Filtering between Fermenter and Keg

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Dec 22, 2020
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I am generally brewing Extract IPA's or Pale Ale's. Some are full syrup malts, some are DME's. I ferment in a Firmzilla, without pressure fermentation, blow off tube into a 1 gal carboy 1/2 filled with Starsan. From this I push to a keg, through a CO2 push into the firmzilla - direct into a pre-co2 perged keg. my beers have been a bit hazy. No real sediment - but they are not clear either. This time I pushed the beer through a 10micron filter, Small House filter, The filter was first starsan'd then c02 perged. It did not seem to help clear up the fermented beer. I know the DME and Extract is going to give me a darker color beer (working on changing my grain approach). Any other Idea's to clear up the beer? I have cold crashed and also tried gelatin, however, it still is not a clear color. Any idea's would be helpful - thanks!