English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

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May 10, 2013
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Manchester England
@Erik the Anglophile What yeast are you using? One of the purported Fullers (Pub is my favorite)?

I've done a lot of SMASHY yeast offs' of different English yeasts. That was interesting, but even more interesting was when I did a few yeast offs' against the London Porter recipe below. I was shocked to figure out that the yeasts I preferred in a simple SMASH were quite different in a Porter. WLP085* (WLP002 + WLP007) completely stripped out the chocolate taste. S-04 was the hands down winner in that match up. Suggest you might try a split batch to see what tickles your palate, and what that might mean for your recipe tweaking.

Digression alert: Whilst it seems that brown ale defines London Porters, brown ale isn't for my palate. That same brown ale taste comes through in Samuel Smiths porter and a few other imports I've tried.

Here's a BYO article on 5 British Ale Clones. Whilst this is written by American Chris Colby and does not contain brown ale, I really like his Fuller's London Porter Clone. Nicely balanced with layer flavor. Here's the grain bill:
9 lb. 12 oz. (4.4 kg) British 2-row pale ale malt
14 oz. (0.40 kg) crystal malt (60 °L)
7.0 oz. (0.20 kg) chocolate malt
7.0 oz. (0.20 kg) black patent malt
4.0 oz. (0.11 kg) roasted barley (500 °L)

*WLP085. White Labs won't admit to anything beyond WLP002 and another British yeast. Most wags are for either WLP006 or WLP007. On the plane yesterday back from LA (after a visit to the WL tasting room on Friday), I noticed this nugget in the White Labs Guide to blending yeast strains: Low Attenuation Yeast ◦ WLP002 English Ale Yeast and WLP007 Dry English Ale Yeast together to get the esters and higher attenuation that you want.
I can vouch for that Fullers London Porter recipe, it's great. But I'm not a fan of S04 in that type of beer myself. Verdant or Nottingham for me.


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Apr 29, 2013
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There's also a yeast lab that started up about 4 years ago in Ireland, not far from my home town.
They have 4 or 5 english strains.

At first the prices seem a bit steep but they are for 100 liter pitches.
So might be interesting for someone living in europe who makes bigger batches of beer.

Some of the online Irish homebrew shops have them in smaller quantities too for 22 litre batches.

So maybe if you contact them and order a few different types they will send the smaller size vials.


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Feb 19, 2017
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I can vouch for that Fullers London Porter recipe, it's great. But I'm not a fan of S04 in that type of beer myself. Verdant or Nottingham for me.
If I could only choose one yeast to brew with forever, it is probably Notty. Wide fermentation range, pretty clean but some English taste, good flocculation, readily available, etc.