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  1. E

    Carbonation problem - 2 similar batches, one totally flat

    Hey guys, I have brewed two similar batches of berliner weisse at the same time. They have the same base and the same yeast, the only difference is the fruits I added (lemon+lime in the first one and berries in the second one). After 2 weeks of bottle conditioning, I opened one bottle of...
  2. D

    Carbonation Help!

    So I just recently bottled my blueberry weissen which came out great (except the carbonation...keep reading). This was my first batch using my new 14 Gallon SS Brewtech Unitank and Blichmann BeerGun. I burst carbed the beer and the samples I tasted were perfect. Then I burst carbed just a tad...
  3. R

    Carbonation Issues

    So I currently have 2 batches currently bottle conditioning and they have been for about 2 and a half weeks at around 70F. Of which I used 1cup of dextrose for priming with just enough hot water to dissolve it all and when bottling would give my beer a stir every 6-8 bottles as I do with all my...
  4. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Keg Lid Carbonation Stone

    Hello guys! I recently bought a keg lid with a carbonation stone to start kegging and carbonating my beer. I was wondering if you guys have any insight on how to use it. I have followed the following steps: lower keg temperature to 39F apply carbonation stone at 4PSI for 30 minutes increased...
  5. frankvw

    How to deal with overprimed beer

    I brewed two Belgian big beers (one dubbel, one tripel) using WLP504. This is a yeast that likes to take its time and continues to attenuate the wort/beer very slowly for many weeks after you think it's done in the fermenter. Think 1 gravity point per week or so. (Anyone else have the same...
  6. P

    Insanely foamy homebrew from homemade kegerator: Tried almost everything

    Hi, people! I'm a homebrewer in India. But I've been brewing Kombucha (a fermented tea) instead of beer for now. I retrofitted an old fridge with a beer tap to make a kegerator of sorts. I brew my Kombucha in glass jars, and then pour it in a used pin lock corny keg I picked up from a store. I...
  7. S

    Under Sink Carbonated Water Setup in home

    Hey all! Long time lurker, thought I’d share my recent project. Afterall, couldn’t have pulled it off without a few hours here. I tried to attached pictures and a diagram, but I am getting an error (on iPhone). Will try on a PC later. I’m running 110psi into a refurbished Big Mac...
  8. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Force carbonation, too much foam

    Hello everyone, I have a 5gal keg, I brewed a Belgian blond ale and it was my first time doing force carbonation, I needed ready in a couple of days so I decided to go with the agitation method, I basically put the keg in the fridge for 24 hours and then connected to gas at 30psi while I...
  9. lorne17

    Exploding Ginger Beer Bottles without Yeast!? How did this happen?

    Hello all, I had an incident today of exploding Ginger Beer bottles. I brewed some Ginger Beer, which I have about 10-12 batches of this recipe before. I had it in a keg and carbonated it via the keg. I do not put any yeast in my Ginger Beer since it's a side and not a brew. Anyways, I...
  10. D

    Keg won't carbonate please help!

    First and foremost I am new to this, as in this is the first batch of beer I have ever brewed. I am having an awful time getting my keg to carbonate. I brewed a milk stout and let it ferment in primary for 6 days and moved it over to secondary for 14 days. After 14 days I transferred the...
  11. E

    Bottle Conditioning Conundrum - What Happened?

    I'm a little baffled, here's the situation: I was messing around and decided to ferment a half-gallon each of apple cider, POM pomegranate juice, and cherry juice. I boiled each one briefly (I would later find out you're not supposed to boil apple cider. Oops), cooled them, pitched 2g of...
  12. jamie.fa

    Carbonation with cloth cover

    Hi, I've been brewing my kombucha and just went to bottle it and noticed it is already carbonated with just having the cloth (paper towel) cover over it. Is tihs normal or anything to be concerned about? It tastes fine and there is no mold or anything, but the mother I got the scoby from was a...
  13. Byrdbrewer

    Has anyone had no signs of carbonation after 7 days?

    Title says it all - I bottled a sorghum beer, a recipe I have brewed several times before. usually after about a week I have good signs of carbonation, and its just a matter of giving it another week or two to really push teh co2 into the beer fo a good long lasting carbonation. This last batch...