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Nov 16, 2017
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Hi all. This is the first time dealing with brewing salts in my homebrewing journey. I have downloaded bru n water and calculated the additions i need for an ipa i am brewing tomorrow.
I have a rather basic question. I was wondering if it would be ok to weight the salts and acid additions for mash and sparge water and combine them in 2 plastic containers, so i can use them tomorrow. Would it be ok to combine gypsum in solid form with calcium chloride in liquid form and keep them in a container overnight? Also would it be ok to add the lactic acid to that container, or would it be better to keep it in a separate container? I was wondering if a chemical reaction might happen if i combined them and kept them together for a day, that wouldn't if i put them directly to the water, that would lead to undesirable effects.


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Jun 4, 2017
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Sounds similar to something I did yesterday. I prepared all my mash salts and acid and put them in a 1 quart mason jar with 3/4 full RO water. Shook the crap out of the jar to disolve. Did the same thing with my sparge additions in another jar.

I didnt let them sit over night though. Just prepared while strike water was warming. I dumped each dissolved (mostly) jar in at appropriate times.

I didn’t notice any weird chemical reactions. My numbers were spot on for OG and within .1 for estimated pH. I’ll also add this was my very first attempt at building a water profile.


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Aug 5, 2010
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No problem at all. I use Eagle 50 mL centrifuge tubes which have an approximate scale in mL and a cap. You have to buy them by the case but if you stick with home brewing you will eventually go through a case (I'm on my second). They are useful for so many things around the brewery and house and elsewhere e.g. if going away for a few days I put the pills I need in one rather than taking all (old fart here) the prescription bottles (don't do this for international travel) and slip it in my pocket. Or of you want to take a little Sriracha to a restaurant or need to keep some tiny screws secure...

I put enough salts to treat 35 inches height of water as measured in my HLT in one add water, cap, shake and dissolve. After the salts are dissolved I make up to 35 mL in the tube and then just dispense as many cc of the mix as I have inches of water in the HLT. If I add 2" water to the HLT during the brew I add 2 cc of the mix.

If you use a lot of gypsum it won't all dissolve and the same will be the case for Ca(OH)2 and CaCO3 (which you would never use any way). In such case be sure to shake vigorously before each dispensation in order to have everything uniformly suspended. Very easy to do with these tubes.

They can also be used with a centrifuge.