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  1. lmbollinger

    American hop combos

    I’m no noob, but primarily brew German beers. Lately, I’ve been drifting toward classic American pale ale and a few west coast IPAs. I’m well acquainted with noble hops and English varieties. Not a fan of the juicy hops that taste like fruit, though. Outside of Amarillo, cascade, centennial, and...
  2. R

    Homemade label - thoughts?

    Curious to get everyone's feedback - don't hold back. There's one subtle aspect to it and I'm wondering if it'll get noticed.
  3. B

    Fermenting L17 imperial yeast lager help

    I need help with what I should do. Rice hull- 1/2 / .5 lbs Flaked barley - 1/4/.25lbs Corn flakes - 1 lbs Briess pale ale malt -4 lbs OG came out to 1.02 Threw 3 lbs of brown sugar into the 5gallon wort while temperatures were dropping and mixed it in. Let temperatures drop to 55 and pitched the...
  4. B

    Brewdog IPA Way too high mashing temp

    Hi all, Two days ago, I tried to brew my first batch of Brewdog IPA with kveik. I was having a bit of a brain freeze when I was mashing and the temp hit around 85C/176F- I then continued and finished the whole brewing process with Kveik. After around 1.5 day, the bubbling of my airlock stopped...
  5. F

    Feedback for Cantaloupe/Kiwi Hazy build

    I’m finally building my own recipes and I’m having a blast trying different things. My latest is a cantaloupe/kiwi hazy IPA. I have a tentative recipe and would truly love any tweaks, advice, and/or feedback for this budding brewer. Like, what ingredients may work better than what I have, or...
  6. B

    Bottling a Triple NEIPA

    Okay so I've made a Triple 10% New England IPA BIAB as my second brew ever. I know I know I went in at the deep end but go big or go home! I just thought I would keep a record of any change in colour and oxidation on here and if you're interested just follow a long. Ask me any questions! The...
  7. S

    Filtering between Fermenter and Keg

    I am generally brewing Extract IPA's or Pale Ale's. Some are full syrup malts, some are DME's. I ferment in a Firmzilla, without pressure fermentation, blow off tube into a 1 gal carboy 1/2 filled with Starsan. From this I push to a keg, through a CO2 push into the firmzilla - direct into a...
  8. BryggAnton

    Grassy bitterness in IPA

    So i just keged and carbonated my first own written recipe. I was looking for a fruity hop forward but still bitter Westcoast IPA. And now I have actually tasted the beer, it's just as bitter as I wanted it to be. But i get a grassy type of bitter taste to the beer and a really small almost not...
  9. W

    White IPA recipe advice

    We have a summer desert dish here in Denmark called Koldskål which is essentially biscuits in buttermilk flavoured with lemon and vanilla and I'm thinking about making this into a beer using lactose, lemon peel and vanilla bean. I'm thinking about a White IPA. For my grist I'm thinking: 50%...
  10. benoj

    Can you help me fix this IPA recipe?

    Hey, So recently i brewed what I was intending to be an old school clear west-coast IPA with high drinkability. What came out is a sort of - boring-ish, slightly too bitter on the finish un-refreshing beer type drink. On the brew I had an issue with a broken pump in my Grainfather and so I...
  11. J

    Kegging Vs Bottling

    I've recently brewed a mango IPA using the BIAB method. It's turned out really well. Very hoppy and lovely taste. I bottled 5l of it and kept the other 10l for my keg. Ive bought a 5l keg which I've used for the first time with this brew. The beer tasted nice and had a nice head, it was just a...
  12. S

    Batch #3 Is this Infected.

    This is my third batch, Brewed with my Daughter - I thought we took all the right precautions. Can anyone tell if this is infected. Thanks in advance!
  13. C

    Looking for Dragonfruit IPA recipe (Pure Brewing Prroject - #ISO)

    Hey all, a couple of things as I am new to brewing. I just finished a successful clone of Treehouse’s Julius and am working on my next batch. I want to clone #iSO from Pure which is probably my favorite brew and it’s few and far between as well since I live on the east coast. I have reached...
  14. Ancient Ginseng

    Brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA. Thoughts?

    Hello guys , Im brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA 6.3% abv , 44 ibu . Im not trying to get an extremely hoppy ipa with high ibu. I am trying to avoid Citra Galaxy Mosaic etc but to get an equally nice IPA. My plan is to get a balance hoppy flavor and nice mid - bittering at 44 ibu from...
  15. nreed

    Will adding Gypsum improve the Hop character in my beers?

    Hi all. I'm just started drinking my 4th brew which was a SMaSH with Maris Otter and Mosaic. I'm really happy with the results after having to toss my 3rd batch for some really off-medinal flavours. A mix of building a fermentation chamber to keep my temps level and using camden tablets seems...
  16. M

    First Batch Questions!

    So I'm very excited to start the brewing journey! I bought a kit and a few weeks ago started making my first batch using the recipe that came with the kit (Fresh Squished IPA Extract Beer Recipe Kit). It has been fermenting for 13 days now, and their suggestion is to bottle on day 14. However...
  17. nreed

    At what point do hoppy beers start to have oxidation issues?

    Hi, Just getting into brewing and playing around with recipes etc making small 7.5l batches. I've read a lot about beers with higher hop contents having oxidation issues like NEIPAs, I'm just wondering at what level of hops to I need to worry about this? I'm currently mashing ready for a...
  18. yungalb

    Red IPA yeast suggestion

    Hello everybody. I am thinking of brewing a red IPA, I have my recipe ready but I have not decided which yeast to use yet. I want my beer crystal clear, will use irish moss in the boil and cold crash before bottling. I have a WLP067 Coastal Haze slurry in my fridge, is it possible to make a...
  19. nreed

    Beer smells strange after 10 days primary

    Hi all. First post, 3rd brew currently in the primary fermenter. I started with two pretty basic recipes using a Kona Big Wave clone which turned out nice but wanted something a little bigger on flavour so decided to try a BrewDog Hop Fiction clone. I’ve just dry hopped on day 10 in the...
  20. Dem Castles

    Dry hop selection

    Looking to dry hop for the first time, I'm looking for something to blend well with the whirlpool hops (see recipe at the bottom) I'm thinking maybe 1-3 oz of either; El Dorado CTZ Waimea Pacific Jade Rakau Azacca Below is the recipe for an IPA, Malts (15 lb 15 oz) 9 lb — Simpsons Pale...