seems like the carbonation is leaving the glass very fast so when drinking frome the same poured glass of beer a couple of minutes later it is flat. Why?

I have it sitting in 4,5C (40F) at 0,9 bar (13psi)


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Looking at your attachment the serving line diameter is way too large and the line way too short. At a guess the diameter is 1/2 inch and line is 1.5 feet (I don't work with imperial units). Yoir diameter needs to be reduced to 4 or 5mm and length increased to 3 feet long.
After looking at that pic again the serving line is way too short, honestly I’d start with like 10 feet of serving line and shorten it if need be.

There is a chart somewhere on the inter webs that addresses all the specifics for getting a proper pour.
Thanks to your advices i have now invested in a proper restriction beer line 3,2mm inner diameter and 2 meters long. This seems to have solved the problem. And now I can serve att any pressure I want👌

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