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  1. Kornssj

    Hello from Northern California!

    I suppose I should introduce myself. I've posted a few times before requesting help but I'm a fairly new home brewer. Currently just brewed up a batch of Pale Ale which would be my 6th batch ever. You can see the video I have included of the yeast activity. That was day 2. Now I'm just working...
  2. J

    Hops G/per litre

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice and recommendations on the total Grams per litre of hops for a Hazy Pale ale recipe. What tends to be your go to for such a style? I've read online it's generally in the range of 5-10g per litre. Is this the total amount of hops (boil, whirlpool and dry hop...
  3. A

    Centennial, Amarillo and Citra Hop Combo

    I am designing an APA recipe and I want to achieve a well balanced - not too bitter - tropical flavour and aroma. Here's the hop schedule I've come up with. Thoughts?
  4. S

    Filtering between Fermenter and Keg

    I am generally brewing Extract IPA's or Pale Ale's. Some are full syrup malts, some are DME's. I ferment in a Firmzilla, without pressure fermentation, blow off tube into a 1 gal carboy 1/2 filled with Starsan. From this I push to a keg, through a CO2 push into the firmzilla - direct into a...
  5. P

    First custom recipe - Pale Ale...thoughts?

    Hello, I just started home brewing with craftabrew recipe kits but I haven’t found what I’m looking for in a beer. My favorite beer I’ve had so far has been Buoy’s Pale Ale from Astoria, Oregon and so I’ve done a lot of research into making my own first recipe. Before I begin buying...
  6. H

    How to make my beer less bitter after brewing

    I recently brewed up some pale ale and the taste came out more bitter than expected. The beer is definitely drinkable but I would enjoy it much more if it was a little less bitter. What are some solutions to this problem?
  7. C

    Citra/Cascade APA recipe critique

    Doing my second all grain batch and decided to try to come up with a recipe myself. Needless to say, I haven't been decisive about any part of it. I'm shooting for a crisp, easy drinking APA, perfect for a hot September! OG: 1.053 FG: 1.011 IBU: 39 ABV: 5.5% Grain: 9.2 lbs (77%) American 2-row...
  8. M

    Brewing by the Numbers | The Law of Averages Part 1

    The technical side of brewing has always been the most interesting to me. I enjoy the process (and the drinking), but the science behind it has always taken the limelight. I was reading the recipe for Biermuncher's Aberdeen Brown Ale...
  9. M

    Brewing by the Numbers | The Law of Averages Part 1

    The technical side of brewing has always been the most interesting to me. I enjoy the process (and the drinking), but the science behind it has always taken the limelight. I was reading the recipe for Biermuncher's Aberdeen Brown Ale...
  10. asg816

    Understanding Yeast Fermentation Temperature Ranges

    Hey everyone! I’m really new to home brewing: I’ve brewed twice with others and I just set my first solo batch in the basement to ferment 3 days ago. Two more days til I add the dry hops! I want to start by acknowledging the mistakes I made when I was left responsible for the other batches and...
  11. BeBetterBrewing

    My first brew!

    Brewed up my first batch I have ever done. Did the American pale ale kit that comes with the more beer deluxe kit. Can’t argue against a name like that! FREEDOM. Hoping everything turns out awesome! Fermenting in the dark in the basement for the 2 weeks. Biggest step that I learned, crack a beer...
  12. T

    No Aroma!

    This is the weirdest outcome in 65 batches... Wanted nothing but a session pale ale instead I got a weird beer without any aroma. Considering the 8 oz of hops this doesn't make any sense. Anyone wants to give a 2 or 3 cents? Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 12.42 gal...
  13. V

    To Filter or Not To Filter

    Question is as the title states but here is my problem statement: I brewed a Citra Pale Ale and Cider for a wedding. Both pretty straight forward, both came out tasting great. After cold crashing, I drew some samples Cider was clear, beer has was about 50% clear but I was fine with that. Fast...
  14. TandemTails

    American Pale Ale Lemongrass + Hibiscus Pale Ale - perfect for spring patio sipping

    This is a great beer to sip on the patio as the weather gets warmer. Super easy drinking beer with great color and flavor profile. I didn't add any of the lemongrass or hibiscus until the last 5 days of fermentation along with my 1oz of centennial dry hop. Head has a nice subtle pinkness that...
  15. BilltownBrewingCo

    "GoldenEye" Pale Ale

    Yes, I am that guy that named his pale ale fermented with WLP 007 after a bond movie... haha, i'm sure there's been thousands of us! Considering entering this into a competition when it's finished, it's been fermenting for 4.5 days, passed high karusen in 2 days, big chunky flocced yeast storm...
  16. Gallagher1424

    Who has tried using crystal on the higher end?

    Hey guys, I like to experiment with different recipe's that may break the norm. The recipe i am going to try out is... 9lb 2-row 3lb Crystal 40l 2oz Cascade (60 min) 0.5oz amarillo (30 min) 0.5 oz amarillo (10 mins) 1 oz amarillo (dry) IBU:51 SRM:13 ABV:6.2% I'm completely aware how...
  17. Beeru

    American Pale Ale In The Pines West Coast Pale Ale

    Hey everyone. This is a great autumn beer with a really nice pine flavour from the Chinook and Simcoe, along with a slight bit of grapefruit that's not overwhelming (like some IPAs can be) I had some friends by on the weekend and they went through over half the keg, so I'll be making another...
  18. K

    Yeast question: My Wyeast 1187 was expired, pitched S-04 10 hours later, 1187 is swollen. Mix?

    Making a clone of Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale (single hop cascade) My Wyeast 1187 smack-pack was expired so I smacked it and waited a day, saw some but little swelling. About 10 hours ago I pitched a pack of dry S-04. Now, 10 hours later, the 1187 is completely swollen. Since I was looking...
  19. ESBrewer

    Amount of rye malt

    Just planning to use rye malt for the first time. What do you think is the best amount (% of total grain) to use when I am looking for a slight but noticeable influence on beer taste. I know that high amounts of rye can cause wort separation problems, but how low can you go not to lose the rye...
  20. Gra1nman

    APA recipe feedback

    Hey guys. I just threw this recipe together in order to use up some bits and pieces I have lying around. Any thoughts? I have extra amounts of each grain which could be added if they will improve the recipe: Style: American Pale Ale (extract) OG: 1.046 FG: 1.010 IBUs: 43 SRM: 6 ABV: 5%...