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  1. Croucho

    Baby scoby clouds? Advice please!

    Hello friends, A cloudy gathering has collected at the bottom of a jar in my fridge containing a second ferment (aka without a scoby). What is it? Has anyone seen this before? I'm hoping its baby scoby clouds. What do I do? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. T

    Does my Scoby look ok ??

    Iv recently got into kombucha brewing, my first batch has a odd growth which im assuming is just normal scoby growth but i just wanted to make sure what everyone else thinks ??
  3. MDMD

    Does this baby SCOBY look normal?

    Hey Ya'll, I decided last week to pick up a new hobby of fermenting Kombucha at home, but given my excitement decided that instead of ordering a SCOBY I'd just make my own in a couple weeks. Anyways, here are a couple pictures of my current scoby after 5 days. Please let me know where I...
  4. H

    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    I've always enjoyed fermenting things, ever since I made my first hard cider when I was 19 and not cool enough to have friends that were old enough to buy me beer... er, I mean, 21 years old and not a day younger. I am fascinated as much by the process as I am the finished product. Cider, beer...
  5. K

    Help: What is Happening With My Scoby?

    This is my first time trying to grow a scoby from scratch. I started with some raw, unflavored kombucha from a friend, black tea, and sugar. It's been 3 days and something is starting to form but I have no idea what it is. Is this the beggining of a scoby?
  6. V

    Is there something wrong with this scoby?

    I've noticed that several of my scobies have developed a discoloration along the edge in couple of places. Is this is something to worry about or is this normal? Here is a picture of one. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eT6pNGm822Y8ybdN8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/GzFEoiK6Q7GhKbGH8
  7. A

    New to Kombucha - Is it mold?

    Hey guys! Making my first Scoby and i'm not shure it worked out so good, but before i throw it out i want to hear from you experts: Is it mold or is it OK? Best regards, André
  8. J

    Grow own SCOBY without using a store-bought booch

    I live in an old house in which the basement is constructed of stone and timber. I'm thinking the age of the space might harbor some interesting bugs (for better or worse), thus I want to attempt to grow a SCOBY completely from scratch. In other words, I would prefer the environment as the...
  9. C

    Why Does Everyone Say Not to Use Metal with Kombucha?

    I have heard this repeated over and over since the early 1990's and I have always wondered why you shouldn't use metal and whether people are talking about specific types of metal like iron, instead of stainless steel. The reason I say this is because I have seen several videos of companies that...
  10. C

    Is the Tea Really Needed?

    Hello all I keep reading page after page on Kombucha brewing and they all pretty much parrot each other, but don’t really give a reason why the tea is necessary. I am curious if the tea is even necessary? Is it used because strong black tea is slightly acidic? Does anyone have any links or...
  11. B

    Not sure about this one. Please help.

    Hello. I want to thank the community for helping me with my first batch, which i made from scratch. My first batch only yielded two bottles and so i wanted to up my quanitity for my next attempt. I cut the scoby in half and placed each half in 1/2 gallon jars along with a 1/2 cup of the juice...
  12. B

    Small Kombucha Advice

    Hey, I've been wanting to start a small kombucha business, however I'm only experienced in making very small batches of kombucha and I need some advice on what equipment I need in order to make enough to sell at a small farmers' market. Right now for personal consumption, I use one 2 gal glass...
  13. T

    Looking for SCOBY love in NYC

    Hello! I'm new to brewing Kombucha and am really excited to start and learn as I go! I was really wanting to see if there was anyone from NYC that could donate/or I can buy a Scoby to help get me started. Just was really hoping to get a scoby from a actual person rather than ordering online...
  14. S

    It’s not growing like the rest of the SCOBY

    What is this brown growth? Is it safe to continue? These were taken 18hrs in.
  15. keylime

    White mites in my kombucha brew

    Hi, I have an infestation of some kind of white insect, very tiny, like half a mm or less. I redid the batch, rinsing the scoby well, and ensuring that the tea remained covered while it cooled, yet I have run into this infestation again. I'm in New Zealand, it is summer, about 24 deg and the...
  16. G

    Is this scoby looking ok?

    I know i must be number 11 346 to be askin this, but after buying a refrigirated scoby and having a very good first brew, but no scoby baby, i am currently brewing batch #2 and the scoby's starting to having these weird brown bumps with a thin translucent film growing on its sides. Weird or not?
  17. K

    Super thick SCOBY!!!

    So I have two consistent brews of Kombucha fermenting at different times, one is just green tea, the other is green tea and hibiscus. To give you context I left for military training for 3 months and just left them on the table, when I came back I was shocked! This is what I came back too...
  18. D

    Huntsville, AL: SCOBY wanted...

    Anyone in Huntsville, AL willing to share a bit of their favorite SCOBY? Gave up brewing a while ago to work on my house, but now my daughter's all into kombucha, so I figure I'll dip a toe in again. Thanks!
  19. M

    First Brew: Is This a SCOBY?

    Hi fellow bucha brewers, As the title states, this is my first time brewing and I'm concerned about the SCOBY that's growing in my jar. It doesn't look consistent with other pictures of growing SCOBYs and videos of SCOBY time-lapses. Should it look wrinkled like this or am I in trouble? Sorry...
  20. A

    Is my Scoby OK?

    I added it to the black tea and sugar5 days ago but this is the current state of the Scoby. Is it alright? Is it Yeast or mold? What IS that white membrane?