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  1. nreed

    At what point do hoppy beers start to have oxidation issues?

    Hi, Just getting into brewing and playing around with recipes etc making small 7.5l batches. I've read a lot about beers with higher hop contents having oxidation issues like NEIPAs, I'm just wondering at what level of hops to I need to worry about this? I'm currently mashing ready for a...
  2. yungalb

    Red IPA yeast suggestion

    Hello everybody. I am thinking of brewing a red IPA, I have my recipe ready but I have not decided which yeast to use yet. I want my beer crystal clear, will use irish moss in the boil and cold crash before bottling. I have a WLP067 Coastal Haze slurry in my fridge, is it possible to make a...
  3. nreed

    Beer smells strange after 10 days primary

    Hi all. First post, 3rd brew currently in the primary fermenter. I started with two pretty basic recipes using a Kona Big Wave clone which turned out nice but wanted something a little bigger on flavour so decided to try a BrewDog Hop Fiction clone. I’ve just dry hopped on day 10 in the...
  4. Dem Castles

    Dry hop selection

    Looking to dry hop for the first time, I'm looking for something to blend well with the whirlpool hops (see recipe at the bottom) I'm thinking maybe 1-3 oz of either; El Dorado CTZ Waimea Pacific Jade Rakau Azacca Below is the recipe for an IPA, Malts (15 lb 15 oz) 9 lb — Simpsons Pale...
  5. B

    Sour fruited Ipa

    I want to do a Pliny the Elder clone and add lactose, goodbelly mango and fruit. So can I brew the clone as the recipe says but just add lactose instead of corn sugar and just second ferment the fruit to make a Pliny sour fruited IPA ?
  6. BryggAnton

    Little/no krausen in my fermenter

    Hey folks! I'm brewing a 4,5% ABV IPA with pretty much hops in it. Most added at flame out. I'm starting to wonder if I messed up somewhere since there are no krausen on top in my fermenter. I pitched the yeast 5 days ago, day 3 it looked like it was fermenting quite vigorously. At day 4 it...
  7. J

    Best DIPA Recipe, and favorite hop additions

    Just looking for a really good hazy Ipa recipe, I’m not quite as experience with malts yet to put together a good grain bill. I’m looking for something resembling “Dead Wax” by foam brewers in VT. Overall though I’m just looking for a really good super hazy IPA though, so anything helps.
  8. jeffceo24

    How many weeks @67 deg Cali Dry Yeast 1.061 OG IPA

    Hi Everyone, How many weeks in fermenter? 2 or 3? I used Cellar Science Cali Dry Yeast and have been fermenting at 67 degrees in a mini fridge with an Inkbird. Fermentation took off and was vigorous. I used a blow off tube because an airlock wont fit in the fridge, it was bubbling constantly...
  9. jayjay

    Looking for some good Kveik Recipes

    Hi all I am quite new to homebrewing and have recently started looking into the kveik yeast strains which seem quite interesting, and seems like they would work well in the current summer heat. As such i would like to try some recipes utilizing this yeast, however i am having a hard time...
  10. jayjay

    Good IPA recipes to try out?

    Hi I want to get some more experience with brewing IPA's and was wondering if anyone got some recommendations for IPA recipes. So far i have only tried out a Two-hearted clone which turned out fine, but i would like to try something "hoppier" Allgrain BIAB brewer Cheers
  11. B

    Black IPA Dark Fruit Hops

    Hi everyone, I'd be grateful on your thoughts on this as I'm still relatively new and I don't want to commit any obvious shockers. Cheers in advance: Golden Promise: 71% Munich: 12% Carafa Special III: 9% Caramunich III: 8% Hops I'm currently thinking: Tettnang as bittering hop with a bit of...
  12. S

    Mango IPA recipe suggestions

    Hello Guys, First I would like to thank you guys, I am learning a lot from the forum. You are awesome! I have been itching to try a Mango IPA and have mixed a few recipes I found online here and looking for suggestions and tips. This will be my fourth batch so not an expert. Speciality Grains...
  13. J

    No hydrometer for testing primary fermentation

    About 5 days ago I brewed an IPA and set it aside for primary fermentation. It started bubbling no problem but I noticed that I accidentally overfilled the sanitizer solution in the airlock which made it more difficult for the bubbles to get out, so now on Day 5 it is bubbling every 30-60...
  14. B

    Not Your Fathers IPA: Brewing IPAs Reminiscent of Todays Greats

    I, like others, have noticed a commonality among today's new and popular IPAs. It seems that the whole IBU Arms Race of the West Coast is finally subsiding and giving way to a new type of IPA. These IPAs all seem to share several characteristics: They have an intense, and almost juicy, hop aroma...
  15. A

    10 Tips To Optimize Dry Hop Aroma

    Crave that pungent hop aroma in your IPAs and Pale Ales? Enjoy coating your nostrils with sticky hop goodness? Want to achieve the dry hop character of The Alchemist's Heady Topper in your own beer? Below are 10 things you can do to enhance the aroma of your hop-forward beers. 1 - Use pellets...
  16. J

    It's Easy to Make a Killer IPA

    First I would like to give you a little background about myself. I have been brewing beer for only about a year now and it's been all extract and mainly kit beers. I recently bought a new kettle and some other equipment so I'm moving to all grain BIAB. I gave up bottling several months ago and...
  17. jayjay

    Any good IPA recipe recommendations?

    Hi I wanna try my luck with an IPA batch and want to hear if you have any experiences/recommendations for recipes. I am looking for something that is not killyourtastebudsbitter but more in the pleasantfordowningloadsoftheseinthesummertime type. Maybe something towards a Brewdog Punk IPA - All...
  18. Redhouse Brewing

    All Together IPA

    Just wanted to say, I brewed the All Together IPA a couple weeks ago and first taste is really good! If you haven’t brewed this yet, you might want to try it. It’s a good IPA!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/beerandbrewing.com/amp/recipe-all-together-ipa/ If you have already brewed it, what did...
  19. Gallagher1424

    Juicy (non hazy) IPA Recipe help

    Hello fellow home brewers. I Developed this recipe looking to create an IPA that would be juicy but not necessarily hazy. I was hoping that I could get some feed back on any modifications or suggestions you may have. Stats IBU:44 SRM: 9 OG:1.066 5.25 gallon batch size Mash at 150F for 70min...
  20. J

    American IPA Imminent Rueage American IPA

    This is a pretty basic, Old School West Coast American IPA, inspired by the greats, like Humalupalicious. This beer hasn't been through any competitions but my wife and I love it, (my wife is very particular about beer so I feel that this beer was very successful!) Ca 72, Mg 11, Na 11, Cl 60...