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  1. bkboiler

    Stainless Mug Makes My Beer Go Flat

    Just got a new Stanley vacuum insulated stainless "stein". Really great mug: plenty large, keeps things cold for a REALLY long time, durable, dishwasher safe... But one thing, the surface roughness inside the cup is so high my BEER GOES FLAT really fast! Anybody else experience this or is it...
  2. MoreyBrewingCo


    About two months ago we brewed our first ever lager. We had been doing ales for a good year and never had a single issue. I bottled my new lager one week ago. Just for the hell of it I chilled and popped one today to get an early hint. It tastes delicious, but there is minimal to no carbonation...
  3. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Low Carbonation

    Hello guys, I was wondering if whirfloc addition could decrease yeast effectivity. Since I started using them I noticed that my beer is getting out kind of flat. Not sure if this could be due the whirfloc or any other factor when bottling the beer. I would appreciate if any of you guys have...
  4. H

    Problem with carbonation

    I am very new to home-brewing, and in fact, just opened the first bottle of my second batch from a Mr. Beer kit. The first batch I did came out pretty good! A slight yeasty-taste, but other than that, it was tasty, well-carbonated, and looked great. This bottle I just had from the second...