can't find unflavored kombucha... is flavored OK to make a SCOBY ?

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Dec 18, 2016
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Getting ready to dip my toes into the world of Kombucha.

Being a long-time brewer who harvests and reuses yeast, I'm loath to buy a SCOBY if I can make one uber cheap.

Most everything I've read says must be unflavored. But I get occasional google hits saying flavored is ok, usually "ginger" is mentioned.

I'm guessing the industry is trying to discourage "home brewing" and lose their market share so no stores are carrying unflavored kombucha? Is flavored store bought kombucha now in the same class as BMC beer?

So, am I wasting my time trying to use "ginger" kombucha to start a SCOBY?
I've used ginger booch from the fridge at one point and the Big Book says if you can make 3 batches of tasty booch from that, it can be reused indefinably.
well I finally found some at a specialty health foods place. "GTs Pure"

interestingly the ingredient list has "kiwi juice" but no sugar. I guess that's the sugar source.

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