Is this scoby looking ok?

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Oct 28, 2018
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I know i must be number 11 346 to be askin this, but after buying a refrigirated scoby and having a very good first brew, but no scoby baby, i am currently brewing batch #2 and the scoby's starting to having these weird brown bumps with a thin translucent film growing on its sides. Weird or not?
Hard to tell, I have seen plenty of SCOBYs with brown around the edges which I think is yeast however the ones I have seen look lighter brown and more "wispy" if that makes sense. Possibly mold?

When you say it didn't make a scoby baby how long did you ferment the first batch? There wasn't even a thin film on the surface?
The first brew i did was like 8 days for the 1st fermentation and then 2 extra days with juice added to it. And yeah, there was a really small and thin patch of bubbles that floated on the surface but nothing like what baby scobies look like from pics on the internet.

I have to admit that the brew is now also smelling a bit like sulfur. Less of a vinegar-like smell. Maybe i should just throw it away.