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  1. Mateo123

    Cyber Monday/ keg

    Hello all. Hoping someone can help me find a 5 gallon ball and lock keg for a decent price. It’s cyber Monday so I’m hoping to get a steal. Post any websites or places to look at! Thank you and I hope this helps others! Can’t wait to start kegging
  2. K

    Virginia Woodbridge - Keezer, Keg, and Equipment

    Selling my single tap tower Keezer along with stuff listed below. Everything is in good condition, just looking to get out of the hobby and let someone else get some joy out of this stuff! If you can pick it all up, its yours for $400 -Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet -Plastic and Stainless...
  3. S

    The CornyPillar - Keg Immersion Chiller

    This is in great conditions and works incredibly well. Perfect for those who brew on a Picobrew Zymatic, Z, etc. Asking $80 (includes shipping to CONUS). https://jadedbrewing.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-cornypillar
  4. BryggAnton

    Conditioning in keg vs the fermentor

    Hi folks! Scroll to the bottom for the actual question. I'm planning on conditioning my extract high ABV stout. I believe i will gett 1000 different answers, but what's the basics? The brew has already been fermenting for 9 days to kind of the FG i was counting for. ABV 9.06%. It have been...
  5. C

    [HELP] Micromatic keg extraction valve

    Hello guys, I got my hands into a Micromatic valve, but it's without the apropriate conection tip for extraction, anyone knows if this black piece works alone or is it missing something? Thanks in advance...
  6. xrobevansx

    New Jersey FOR SALE: Grainfather, 2-tap kegerator and more (package deal)

    Package deal: Grainfather Connect with extra controller and CFC Kenmore Kegerator with 2 taps, single regulator for CO2 tank, 2 head regulator in the kegerator to control both kegs separately. (yes it's dirty and will clean it) 5lb CO2 tank 2 Corny kegs 2 5gallon glass carboys Carboy/bottle...
  7. jayjay

    Budget kegging and draught serving setup?

    Hi A couple of months ago i started my venture into the hobby of homebrewing and have since then been hooked (Read: addicted) So far i have been bottling, however i've started to look a bit into kegging. However, i am a student with a budget and some of the "systems" that i have been looking at...
  8. B

    Cleaning a freshly purchased corny keg that smells bad?

    Hi! Fairly new to cider and loving it. I've purchased a used corny keg and some other parts from a guy locally. While I was there to pick it up he realized he'd left a kiwi beer in the keg (I don't know how long). There was a thick brown film on inside when I got the keg that didn't come off...
  9. E

    Deciding what bottling process to go with

    Hey everyone - Looking for some solid advice on which bottling process to pursue. Here's what I'm trying to do: While reading the four brewer's publications books, I decided I want to start experimenting more. For example, do more 1 - 1.5 gallon batches with different water profiles, yeast...
  10. BryggAnton

    Drinking straight out from fermenting keg

    Hey folks! I'm just woundering for curiosity sake. Have anyone tried drinking out from their fermenting keg as a final product with their beer already self carbonated/ forced carbonated? I guess if you dont mind the yeast why not? But mabye cutting of your pickup tube a little bit.
  11. BryggAnton

    Are there any difference in time when to bottle or kegging

    Hi! I'm not that experienced in brewing beer. But i have a keg. I just found out it's better to let the beer ferment another week after it has stopped bubbeling, and then bottle the beer. I heard doing this will improve the taste of the beer. Also this is to prevent the bottles from popping...
  12. A

    Keg pressure after carbonation

    Hi all, I kegged my first beer and it turned out great. I do however have a couple of questions that none of the guides I find online seem to answer; - after the beer has carbonated to satisfactory levels, you drop it to ~10 psi to serve. After pouring a glass, Do you then have to crank it...
  13. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft Mini-Kegs

    About three years ago the brewing bug had bitten pretty hard, according to SWMBO beer was all I ever seemed to talk about. I'll admit that hasn't really changed over the years, but I was surprised to get an EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator as a gift that year. After all I had just bought a new...
  14. Lucho

    CO2 generation (Not harvested from fermentation)

    Hello everyone, glad to finally become part of the forum from which I learned so much!. I have an idea on my head for some time regarding CO2 generation. You see... where I live its not that easy to get my CO2 tanks refilled every time I see fit. I was wondering over ebay and amazon and I...
  15. lanev

    Odd Flavor from 2nd Keg

    I kegged up my first batch of homebrew which was an amber ale. I have a 1.75-gallon keg and a 2.5-gallon keg. My first keg tasted great, however, my second key has an off flavor that I just can't quite place. It's not terrible but not pleasant either. There was probably a month or a little more...
  16. P

    Leaking regulator

    Hey everyone! Had a question about regulator. I hear an air leak coming out of the little hole around 10, 11 o'clock (see picture for reference, circled in red) is this CO2 leaking. I can feel it when I put my finger over it? Thanks!
  17. K

    Low O2 keg transfer issue and help with hop pickup

    I was attempting to do a low oxygen transfer from carboy to keg using my ss racking cane and liquid in through the dip tube. I was even using a BIAB around the cane to avoid excess hop material in the keg when about half way through the transfer, liquid stopped. Tried moving the cane, bag, post...
  18. D

    California Electric homebrew setup Complete system San Diego

    I'm selling my homebrew rig, as I just don't have the time to brew anymore. The Frame i built. recently stripped it and repainted everything. It has a; 40K BTU burner for the boiler March 809 HS pump custom made digital wort heat exchanger 15 gal HLT tank with a hot water thermostat/heater...
  19. V

    Storing BLC / Storing it cold

    In an effort to be more on top of cleaning my lines I am thinking about storing two smaller kegs I have, one filled with BLC and one filled with Starsans (Distilled Water solution) in my keezer. If I did this I was wondering if: 1. Does BLC hold up for long term storage in a keg? Probably...
  20. S

    DIY Keg Carbonation Rocker Sled Plans

    Here are some plans for a DIY wooden hand rocker used to aid in fast forced carbonation of a corny keg. It can be used on a table or counter by hand(two fingers) or on the floor with your foot. Takes 10-15 minutes to get the keg fully carbonated. How it works: Strap in the keg, attach co2...