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  1. sidds457

    Kolsch and Mango?

    Has anyone ever had a Kolsch with fruit flavoring? I have a Kolsch in primary fermentation, and some mango puree in the refrigerator. Should I put it in the fermentor while secondary? I don't know how I feel about it! Super curious, but super scared.
  2. M

    Kolsch temp at end of fermentation

    I’m using 029 in the 1st Kolsch I’ve ever made. I fermented In the high 50’s (low, I know, but I HATE esters), and it’s at 1.014 after a week. Will I get any fruity flavors if I bump it up to 72 degrees (room temp)? as always, thank you for your first hand advice!
  3. D

    Grain to Glass video of my latest Kolsch!

    Back with another Kolsch video - This time its A grain to glass video of my Kolsch Brewed with my homegrown hops. I also need to get back to what a Kolsch is and what a Kolsch isn´t. Hope you guys enjoy it / Cheers DrHans
  4. MaxM

    What did I make?

    I made what was called a "Honey Kolsch" the other day, but I fermented it with US-05. It tastes pretty good, but I don't think it would be right to call it a Kolsch... For 5G 6 lb Gold Malt Extract 1 lb Honey 1 oz Vanguard (AA 6.0%) @60 min 1 oz Vanguard (AA 6.0%) @30 min 11.5g US-05 American...
  5. S

    Kolsch water profile advice needed

    I'm working on making a Kolsch and would like to get some advice on a proper water profile. This is my tap water profile: Ca: 20 Mg: 13 Na: 21 SO4: 9 Cl: 64 HCO3: 60 Ph: 8.2 I'm using Bru'n Water software to make my adjustments. I see there is a Cologne profile but I also see Martin...
  6. J


    I recently went to Köln, and I really liked the small kegs they use to serve Kölsch. The pittermännchen (sometimes called party kegs, party Fass, party barrels, Kölsch Fass, etc) typically come in 10-30 liter sizes. I would really like to have a 10L one, but they're extremely difficult to...
  7. DeutschMann96

    To mix, or not to mix?

    I brewed 5 gallons of Kölsch, and filled them into the five 1 gallon carboys I had on hand. The last one I only managed to fill halfway so I topped off with RO water figuring it would all even out when I kegged (the original gravity was on the high side) I tasted the one I topped off, and it...
  8. DeutschMann96

    Time to repitch?

    Long story short I ordered yeast (WLP029) from Homebrew Supply, and FedEx took the scenic route to get here. After 5 days I got my yeast. The cold pack, and vial were very warm. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Made a starter, pitched it in, here we are three, and a half days later...
  9. devils4ever

    Koslch Mash Temp Mistake

    Just when I thought I had my HERMS system down solid, I made a mistake. I was planning on mashing my Koslch at 150F for 90 minutes. I set my temperature to 158F knowing I get about an 8F drop. So, I add my grist and got to 150F on the button. BUT...I forgot to lower the temp immediately. The...
  10. J

    Kölsch Dry Hop

    I am planning to brew my fourth batch this weekend. I will be making a Kölsch but I plan on dry hopping it. Any suggestions on what hop I should use? Has anyone had success dry hopping a Kölsch before?
  11. rhys333

    American Pale Ale Crystal Cold Snap APA

    . This is a great beer for the summer. Crisp and clean, a little grainy, with pleasant hop aroma. It's a thirst quenching brew and may have a white wine character depending how you treat the yeast. Basically, it's a Kölsch with balls or a pale ale with with a little refinement. Goes down easy...
  12. T

    First 10 Gallon Batch

    Ok this is my first 10 gallon batch and I'm pretty excited. I just scored a converted keg on craigslist and I'm gonna do a ten gallon brew using my 48QT cooler as a mash tun. I want to make a nice refreshing wheat beer that will be good drinkin on hot summer days. Here's my recipe:mug...