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  1. J

    For Sale Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor 2 x 5gal

    Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor 2 x 5gal I am selling a brand new keg system for $350 obo. It cost $380 new, but I missed the return window and have to keep it now.. Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor. This kit...
  2. I

    Co2 in southampton (UK)

    Hi, What is the best way for me to get co2 canisters around the Southampton area in the UK? (Whiteley specifically) It will need to be delivered straight to my house (and collected from for refills). Or could I just buy from amazon or ebay? What do you all recommend? Could I perhaps use those...
  3. T

    Question regarding my Hefeweizen recipe. Kegged too early?

    Hi, I have a simple question regarding the method I followed to brew this hefeweizen. I brewed a simple 50/50 (pilsner malt/wheat malt) hefeweizen about a week ago, O.G. was 1.050, right where I wanted it. Fermentation took place in fridge with temperature control (thermometer on bucket) using...
  4. mspiegelberg

    For Sale Turnkey Pro Pilot Custom Brewing Stand by Synergy - $2200 obo

    Pro pilot home brewing multi-tier stand and setup. Custom manufactured by Synergy Brewing out of Eugene. This is pro grade stuff (all tig welded). Used by Ninkasi, Rogue, Block 15, Oskar blues and many others (link). Comes with all the necessary sanitary fittings, CO2 tank, 4x corny kegs, and...
  5. farmskis

    Georgia $500 Electric Brewery HERMS, Fermentation, Kegs, Carboys etc.

    I am downsizing my house and just no room or time for this hobby so I am selling my brewing equipment. I built it from the ground up by referencing the “electric brewery site”. I do not have pictures as it is in storage from moving. It is in excellent shape. Includes: 3 ss kettles- not sure on...
  6. BryanEBIAB

    CO2 Pressure Won’t Stop Increasing

    Hey folks, Been kegging with the same system for years and something weird just started happening. When I swap CO2 tanks, I always do the following: 1. Turn all valves off and turn pressure as low as possible. 2. Replace tank 3. Open valve in tank At this point, the new odd behavior begins...
  7. Golddiggie

    For Sale One 25L (6.6 gallon) keg for aging/fermenting/small keggle

    Selling off the two one 25L keg I bought new around 2011. I had a ball lock base TIG welded into each of them for use with a gas post. This was to allow for CO2 push transfers. Can also be used to connect a spunding valve (or blowoff hose) if desired. The kegs come as pictured. These could also...
  8. micraftbeer

    Best way to transport a keg- Pressurized headspace or no?

    In these COVID times, we'll have neighborhood gatherings in the common grassy area in our subdivision on weekends from time to time. I load up a couple cornys on a wagon and roll out there- all of maybe 150-200 ft. I end up with huge amounts of foam in my picnic tap beer lines, and oftentimes...
  9. dazsnow

    Any way to carbonate a keg without opening it and without a regulator?

    I have a 19L corny keg full of NEIPA that I wanted to force carb and get drinking quickly. After cooling the keg to 6 degrees I gave it an initial blast of CO2 to 30 psi. As I was shaking the keg, I knocked over the tank and broke my only regulator. It's not easy to buy one where I live so I...
  10. M

    Broken Freon line in minifridge used for kegerator

    So I recently acquired a mini fridge that will fit a sixth keg and the line that went to the freezer rack on the top is cut. I don't need the freezer I just need the refrigerator to keep the keg cool. Is there anyway I can fix this? I have attached a photo. Sorry for such a newb question I just...
  11. jas0420

    Foam, foam, foam

    Hi all, I hit the bottom of a keg of brown ale last Friday. I had another keg of it from the same batch that has been living outside of the kegerator (in a 72 degree room) since they were originally carbonated (together in the kegerator for several weeks at 10psi). I pulled out the empty keg...
  12. G

    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    I wanted to know how long and at what psi should i carbonate a blonde ale in a keg? I dont want to force carbonate it but wanted to carbonate over a course of 5-7 days. Is there a chart out there or recommendation? Thanks.
  13. H

    Half barrel all grain brew set up (Greenville, SC)

    I have for sale a complete half barrel brew rig that I need to get rid of. This set up consists of a custom welded brew stand, all stainless steel blichman kettles, and a host of extras as listed below. Please read the full listing if you are interested, I am not wanting to split this up at...
  14. GoeHaarden

    Sold Plaato Keg System - Bundle of 3

    I recently built a new kegerator, and these just didn't fit the way I wanted. It's a cool system and its easy to use. Used but in excellent condition. $200 OBO + shipping. Paypal friends and family
  15. S

    Filtering between Fermenter and Keg

    I am generally brewing Extract IPA's or Pale Ale's. Some are full syrup malts, some are DME's. I ferment in a Firmzilla, without pressure fermentation, blow off tube into a 1 gal carboy 1/2 filled with Starsan. From this I push to a keg, through a CO2 push into the firmzilla - direct into a...
  16. #p3brews

    Dry Hopping into Corny?

    I have 4.5 gallons of some American Ale i want to add some fresh mosaic hops into. OG 1.058 It began bubbling yesterday with Nottingham yeast and seems to be happy. It had Mosaic hop pellet additions at 6m but i want to add these fresh hops so I'm thinking of upon transfer of fermented wort into...
  17. B

    Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap

    Does any one use a Kompensatorzapfhahn/compensator tap? It seems to be strictly a German thing. English would be beer engine. I want to know if it as simple as installing into any metal keg like any other bulkhead. I assume you don’t any kind of purge or vent because that that’s the job of the...
  18. Julian Høstan Urrea

    The Boel iTap bottle filler. A review by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hi guys. I was sendt this little piece of kit and would like to share it with you. If you ever wondered how to bottle from a keg or from a fermentasaurus/fermzilla this is a great way to do so. I made a video, which i posted on my new youtube chanel. SmallSpacesBrewing. Hope you guys check it...
  19. rycardo

    Keg doubts - Beer Spoiled

    Hello everyone, I‘m planning to buy a keg and use it to storage some triples for couple of monthes. What do you think about this, will be the beer stored in a Keg fresher and with more validity comparing with a beer stored in bottles? From your experience, if I start drinking a beer from a Keg...
  20. jayjay

    Keg dry hopping with Eureka! after carbonation

    Hi forum So i have just completed my first kegging of a homebrew batch (West coast IPA) which i intend to bring on a weekend trip with some friends. I am quite satisfied with the taste of the beer, however i was wondering whether it would be possible to dry hop in the keg after carbonation...