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  1. Boylan

    Mould On Top of Brew - SCOBY On Bottom

    Hi all, Made my first batch and, needless to say, got some mould on top of it after a week or so. It's been a bit cooler here in the UK and I also don't think I used quite enough sugar in my brew. My question is: My SCOBY sank to the bottom (I put it in when all was cool), and has not floated...
  2. T

    using oxygen tanks in 10 Bbl Fermentation Vessel for aeration?

    Planning to expand my brewery in a few months but trying to see if there is a way around to avoid the outside air to reduce variations and get down my ABV as well? Should I add some sort of oxygen 0.5micron stone or just a headspace pressure works? Ik I would face a few issues trying to remove...
  3. K

    Some questions f1

    This is my first brew(s) so i have many questions. I started 4 one quart jars on the first of december, a 1 gallon bin started on the first, and a three gallon bin started on the 11th. I’m doing this for an individual project outside of school and only need the scoby. I’m pretty open minded...
  4. Goldie88

    help with strange grey ghost goo?

    I posted this to the general brewing forum as well, and someone suggested I post here. The History I started a batch from store-bought, plain, unflavored kombucha from GT's, which is the best of all the kinds I've tried in the store. I have the Big Book of Kombucha, a wonderful resource, but as...
  5. Goldie88

    Oh my G__--What is this growing?? Help, please

    I started brewing kombucha at home a few months ago, after a lot of research and tasting several from stores that were pretty good. I'd never had (or heard of) it before, and it has been helping me with ulcerative colitis. When I drink it, I basically feel better, but it's expensive to buy from...
  6. G

    Is this scoby looking ok?

    I know i must be number 11 346 to be askin this, but after buying a refrigirated scoby and having a very good first brew, but no scoby baby, i am currently brewing batch #2 and the scoby's starting to having these weird brown bumps with a thin translucent film growing on its sides. Weird or not?
  7. K

    Super thick SCOBY!!!

    So I have two consistent brews of Kombucha fermenting at different times, one is just green tea, the other is green tea and hibiscus. To give you context I left for military training for 3 months and just left them on the table, when I came back I was shocked! This is what I came back too...
  8. leo84

    New to kombucha and scoby father

    i grew a scoby in a second fermentation jar with chopped ginger and lemon. How would I use this for my next batch? The photos are of the starter tea and the second fermentation where the scoby formed. It was a experiment but after the scoby formed I want to use it. I’m scared of mold and death...